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  1. As finnerz said I would help but I'm a long way from you, look at the manual and it will talk you through the sequence for dismantling it and rebuild, most of the time you don't even have to replace the bearings just wash them out with paraffin and then regrease, use a good quality grease tho as some can turn to liquid when they get hot. It's not hard to do and if you take your time and walk away when you want to set fire to it in frustration you should be fine. Time and patience are you friends , good luck and you can always ask us if you do get stuck, remember photos make it easier to rebuil
  2. Sounds like you have a dodgy starter switch, give it a shot of "switch cleaner" and a squirt of WD40 after, if that's the problem then that should sort it out. These switches can fail tho and sometimes they wear at the contact point and you need a new one. It is after all 15 years old so it's not like it owes you anything!
  3. Just a guess here but are the carb slides moving smoothly? Just need one to bind and it can really spoil your day. Also check the throttle cable for binding, it might need an oil or replacing . Also you might need to whip them off and clean them, you don't say if it has sat all winter and it might be just old fuel gumming up the works. This might help, sorry if you know all of this but we have to assume sometimes that folks know nothing:) https://youtu.be/l6QCYOCYPXM Once you have done that and it still won't start come back and we can try something else!
  4. Fraid not me this year :( Just had my defib fitted last week and I can't drive or ride for a month. But as always have fun those who do go. Had 2 outings on the bike last year! and only one this year so far but as soon as I can I'm heading out to get some miles in. See you all soon I hope and stay safe.
  5. Hi Lorraine welcome in. Is this any good? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjszLiA6cvwAhVxThUIHVc-CecQFjAAegQICRAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Ffichasmotor.com%2Fen%2Fyamaha%2Fyamaha-fzs-600-fazer-1999%2F&usg=AOvVaw0BPcomdB6NdPs0n_02DxER Link above will take you to the page below or just type in "FZS600 1999 spec sheet" and follow your nose to something that might help. Good luck. FichasMotor Brands Search YAM
  6. slice

    Yamaha xj600

    Has it been sat with fuel in the tank and carbs over a long time? cos if it has then your carbs are bunged up with old fuel and will need to come off for a through clean. Try some "Easy start" up through the air filter to see if it fires, if it does then you have a solution to the problem, lot's of cleaning. Try carb cleaner and sone fine wire through the passageways inside the carb. Remove the jets and blow them out and if you can find a carb refurb kit which will help freshen up the thing.
  7. I would check the gearbox shifter forks for wear, or even the drum shifter for wear plus the mechanism at the end of the gear shaft. Means you have to take it apart but on an old bike things do wear and if the box has been abused then thats your problem. Wheelies and some race bikes take a real tole on the gearbox. Just a suggestion but best I can come up with without seeing it. Try looking at this for an idea on the workings of the box.
  8. slice

    New helmet.

    Thanks folks, had not thought about "new old stock" very cunning mate! I will do just that assuming I'm allowed to actually try them on? As for the blue tooth thing I might just forget about that, a good excuse to say "sorry I did'nt hear you! Thanks for the heads up on the sportsbike shop but Bolton would be a bit of a treck.
  9. slice

    New helmet.

    Ok folks just looked inside my lid and realise that I am WELL over the 5 year change date! I usually chage it about every 4 years but for some reason I missed it by a loooong way. So I am thinking about the new version of the Shark Evo1 (2) not cheap but seems a good helmet and I still want the modular thing, do any of you know anything about them? Not tried one myself obviously but like the look and action of this one, also do you have any recomendations of your own that might be worth a try? Not interested in anything like an open face, odd that I know but the chin guard, even if movable, st
  10. Well it seems that I am really thinking of changing the FJR, been looking at the new Trumpet speed tripleRS, it's not officially available till April I think but it does look nice! Just asking really but are they any better than the horrible things I used to ride back in the day? My Bonnerville was great in a straight line but just god awful in bends plus the loss of oil was always a bit of a concern on long rides. I have heard as well that some of the latest trumpets have gearbox problems and that would be a bit of a bummer. I really need something a LOT lighter than the FJR as I have some pr
  11. Well done Sniff another funny post I did enjoy that, BUT I have my own story about PARKING EYE! Took the wife to the doctors in Bristol BUPA - NHS referal due to Covid, she needed a covid test for an operation she was having at the Nuffield in Bristol. Went to the place told to, waited IN the car as told to then she took the test while sat in the car. We were early so sat for 25 minutes. Now have a £60 fine for PARKING in the consultants car park as told to? just gotta believe that these folks just rely on the computer to do their work for them. As the wife said "If they want the money COME
  12. And you mate, take care and see you all on the other side. Merry Xmas to you all from Gloucestershire.
  13. Just had a mate come back from a quick break near where we are going, sorry to say but some of the hotels are charging 2 or 3 times the usual rates for just a room and even then he said that you can get bumped if someone offers more! So I am going to stand back from this years run out, I won't pay through the nose for someone to then ask for more, F**K sake you would think they would honour a contract. So if you all go then best of luck and have fun but not happening for me. Makes me cross to think that by helping out local buisnesses they then get all grabby for a short term gain. (Steps
  14. Hi and welcome to the YOC.
  15. That will do me fine mate. Just let me know what you want in the way of booking and I'm ready to go! Be nice to get together again after all this time and have a few beers. As above, shall we book a block booking, might get a discount? Always worth a try!
  16. Yep I'm in. Gotta sort out where to stay tho!
  17. slice

    Tool question.

    I have this bought it from machine mart for £30 odd quid! Will undo bolts on battleships! Gotta have a reasonable air supply tho.
  18. Hi Mick, as above I am a member of N.A.B.D and they will help if they can go here http://www.nabd.org.uk/ talk to the ladies in the office and explain what your problem might be and they will contact their suppliers and see what if anything they can do. Really nice folks and always willing to help if they can. Not sure about the costs involved but they do have loads of experience with ex-forces personnel with all sorts of missing or damaged limbs. Good luck mate. [email protected] use this for general enquiries. this is the phone number Tel: 0844 415 4849 but they prefer an email to g
  19. Hi Peter, just a few facts you need to add if you would. Where did you buy it from UK or USA or some other country? What do you actually have in the way of other documents? Bill of sale or nothing at all! Does it have matching engine and frame numbers? This because if it's a frankenbike then your going to have other problems registering it. A bit about where you are in the world as well would help as advice about UK laws will not apply if you live in another country. And was it a private sale or from a dealer. Some dealer will sell old bikes without paperwork just to gey rid of them and save t
  20. Thanks Finnerz I did not know that but will check it out now. So that said are we going to set a date or just wing it? And jump in with short notice and hope we can all make it? That's ok for me but some folks need time to sort out work and family life stuff. Whatever just shout out when your ready to pull the pin. Just looked it up and sure enough the date is the 4th of july for hotels to open (possibly not if we get a "second wave") so anytime after that and we have a winner. (well done Andrew!)
  21. I don't mind where or when to be honest but I REALLY don't do camping so if the hotels are shut then fraid not this year!
  22. I take it your talking about the (1977 XS 750 Special imported from Colorado) from your original post yes? If so you might try to contact Yamaha UK, Try here for phone numbers and such they are really helpful if you are stuck https://uk.yamaha.com/en/support/contacts/index.html Hope that helps and good luck.
  23. slice


    Hi Mate hope your well? I use Metzler roadtec 01 on mine, seem to be really good in general road use, not really special in any coditions but hold well in the wet and dry. I also fitted those angled valves to make pumping up the tyres easier but they are F**king useless so stick with ordinary valves. This guy has some good things to say about them and I agree that they do flat off at the top of the tread after a LOT of miles on motorways.
  24. Hi Ken, welcome to the YOC.
  25. Only applies to BMW and AUDI drivers tho!
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