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  1. Try and use super unleaded unless in Scotland parts of wales and West Country. It tends to be no ethanol fuel although some garages won’t tell you.
  2. You ok John? nice to hear from you again yamagod
  3. Do a search , as it’s been discussed loads of times. 400 are the same
  4. You may get 2nd dibs if the winner doesn't pay up.
  5. Should have used a mirror to put the seal on, then it would be fine Glad it's all sorted now
  6. welcome to the mad house Florider
  7. Never mind, think of the kudos of doing it yourself? to take bearings out , weld a plate over inner bearing then hit from other side. The welding will heat the bearing too to dislodge any corrosion
  8. You sure you have the right one? there were 2 types of xs400 the Dohc had a different charging system than the sohc
  9. just needs a refresh, no other engine will fit without major modifications go and say Hi in the new members section 1st
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