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  1. Thank you for your reply, I’ve investigated it properly now and I’m certain that the forks are just standard wear and tear and the seals are shot, I’ve got them ordered in now and I’ve found all the other bits I wanted, fairings etc, looking forward to seeing it completed and mot’d now, I’ll share when I’m done
  2. Hi there, I gave it a good look through and I assume it has gone into something but at a very low speed, enough to break those ageing plastics but not enough to do any real damage
  3. Hi guys I’ve recently got a new bike (Guess which one lol). It’s far from untouched and I would love to really show it some attention, do some tasteful mods and stuff, and I would like to bring it up to date with everything that has happened in the past 17 years. it’s currently got a few mods but it’s a bit of a mystery, I know it has an Athena top end kit, I believe someone has put forks off of something else on there and they’re leaking so I’ll need to figure that out. Let me know if you have any recommendations for mods, any niche things that you think are cool. It doesn’t have an mot at the moment and everything plastic from the fuel tank forward is broken, if anyone can help source some bits to replace these I’d be grateful, I’m not fussy about what they look like as long as they are in one piece
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