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  1. great news, there's a sense of satisfaction in getting something going
  2. i agree then you can eliminate that. Double check valve timing too, been there done that
  3. i thought you need a vacuum to fix the Carbon and glue to each other. you don't want delimitation as that weakens the product. I think autoclave might just for speeding things along
  4. baz, clean bike you have there
  5. drewpy

    I'm done!

    aww slice, big decision, but i can understand it. Been a pleasure to ride with you in the past and some great memories. take care
  6. i have done it but the doc carbs are different width, been a few years since i did them. had to weld a tab to connect up the carbs' butterfly I had pods on too so guessed the jet sizes. think i used the original carb size for mains.
  7. I'm camping with scouts that weekend :(
  8. back Sacha, great you are still around
  9. its on the waterjacket, but I recon it can be repaired. looks like it's been frozen with no antifreeze in
  10. nice ride out. I got a pair of Altberg boots, they are amazing. Waterproof and Altberg can repair them too. As used by the police so comfy as fook. Got mine 2nd hand for £50 and they were like new https://www.altberg.co.uk/boots/all-year-round10/clubman-roadster-original
  11. drewpy

    I don t know..

    I'd go for the MT-03, more road biased and that seat on the XT, ouch
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