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  1. Just need some mechanical advice, not business advice but thanks though. It's not as straightforward as that anyway, they have gone way above and beyond for me on this build, the bike looks incredible, and as I say the owner is a friend. I'm not about to fall out with him over a cup of spilt petrol after the hours he's put in on this for me. Anybody else have anything practical to offer regarding the igniter question? cheers✌
  2. Thanks for the responses. I do have a manual and I have read it but am still unsure. Bike is currently at the paint shop, the owner is a friend, and they have done the carbs there as the bike has had a full strip down to bare metal. I suspect Cynic is probably correct and that there is an issue with the carbs. After talking to the shop yesterday though I was left with the impression the carbs were ok and that the igniter unit might be the issue, hence the post. I don't get the bike back for a fortnight so I've asked them to bring it back as is and I'll sort it. Guess the first thing will be to check the carbs. Am I correct in thinking that if the igniter unit was faulty then there would be weak or no spark?
  3. Hi all, I have fuel leaking from front cylinder and bike won't start. I have spark at both plugs, fuel pump kicks in and shuts off as normal, carbs recently rebuilt with full Jadus kit. Could it be the igniter unit? Any useful advice gratefully received. Ta TC
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