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  1. went out with a mate to Southport carousel Took it really easy as too warm and the car drivers just CBA driving sensibly. Avoided a few situations if I'd been a bit faster. Lots of harvesters and tractors out too ATM
  2. put the gpx files in drop box https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qa6p9a9s6q3hokb/AAAOB8gx36JErJTunerbirZra?dl=0
  3. i've done it on 3 computers, 2 at home and 1 at work so it must have uploaded. when you click on it it downloads to your pc, try a right click too
  4. PDF copies for the spoon fed populous Clapham.pdf Flamboroughhead.pdf pickeringsteam.pdf Scarborough.pdf wray.pdf York daytrip.pdf
  5. Geez, download them and use a programme such as https://www.gpsvisualizer.com to open. I thought I was the old tech guy on here
  6. that's because they are not pictures! they are gpx files
  7. i've done a few routes as I'm there for the week. pickering tuesday and wray bike night thursday Clapham.gpx Flamborough head.gpx pickering steam .gpx Scarborough.gpx wray.gpx
  8. my tdm850 pulls from 1500 rpm, max torque at 5k and power 6.5. it'll rev up past the red line at 8k but nothing happens power wise. It also has a 270' crank.
  9. poor slice, a timely reminder not to be complacent. Still not done much riding yet, so I'm pretty rusty and will take is easy for a few days
  10. 2nd August till 7t August, leaving sunday
  11. going to get some routes sorted too. I have a Ride mag with a 170mile loop listed Got to do fridaythorpe for old times sake and the "getting lost on the way back" jaunt
  12. Due to lack of movement I'm going to book camping at Squires 2nd August till saturday coming back Sunday. meeting a mate there and a few others mates coming down thursday (so they say) Anyone most welcome to join me or take in one of the local B&B's in the area. There is a rock and bike night in the field across the road so it maybe a bit noisy
  13. can you the attach files bottom right of the text box?
  14. called a gag bike
  15. drewpy

    XJ6 N 2009

    No, its endless from the factory
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