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  1. drewpy

    YOC 2019 Meet

    yay, I'm in. My mate Steve is coming too. what's the name etc of the B&B nearby?
  2. drewpy

    XJ900F Tyre choice and size

    wider tyres make it harder to turn, that's why racers started knee down corners and the old timers stuck with using tucked in methods ( I may be wrong though) I keep with the stock tyres on the FZ but have gone a slightly wider rear on the TDM, i dropped the steering angle and kept the front aspect ratio for easier tipping in. if your just doing a bar hopper type thing, it won't make a bit of difference
  3. drewpy

    Would you believe it.

    bloody hell, that's a bummer. I love food, hence why I chose it as a career. (not for the money) is there an app you can have to keep track of things. Would certainly make it easier to control. Hopefully it'll become second nature
  4. drewpy

    YOC 2019 Meet

    my home PC was hacked so on works comp. will check with line manager now
  5. drewpy

    nc500 day 7 Oban to home

    if anyone's up for Scotland, there's a new book out https://www.tarmap.co.uk/ motorcylists guide to Scotland
  6. drewpy

    howdee all

    250 carbs are the devil, very small orifices which ethanol fuel likes to block
  7. drewpy

    Hello all - YBR125 rider here

  8. drewpy

    New to Yamaha and New to bikes

    Sr125 is legendary here. 80mph on a YOC ride out
  9. drewpy

    Hi. I need help

    sounds like starter system is earthing out, maybe starter jammed?
  10. getting there, was a Hip Op
  11. I didn't go, was under Dr's orders after surgery
  12. drewpy

    Newbie Yamaha Rider

    photos or it didn't happen :D