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  1. Look under the tank and double check to make sure you haven't trapped or pinched a fuel pipe
  2. 1970, and fed up with push biking 4 miles to work and back every day, no car licence yet, so took a C50 of my workmate who no longer wanted it. It worked fine, just the kickstart was broken. Id put it into second, walk with it a couple of paces and it would fire up. Ha dit nearly two years, never failed, all I did was fuel it up. How I wish I still had it. Passed my driving test in 72, cars right up to 2009 Nottingham City Council got me back onto two wheels when they brought in the tram/car park tax. Principles meant that I would not pay it, so bought a Dragstar 125 and passed my t
  3. Shouldnt be lumpy, my old one was nice and smooth. If youve no service history, then Id give it a full service first off, and check the carb rubber for cracks/leaks. Get it running right first
  4. HMMM. Ugly. Not keen at all on this type of look, looks kind of unfinished, and I wouldn't want to try and hang on with no fairing. Seems a modern trend that to make machines rideable, you have to buy the "accessories", comfort seat/suspension etc
  5. It may be the side stand switch itself. Mine failed on a trackday, randomly cutting out, then powering back up. Prove this by bypassing the switch. Disconnet the plug where the switch joins the loom, fit a jumper between the plug on the the loom to simulate the switch.
  6. Thats a lot of work. Fatter wider wheel will likely mean a different axle/spacers/chain run/ rear brake disc and caliper etc. Handlebar change is likely to need different length clutch and brake cables, and the bikes handling may be affected too. If you're confident though, go for it
  7. Not missed one for years now, until this year. Had tickets World Superbikes and BSB at Donny Park too this year. Only got one trackday in because of trying to shield family members, and the bike broke down 2nd session, day over. Got one booked for this Monday though, hope the weather holds up Stay safe all
  8. Yey, Bangers. Great fun. Loved Jumping Jacks too
  9. Double check that the clips to pinch arent round the other side. If they are, just twist the clip around till you can get bat them. If its a wire type clip, just snip it with a pair of cutters. Measure the outside diameter of the pipe before you buy a replacement clip. Careful pulling the pipe of the elbow, the pipe is pushed over a step on the elbow in order to seal. A small Jubilee Clip of the right size will do ya, dont overtighten it
  10. neversaydie

    main stand

    Check the part nos on the CMSNL website
  11. Depends if digital ones are available for that model, and how much they are
  12. Drain all the old fuel and put some fresh in. Clean the plug/fit new plug, make sure the battery is good and fully charged. Check the air filter is clean. Modern fuel goes off and absorbs moisture
  13. Try going onto the CMSNL webite, check the part no of the stand for each bike, if its the same number its the same stand
  14. Sounded normal to me, perhaps a little rattley, that could the cam chain, perhaps the tensioner is between clicks
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