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  1. Buff. typically round here its raining so hope its not when you pick up yours.
  2. great first post. no idea what bike you're referring to, who did the work or even if it clears when stopped? Pop over to the new members section and say hello, that's good netiquette (yes we are grumpy barstewards)
  3. Rab, post on in projects and some photos would be great too
  4. ditchkid, i keep wanting to type dickead sorry. nice to have you on board
  5. inn Wonder what happened to that Vodka factory in warrington?
  6. not seen the schematics only what yam did to the 250/400 on them, the starter uses a chain to the crank.
  7. If its like the xs400/250 you need the clutch engaged to turn the engine over. If I pull in the clutch I get no drive to the engine
  8. not nowadays, unless you hit potholes or damage them in anyway, they will last for years. there are different weaves used now.
  9. great to hear, i'm getting carbon wheels on my push bike as they make a massive difference to the ride and weight carried
  10. ypvs stuff fit too and there's plenty of spares being remade. Just got to look at the part and check. I converted my shock to R6 and used YVPS wish bones to raise the height. Xj600 stuff will fit along with FZR400 the 600 was based on (not the alloy framed ones)
  11. drewpy

    New helmet.

    no, he's been quiet on facebook too
  12. drewpy

    New helmet.

    Its ok, I work in Bolton so could try them on for you
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