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  1. This does tend to happen a lot apparently. People come along, post their problems and disappear (often without actually getting their answers first! lol).
  2. Hmmm, this doesn't seem to be a very popular bike does it? Either that or they're so reliable that non of them are getting broken... I've had a good rummage around E-Bay and found nothing for your problem. Is this your binnacle? Yamaha MT03 (25 KW) 2007 METER - MSP (motorcyclespareparts.eu) Speedos aren't overly complex these days. Unless someone else has another idea, there's only really going to be one of three things wrong with it: 1/ Loose or Damaged wire 2/ Loose connector answer. Check the connectors and wiggle the wires to see what triggers the problem. 3/ Damaged circuit board answer. Either trace fault and repair or replace. Out of curiosity, what data is it that's actually flickering on and off?
  3. Snakebite68

    MT03 660

    Aaah, I had assumed that it meant it was a 300, and that's not what you actually asked... If you would like to shoot the breeze with people about your bike and its possible issues, maybe you would like to pop over to the New Members Welcome Area New Members Welcome Area - Yamaha Owners Club (yamahaclub.com) Make yourself a nice post and get people interested..!
  4. Snakebite68

    MT03 660

    A 300 is a bit of a strange cc these days. Too big for the learners, too small for the 'big boys'... And not many young people pushing the envelope of their limited licences. Although, 300s make great commuter bikes, big enough to not be worried about getting on a motorway, and small enough to have HUGE mpg! And, it's always more fun to ride a small bike fast than a big bike slow!!!
  5. It's a wierd bug... Not something I'd generally expect from Invision. The problem is that the 'Contact Us' link takes you to a board based emailing system, which is of course also affected by the bug, so is rendered useless. There are a couple of options... 1/ When sending PMs, the message field is REQUIRED to have text in it (I'm moderately sure that when this bug appears, you can still type in the 'title field'). If the requirement for for text in the message field was removed, it would be possible to send a PM with only a title (thus still getting a 'IT DOESN'T WORK!' message through! 2/ Add a 'forums trouble' button in the 'Contact Us' window. That shouldn't be too hard to implement! So instead of sending a mail, it just sends an automated message to whoever stating that there are forum issues...
  6. The Facebook page isn't really reliable for fault reporting. I wasn't the only person that posted there that the forums were acting up...
  7. I meant the sprocket in the wheel end of the speedo cable. And the fact that it could be anything and no way of knowing what without investigation...
  8. Put twice as many teeth on the sprocket... Change the drive cable... Buy a new speedo... Too little information, too many answers...
  9. Well, whatever the problem is, we need a way to contact the Admin that doesn't include posts and PMs, neither of which work when this happens..!
  10. Nice bike, you appear to be missing a registration plate...
  11. Yey! We can post again!!!
  12. Hmmm, it appears it is. Either I'm having an episode, or someone moved it for you lol
  13. You might want to continue your posts in the same thread, that way it doesn't all get lost...
  14. Not sure but most brake switches have some adjustment room. The first thing to figure out is whether it's staying on because the lever is leant on the switch at rest, or whether there's a fault with the switch...
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