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  1. Hihi... 1/ I'd be inclined to ditch the hoses and get new ones anyway, if they're originals, they'll be toast. Reservoirs are 10 a penny, if it doesn't clean easily, just get a new one. It's your callipers that you need to concentrate on, strip them down and give them a damn good cleaning! 2/ Bad things!!! Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot battle lance! Cough up some cash and pass the problem to a reputable bike garage. 3/ Google is your friend, it looks like there's loads of options out there..!
  2. Welcome Mike. Could we get a Mod to move this into a better forum please?
  3. Or worse, if one fork is bent a couple of degrees, and the other one isn't!!! Or a crack in your head bracket on the frame which you'd never notice unless you get in there to check it properly.
  4. Get a cat..! But slightly more seriously, don't try to start it again until you've traced all the damaged wires, you don't wanna short anything out.
  5. Bearing in mind that I don't have a clue about electrics, but do know a bit about locks in general... I'm suspicious that the ignition barrel may be failing, it's probably had a LOT of wear over the years.
  6. All plastic from the fuel tank forward broken / Forks leaking... Check it hasn't had a front end smash, which means are the forks bent, radiator (if it has one) damaged, head of the frame damaged, wheel damage, front brake damage or handlebar damage. There's your first job!!!
  7. Since it's a recent purchase, maybe it HAS been getting gradually worse for a while, hence the sale! lol
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