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  1. I have now had this bike 11 years from new and it has covered just over 68 thousand miles .Due to just passing my test and inexperience I fell off on leaves at about 10mph a month after buying it , put a dink in tank and scuffed some plastics so I thought I would put some crash bungs on just in case it happens again but you know what they are in unused condition, never fell off or dropped again. Still been very reliable with just the series of dodgy brake lever switches to blot the copy book , that’s not the bikes fault but I have not put one on for years since I bought a cheap one off eBa
  2. I have managed to do it now. Thanks
  3. Hello . I have owned a 2009 Xj6n from new. I replaced both fork seal kits about 30000 + miles ago and I remember then that the locking ring above the seal was a real pain to remove. We are now well over 60,000 and another leaking seal. I cannot get the locking ring out this time. It is not rusted in , I just cannot get on it. Would have been useful if it was a wider ring or a circlip. Any advise? Thank you. David
  4. Thank you for reply. I have had a look and there is 2 part numbers for the lamp on the website and one states for GBR next to it so I would assume that is a uk RHD lamp. I think best thing to do is make further contact armed with the part numbers for clarification of lhd or rhd fitting. Interesting to see the lamp is the same one used on the FZ8n . regards David
  5. Hi all , I have a 2009 XJ6n that I will register in France and would like to know if the headlamp unit is switchable from rhd beam pattern to lhd like on some cars. I cannot find my owners manual although I would think a lhd headlamp is required. Beam deflectors will not be adequate. Regards , David
  6. Hi , Has anyone used the above mentioned supplier or can recommend someone else who can, get a genuine part. They list genuine part numbers . The bearing in the rear sprocket carrier on my XJ6N back wheel has failed , need a new bearing and seal asap. Dealer out of stock. cheers , David.
  7. Thanks for the input guys . However, are there any XJ6/Diversion owners out there who could give additional input for this bike . I want to know peoples experience of tyre brands on this bike other than ones I have already used . David
  8. Hi , I have got to 45,000 miles on my 09 XJ6 and in need of another set of tyres . I commute and my aim is to beat the jams to work and not get there as quick as possible so I am not hard on tyres and can get 10,000 miles out of a set , however the Michelins on at the moment have done 5,000 and although they are not worn out do not have much left and rear has a slow puncture . I have had 2 sets of Bridgestone BT021 and got 10,000 but the bike is not great on those and the front tyre wears badly on one side and was illegal before the rear on both sets . I have also had Avon Storms and aga
  9. Hi all , Cannot believe I started this post up two and a half years ago and that I have not posted since March . Well , bike has now clocked 42,000 miles . Still being used for work and reliable . Never broken down- well virtually, will explain later . I replaced both fork seals early summer and took the opportunity to respray the front forks silver again . Unipart wheel silver and some lacquer if prepared properly give a great finish . The 2 rubbish cross head screws that retain the front mudguard and rust really well were both drilled out and replaced with a stainless steel washer
  10. monkeyjim


    I have covered just over a thousand miles on the Michelin Pilot Road tyres and am certain that they are the best tyres I have fitted to the bike .
  11. Hi , Does anyone know the standard oil grade for the front forks ? Cannot find my manual to look it up . Bike on 37,000 now, the left hand fork seal is damp so I will replace both and change the oil . Some people upgrade the oil grade , not sure if anyone has a view on this as this sort of thing is new to me . I really like the Michelin tyres I fitted this time , now 1000 miles old and in my opinion the best set I have put on . Brake light switch packed up yet again , managed to resurrect it with electrical contact oil spayed in the holes and repeatedly pressing the pin to cl
  12. The pre winter clean up and check over did not happen because I was too busy . Bike now done just over 36,000 miles . I have fitted a pair of new tyres ( see my tyre post ) , cleaned up the entire bike , sprayed the manky front forks and overhauled the brakes . The front pads and discs are fine , all the brake caliper pistons came out of the calipers ok . I then cleaned the pistons and caliper before re-assembly . I used a little rubber grease to help the pistons and seal last time I had them apart and I think that helped the dismantling this time . The rear brake I knew was binding . It
  13. monkeyjim


    Hi all . Back in June 13 at 31,000 miles I reckoned I had covered 10,000 miles on my bikes 3rd set of tyres , it came with Bt021 , I then fitted a second set of 21's and they were followed by Avon storms . In October at 34 thousand miles the rear was still good but the front was on the limit and I replaced it with a part worn Pirelli . I have just replaced both tyres , both were worn virtually to the limit , reckon the rear had a few more hundred but it was time for a change . I fitted a pair of Michelin Pilot Road , a older tread pattern I believe but reviews are still good and M&a
  14. Has anyone got either brand on one of the XJ6 range ? My bars are bent , hardly noticeable to some folk but i know it was dropped and the bars are bent . Starting to bug me now when riding , slightly lower on the right hand side . So I am going to replace them . I want bars that are not much different in height to what the xj6 has standard, renthal sell several versions and give rise height measurements . I cannot find a measurement for the rise of the standard bar and obviously mine are bent so no point measuring mine . Anyone help with finding measurement , providing a measurement o
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