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  1. I saw those, but it says they're for threaded terminals, I'm pretty sure the Ace doesn't use threaded plugs.
  2. I have no idea about carbs, what are we looking at?
  3. I too am a little shocked, spark plug caps are not something I've had problems with on my Thunderace so far. You may have to bite the bullet, after a cursory search, this is all I've found..: YAMAHA YZF 1000 THUNDERACE 4SV 96-03 - IGNITION COIL CAP PLUG CAP - ONLY 3 | eBay
  4. Looking good so far... That's a hell of a chain in there!
  5. Exactly, all that fuel you're pumping has to go somewhere...
  6. The Shetlands huh? That's going to be a lot of 'round and round'..!
  7. Yeah... 40V doesn't sound right at all! I have no idea how to fix the problem or even what the problem is, but you could always try to suck up some of that power by slapping a load of xenon headlamps on the front like a 1970s Mod Lambretta..! Other than that, I'm sure someone else will have a better idea!
  8. Nice, clean, simple chop. Old school, I like it!
  9. Even if the battery died, wouldn't it continue to run on the alternator?
  10. I've got an ART can on the 'Ace currently! The answer is definitely the pipes. And getting rid of those original headers will only help your power to weight... Just make sure that you have the same clearance to your fairings. Paying out for a good quality pipe will make all the difference.
  11. Carbs are magic items beyond the ken of myself... But I'm sure there's plenty of others in here that know about them lol
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