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  1. Its got the WR lump in for sure, it has a starter motor fitted and its got 5 gears, the whole bike is defiantly WRF, it all comes back correct too as 2004, this date is stamped all over things like the seat and various other plastics, But the frame number says its a YZ450F "C" to be a WRF450 it would have been a "W" the year is correct for both occasions, I am not expecting a result from the DVLA as this is looking more like its been re-framed, however i could hit lucky ! if so that would make it unusual and a YZF on the road with the WRF engine in.
  2. Well the trip out turned out, well am a bit puzzled, Turns out i read the number wrong its actually *CJ05C-004815* this actually comes back as a YZ450F sold by Yam in October 2004 not the WRF450F that i was expecting, and thank fully this number comes back clean as far as i can see. I have applied to the DVLA using this Number to see if a V5 will be returned if not i guess i will be starting the long process of first registration. It would be good to get a VIC check done on this to see if it would provide a Reg number, but it would appear this service is not available on the Net or anywhere else, so i will just have to wait for the result from the DVLA, but i would have happily pain for this service!
  3. Hi cheers, i have a friend who is a Yam dealer so i am of to check it out on his system today, to me to be honest, for all its got its battery etc, it just doesn't have any of the WRF road bike left on it apart from a battery and fuse box etc and the engine of button under the seat, and a starter motor on the engine, the bike is ultra clean, i have seen worse in a show room. Its had or looks like its had a big smash in the last few years, all new plastics, new rear seat frame + swinging arm, both new engine side cases evidence of a smash it apparent on the top of one front fork deep scoring, this could be a reason its harder to identify properly, it just doesn't have or i can't find the full 17 VIN just the 11 short code, and i can't find a engine number at all and no signs of this been removed, i have ran the vin through police etc through ACU at a race meet and the frame number is clean so i am not worried, i just wondered if its got a secondary Vin in a obscure place that i can't find, i understand i should have a sticker on the seat subframe with the vin on etc but its not there cheers all !
  4. yeah keeps you on your toes,
  5. Sorry guys and girls, I should have introduced myself here before asking for help, I am just new to here, and hopefully I will be reading and investigating a lot more, I have already posted a thread that will be the start of my journey with my WRF450 and indeed Yamaha having been a Honda man most of my life I live in the north east of England and have ridden bikes since before I could walk lol , I have raced and race but these days it's just road / track racing, I used to race a CRF boo I here you say until I found out that what I really wanted was speed, lots of it, I love the rush and you just can get it out once it's in, the reason behind the WRF is my GEO location, it's advantageous to get out and improve reaction skills and no were better can you do this than hanging onto a lary thumper at full chat i come across the WRF and I wasn't looking for one, I was looking for a CRF but couldn't see why I shouldn't go for this, but to bring it back to spec is guna take some work it's been raced for the last 5 years but maybe because of that it's had just about every part replaced and almost looks new ! However this as you will see in my post is my issue, identification and re registering for the road so I hope I have a warm welcome here and I am sure a good few chats along the way, if you can help with my dicey issue of identification please feel free to PM me I will happly give you my number to speak direct many thanks all and shiney side up!
  6. Hi sorry, it is a bit rude of me, I will get it sorted !
  7. Hi, as a newbie hi, I have a small issue stupidly..... I bought a WRF and ran the vin checks first and it comes back fine, but it's supposed to be a WRF 450 registered on the road it's got the Battrey starter on the engine etc however it's been of the road for some time and the previous owner bought it without the V5 and pretty much used it on a track the frame number is CJ050-004815* however I can't find anything on this apart from it was made in Africa i I can't find the engine number ? I I have no registration number I want to put this back on the road but the frame number is too short as far as I am know I got the frame number from the head stock would I be right in filling the forms out for the DVLA with this number? Or has it been reframed etc ? Any my help very much appreciated as I would like to return this to the road
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