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  1. Two very different bikes. The MT-03 for commuting and the xt660 for longer rides. The MT-03 would be limited for longer riding, so Id go for the xt660. Make sure that you sit on and try both bikes first for comfort
  2. I still check in fairly frequently. Youve gotta bear in mind that time flies by and we get older, people stop riding, pass away, some bikes have their own specific owners clubs
  3. A Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year
  4. No idea what year your machine is, but heres a link, hopefully it gives you what you want https://dethlefsens.dk/download/yamaha/Yamaha_DT175_1992_ServiceManual.pdf
  5. Depends where you are in the world. There are some companies in the UK that rewind stators
  6. Of have no experience of this bike, but as a member of the Fazer Owners Club (FOC UK), I have seen numerous threads on that site referring to the 7K exup fault. I f I recall correctly, you would have to refit all of the missing parts and then reset (ie zero) the servo motor. It also has to be spotlessly clean and completely free to rotate. You may wish to have a look on there for the FZS1000 Fazer 7K exup fault code
  7. I think most of us had had those moments
  8. Useful fault finding stuff https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1x1ojthv4h7925/Troubleshooting 3P PMG %26 RR.pdf?dl=0 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1091/5694/files/fault-finding-diagram.pdf?235929069374954073
  9. Front sprocket come loose (FZS600 common problem), splines worn on output shaft, bearings gone on output shaft
  10. https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/33433-vacum-hoses-on-xvs-125/
  11. You may be able to piece it together from the schematics on the CMSNL parts website https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xvs125-2000-5jx1-england-105jx-300e3_model41926/partslist/#.Yl3EBtrMKUl
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