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  1. the carb orifices are very small on these bikes and gum up too easily. thorough cleaning with ultrasonics and air should get them serviceable. you might even need to do it twice!!
  2. I use Aldi bags in my 36L Givi panniers. Fit great and are waterproof
  3. that's no good, I assume it was an RID device to enable the ignition? even cars with this are being stolen due to the scumbags cloning them from your front door
  4. drewpy

    MoT Prep

    nice one Jimmy
  5. drewpy


    Ah, right. I don't do too many miles as have a few bikes and don't use them everyday. the grip these R5's have are brilliant though
  6. drewpy


    the reason I said that is I got those go no go ones which are green if ok then turn red when not. lasted a week
  7. Parking at Scotch piper pub, looks like a good little show £2 entry http://www.classicshowsuk.co.uk/classic-car-show-event-information/classic-car-show-by-date.asp?id=749 Another show; Stalybridge Motorcycle show, £2 to get in although not a great ride out unless off to Holmfirth to oil can café
  8. drewpy


    plus the snazzy tyre caps will get pinched
  9. if you can program there's microsquirt or ignitech modules. fair bit of work involved. or second hand. need to find out why 1st though. was reg/rec functioning properly?
  10. I'm def away that weekend in the IOM unless you want to hold it there?
  11. Very good Slice, enjoyed recreating the ride. Amazing scenery, just goes to show you can't beat the UK in the sun
  12. that narrow road with mud in the middle
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