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  1. Hi I'm having a problem with my xj600 "91reg" I've had to repair some wiring as a mouse has eaten some wires while its been off the road over the past 12 years. I have replaced a few parts on the Starter wiring and all i'm getting is the oil light and nothing else no clicks from the starter relay. Does anyone have any ideas where else to check or is it the ecu unit that's the problem.
  2. Thank you for the helpful information will keep updating how I'm doing with this project
  3. Hi I'm after some help and advice as I'm in the process of putting my XJ600 back on the road after 12 years not being used. I've got a new battery fitted and most of the electrics seem to be working but when I try to start the bike all I get is the oil light coming on which is expected but nothing else happens. I have found some cut wires which maybe from mice so I'm in the process of tracing all the wires in the loom for anymore damage. Any advice or hints/tips would be grateful
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