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  1. Thanks guys, for everyone that replied. Taking plugs out shouldn't be this complicated! If you have the right tools however....
  2. Thats a good shout, thanks. Dont think its a case of the socket/extension being long enough. But that i need a plug spanner, ie thin walled. If its some sort of after market or foreign plug, any idea what the size is AF?
  3. Anyone know what i am missing? Spark plug socket wont go down over ones in bike. There appears to be something sitting over the plugs. Crude pic attached. Is there anything unique about these bikes? Asked question on American site and they said there are helicoils fitted (to all 4??) and i need a new cylinder head. Seems a bit extreme! Even if helicoils were fitted, you still need to screw the plugs into place. Thanks in advance.
  4. Long shot. Does anyone know the type style of connector (female) for the 5VK8195041 relay from an R1? Its a 16 pin. The existing one appears unmarked.
  5. I did. The post seemed long and rambling. I have put it in a garage to be diagnosed but they are a bit clueless. Trying to find a decent mechanic/bike auto electrician in the glasgow area proving v v frustrating. But thanks.
  6. Anyone know of a decent mechanic/bike auto electrician in the Glasgow area? Bike still wont start and is in a garage that says they can diag, but has been there for over a week. They dont know what they are doing.
  7. Pump spins when 12v applied. Chased the connections from the ignition, but although the key is v sticky, it seems to be making the right connections. Anyone tell me where the fuel pump relay is? To check the volts there? Thanks
  8. Anyone know which Yamaha blue is closest to the M1's?
  9. Just bought an '09 big bang, my first, as a mini project that needed a good tidy and tlc.Started ok before buying, but hasnt started since I got it back. Had a 22 error code andI replaced the sensor, knowing that wasnt the root.Wasnt till I tried again I heard the pump prime and it fired up, but didnt run long. Rarelyis the pump priming, but when it does it starts.When the pump doesnt prime there is a faint high pitched whine.Any opinions on the best fault finding path? Where to start first? I have an incling it maymay be the ignition, as I've had that with another bike. But this is the first bike I've ownedwith a red key/immobiliser. Are ignition replacements as straightforward because of this?The key is very hard to turn in the old ignition.Thanks in anticipation.
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