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  1. Thanks again everyone, tomorrow I got myself a day off and will try and see if it's the front sprocket bearing. I like the tip to take the sprocket off and put a bar over it, might be a little tricky to make something myself but it's worth a shot. I'll give an update once I know more.
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. @Finnerz89 The chain guides are looking to be okay, no excessive wear and the chain doesn't seem to bother with any of it. It's only got a top and bottom guide, no roller. @Snakebite68 1. I set the tension according to my workshop manual, checked it at different locations and also tried to see what happens if I loosen it further then specified. Sounds stays the same sadly. 2. Measured the link length at different parts of the chain and it's within spec 3. When the carrier bearing had gone to shit I indeed had forgotten the spacer between the carrier bearing and the wheel bearing as this was gone as well. Drove it for about 50km without. I have since replaced all bearings (since the carrier bearing was dying again) in the rear and made sure all spacers are there. Torqued to spec. I could not feel or hear any obvious wear on the front sprocket but then again I'm no expert. 4. see above @Cynic I was afraid it was going to be something in the gearbox. Might try to open it up over the weekend or maybe it's time to bring it to the shops and have someone look at it with experienced eyes.
  3. Thanks for the welcome, I uploaded a video that hopefully shows the issue at hand well enough. Any questions or for more details just ask and I'll do my best to elaborate.
  4. Hi all, I started hearing some grinding noise coming from the rear wheel. Was unable to feel anything strange in the wheel when lifted up on a stand so continued riding. The noise got worse so I took the rear wheel out and found out the bearing inside the chain carrier had completely blown apart and I just had some scraps left in place. Now I have replaced the rear wheel bearings and the chain carrier bearings. This feels good again but now I have a different problem. This could be what caused the bearing to fail before, or the other way around. I'm not really sure how to describe the issue (not native English speaker) but I'll try my best. When I have the bike up on stands and in any gear at low rpm (below 3k) with the clutch engaged the bike makes a nasty clacking sound. It's not constant and get's worse when I rev it up a little and let it drop to idle. I can feel and see the bike move quite a bit with every clack. I checked the chain and sprockets and they seem fine (replaced 4k km's ago). Wheel is aligned as far as I can tell and I set the chain tension according to the manual. As soon as I disengage the clutch the noise stops, not sure where to start looking (I'm afraid I might have to dig into the gearbox/clutch but don't want to if I don't have to) Any ideas or tips on diagnosing this issue? Cheers from the Netherlands (I can upload a video of the noise if that would be usefull)
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