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  1. Great. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Sorry about this but another question...The exhaust on this heap is NOT coming off. Not sure what the previouse owner did but its a rusty mess, see pic. My question, can i get rid (cut off) the pipe between the two exhausts? If i can do this without comprimising the engine I can get two single baffels to put on. Hope I have made myself clear and any help greatly appriciated as always.
  3. Snakebite68, You are a star!!!
  4. Thanks for the diagram snakebite68 but the part is not shown on this. Here is a pic of the part i need. Hope this helps.
  5. Hello and first post from a newbie. Bought a badly kept XV 650 to turn in to a bobber. Stripping it down and when I removed the tank I found that the 2 plastic covers over the wiring (it also surrounds the ignition keyhole) was brittle and parts broken. Need to get a replacement but cannot find on the service manual what this part is called? If I am not making myself clear I can post some pictures later. Thanks in advance.
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