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  1. drewpy

    XS250 exhaust

    micron used to do a 2 in 1 , if you keep scouring the ebay ads one will turn up the 400 will be the same. make sure you get the correct year as they changed in 1983 to dohc
  2. you might be right as regards the engine, its not too far from me either
  3. drewpy

    XS250 exhaust

    the whole exhaust or the silencers? 2 in2 or 2 in1 ? be great if you can ay hello in new members section and a photo of your bike coz we like photos. place an add in the wanted section when you've decided what you actually need
  4. sometimes breakers may do it. There's one on https://worsley.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/the-bikers-warehouse-13845097.html I got a frame off them years ago and they have mechanics onsite, could do an engine swap?
  5. Hi Drewpy,

    I’ve just joined the forum and am looking for some advice. I posted in the custom forum about a problem I have with my XVS650 dragstar bobber.
    The dealer I bought it from has told me the engine is partially seized and needs replacing and he will refund me. I really like the bike and would like to keep it and have it fixed . Is there anywhere in Manchester who you could recommend for a reliable and fair prices rebuild? Thanks Phil

  6. drewpy


    120/70 160/60 is what was for
  7. drewpy


    mine were £200 fitted, but they just came out and a deal at the time. They make the tread wider as the tyre wears, bit like an inverse tread pattern I suppose.
  8. are you the son of J R Hartley?
  9. looking at that route, it may make sense to book something in carlise and something on the east coast. seeing as I'm not going away this year, sod the expense. lets see what happens in the next week or so
  10. drewpy


    i have the R5's on mine and as they are asymetric have a harder centre and gradual stickiness on the sides for the corners. I mainly got them for the wet weather performance but i know they'll be better then me so i won't overcook them. nice and stable too
  11. drewpy


    something positive for a change
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