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  1. Spanni

    Clutch let down

    Yep hydraulic in operation, no cables, and no adjusters, thanks Slice looks like I'll be popping the cover off sometime soon for a closer look.
  2. Finally MOT'd my FZR1000 Genesis ready for some summer fun, trouble is the clutch engages right at the end when letting out the lever , it feels okay but can't get neutral with engine running so probably dragging, bled it twice, not a bubble! So with no other adjustment I'm thinking It will need the plates looking at. Not really a problem but is there anything else worth checking first before I dive in head first! Cheers
  3. yeah it's an old picci just after I built it from bits, it was registered not long after... nice Trident, they sound great!
  4. Hello from sunny South Oxfordshire, first time on a forum so please be gentle... I recently picked up an FZR1000 Genesis (1988 black) as I'm getting a bit too old and tired of kicking over reluctant British iron! so going back to my youth... hoping I can pick your collective brains on getting it sorted. Cheers Don't have a photo of it yet so is one of the Commando okay?
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