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  1. what about a cycling tail pack? might have to adapt it, but might do the trick
  2. wow, 50%, must try that next
  3. looks great, love new stuff. bike porn
  4. drewpy

    Biker down course

    not as yet, see what they recommend on this course
  5. what's with the micro peening, does it just case harden the steel?
  6. drewpy

    Biker down course

    I'm now looking at Bike safe course now. https://www.bikesafe.co.uk/ Only £35 for a day and they assess your riding and offer tips. run from Fire stations but use police riders.
  7. Just done a biker down course and learned a great deal about first aid for bikers and scene management. they also showed a vid on why we have smidsey just thought I’d share it
  8. looks very similar to my fz600 head
  9. welcome Stu, post questions in classics or workshop, I'm sure they'll be answers
  10. welcome to the YOC, enjoy your bike
  11. looks great, I had mine vapour blasted, much easier :)
  12. I have my microfiche but really bought it to justify the PDF I have in case anyone starts getting silly.
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