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  1. Yep Cynic is right if "start yer bastard" makes it run then you definitely have a blockage.
  2. Hi, First and most important do you have the workshop manual? Cos that will give you all the info (well most!) that you need, they are on EBAY for about £15 and well worth the price. If you do have the manual and it still won't come out then hopefully someone on here will have an answer for you. Usually it's corrosion between the steel bolt/stud and the ali engine mount that get's stuck, if all else fails try HEAT but not to much just where it passes through the engine, your doing the right thing with WD40 but there are other penetrating oils out there and even freeze sprays that might help. Good luck anyway.
  3. slice

    dyna coils

    Hi, I looked and MIKUNI carb parts are available on EBAY plus I found this http://www.motocarb.com/ I'm pretty sure that there are loads of them out there. If the first supplier does not have them then ask them if they know someone else who they could recommend. Good luck.
  4. As I said Dutch, I should never have sold my FJ! Someone WILL buy this bloody thing.
  5. So as I asked a few weeks ago "was the ABBA superbike lift any good?" Well to cut a long story short SWMBO has bought it for me for my birthday (YAY) it turned up in several boxes, well what's a birthday without something to open! and she had got me the whole kit and caboodle, I mean the lift the trolly widget and the extension arms for front and rear wheel removal. So I can now take the wheels off and still move the bugger around the garage. It was expensive tho just under 3 hundred quid. Anyway the point of this missive is to say that the thing is just brilliant, after you have attached the bobbins to the bike it's a simple matter to just hoike it into the air with one hand which brings it into the same height as if you were using the centre stand, for which up till now I have to use a lump of wood under the rear wheel to get it to the height where this old sod can then just about get it over the hump onto the stand and that's using both hands and still struggling with 350Kgs of dead weight. So I'm just saying, if you have no centre stand or struggle to use the one on your bike then this thing is the dog's danglies when it comes to ease of use. This is what she got for me. Plus I can now take off the centre stand and suspension and the swing arm to grease them whereas before it took 3 different set ups to do these jobs!
  6. I think it's safe to say that we all feel for you when it comes to having your bike stolen or interfered with. And it's not much consolation when the manufacturer say's it's not their problem and washes their hands of it. There is after all only so much you can do to protect your bike, if someone want's it then they will take it I'm afraid, these shithouses are just in it for the joyride or to strip it for parts and don't really care that you have spent your hard earned on it. I'm pretty sure you have considered lot's of ways to secure the bike and to be honest no one on here will be able to help with a certain way to keep it out of the hands of these people, Try a ground anchor and a rated chain, not saying that will work but other than having it guarded at night by a bloke sat outside your house there's not a lot else that can be done. Hope you find a solution and they don't come back again, if you make it difficult to steal then usually they move on to easier pickings. Good luck anyway.
  7. slice


    Well Drewpy, I personally think not, I have them on the car, as do most new motors, if those don't get stolen why should the ones on the bike? Plus they only work with the receiver that they come with and they also have nuts to clamp them in place so it's like anything really if they want them they will steal them but why would you bother if you can't use the things? We all know some dumb arseholes will steal anything not nailed down but at just a few quid a set why not fit them and see what happens?
  8. slice


    Thanks for that Bips, really never had this kind of thing in my day so not sure what to expect with it. I might just bung a few quid at it and see how it pans out. Plus if I get wheel wobble with it they can go straight into the bin! BMW prices are just unbelievable what planet are they on to charge £200 for something you can get for £30? I suppose more worrying is that people pay those prices, what's the old saying "one born every minute"!
  9. slice


    Ok so just wanted to ask, has anyone got one of these TPMS thingy's attached to there bike? I have it on the car but wondered if it was worth it for the bike, I also have 90 deg valves on the bike so would this make a difference? Oh and just for the folks that don't know what it is (cos I didn't at first) it is the TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM, apparently it comes with a small LCD screen and 2 valve covers that can be set to specific pressures both high and low and at only about £30 odd quid for the set it seems pretty nifty and stops you having to get down on your knees to check the pressures every couple of days (weeks! MONTHS for some of us)
  10. Hi and welcome to the YOC, sounds like a good project, as Jimmy said start a new thread in the projects section and we can see what your up to, lot's of photos help as well. Good luck.
  11. Well done Bips, so much better than my effort, at least yours is in focus and has no swearing in it! Went to Portsmouth yesterday and found myself trying not to swear out loud, it's so much harder than you think !!!
  12. slice

    Finners iPhone fix

    Well what do you know! Just looked at my own phone and sure enough there is stuff in there that should not be. Thanks mate and Finnerz of course.
  13. Well I don't know this particular bike but this sounds like it's fuel related, I would look at the fuel pump and lines, on my XJ I found that one of the pipes from the tank was really soft and would close itself off when under pressure, another thing is the fuel pump itself, that can fail under pressure as well if it's an original part then you might look to replace it. Just one minor point but it has been known to put the fuel filter on the wrong way round, they are direction specific, not saying you have done this but check to see just in case. Ignition wiring can also fail under load tho truth be told this does not sound like your problem, it might be worth checking to see if your electrics are not failing, new plug caps and HT leads might be worth a shot if the problem persists after you have gone through the fueling. Good luck anyway as it sounds like your gremlins are going to test your patience!
  14. Well I sort of got this video uploaded and hope you all enjoy it, it's only a flavour of the day but it was fun out there never the less. I'm sorry about the language on the video if you show it to your kids or partners please turn the volume down! Well here goes nothing. Also it seems I have had my camera set on 480p not the 1080p it should have been so the quality is well to be honest crap, I will see if I can upload an better version later. https://youtu.be/wLROAaQliVo
  15. OK how did you get hold of my ECG readings ?
  16. So sorry to hear your news Simon, a real bugger when these thigs happen. Only time will make it seem better but for now you have to live through the hard part. Just think when it's all sorted you can now buy the bike you really want without needing to ask permission from anyone and fuck the landlord he wants your money so as long as the rent is paid most will turn a blind eye to the odd 999 Ducati in the living room! Take care mate, we are always here if you need a shoulder to cry on or just to take the piss if needed.
  17. Does not sound like you have a problem with the battery as such cos if it turned the engine over then most likely it would have started, it can happen that when you get a hot engine and you then try to start it that it can have a "moment" where it refuses to start, unless this starts to happen all the time I would just put it down to one of those things that plague your every day motorcyclist and move on. Do the usual checks make sure the plug cap is secure and that fuel is flowing through to the engine see if the filler cap might need a clean, if the cap is blocked then it can starve the engine through vapour lock but I bet you find it's nothing to worry about.
  18. Ok Obi that I'm afraid does not sound good. Exactly how much oil did you put in? I mean was it just your "best guess" as to the amount or did you in fact do what it say's in the manual? If as you say there was oil on the end of the dip stick when you had finished refilling it was this before or after you ran the bike to check if it was at the proper level? because you can get oil on the stick if you don't circulate the oil before you check it, do you have an oil filter and did you change that as well? cos most filters take at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a litre of oil NOT including what it takes to fill just the engine. This being said it's not impossible for there to be a completely different reason for the noise you describe but I would suggest you take your bike (DO NOT RUN IT) down to another local mechanic and have them look at it and don't rely on opinions of those who don't really have any more idea of what's wrong than you do! I'm not saying they are wrong but if I need brain surgery I don't ask advice from a bus driver! We all have our skills but it's best to ask those who do this every day than those who just have an opinion. Good luck mate and come back if your in need of any more help or advice.
  19. Before I say anything else "Thank you" to pilninggas for yesterday, just brilliant mate tho some of those roads were terrifying! but the views at the end were worth the terror. The "stop and wait" system worked great with just the one glitch, soon sorted out. It was fun to see you all again and I'm just sorry I could only make it for the Saturday, I really needed to end the day with a pint or three with you all. got home around 7PM so just under 2 hours from when I left you all on the mountain top. I have a good lot of videos from the ride out and will stitch something together in the next few days and upload it when I can, hope you all made it home safe and sound and see you next year wherever that might be? Oh and I have some of Pat trying to climb the mountain on his fazer! yep I'm still laughing.
  20. Thanks folks, got your numbers and will only call you if it goes tit's up on the way "Pulled by the bobbies or I break down" Stay safe.
  21. Ok folks, my wife is home after the op safe and sound tho a bit sore but coping reasonably well. She said she will be ok for Saturday as my boys will be visiting and their girlfriends will be along as well so I am going to do my best to turn up like the proverbial bad penny somewhere along your route. If I leave home at around 7o/c I should be with you around 9ish? It's about 80 miles from me so a couple of hours should see me there. Can someone be kind enough to send me a contact number so I can let you know how I'm doing in case I get delayed. Thanks.
  22. Well done Bips, just looked up the map you supplied and it seems you have achieved the mission! Hope you managed to get it done without too much trouble? Credit where credit is due one bike one woman and one numb arse is what it should have said. You now have bragging rights over us old farts
  23. Well done Bips, sent you a contribution and hope it helps, Ride safe.
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