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  1. Have you tested it with a multi meter? Yes, it can have a hairline crack in it.
  2. First off, change the primary fuse (it may be invisibly broken), no point going further till you've done that...
  3. No, not getting time to do it... Think I'm just going to drop it into Padgetts and have it done.
  4. What colour are your spark plugs when you take them out? Pictures would be good...
  5. Mmmmm... Thunderace..!
  6. Putting a fuse in the neutral side won't technically protect against reversed polarity, but as the first item starts to cook, it will pop and protect everything else.
  7. And this is why I usually install a fuse on the negative side too... But until we know what bike and model it is, we can't begin to figure out what it's done. If it was my Thunderace, it would just be a case of tracing the wiring and replacing whatever blew first. If it was my V-Strom, god knows what would have blown! We'll just have to wait and see if he ever comes back again! lol But I reckon this is going to be a 'shop job'...
  8. Make? Model? Pictures? Does any of it (particularly the wiring loom) look modified? Was the 30amp fuse under the seat fried? If connected the wrong way, it shouldn't have been... The more information you give, the better your answers.
  9. NOOOOOOOO! lol At least when you buy new mirrors, you've already got the custom looms!
  10. 16 years older than me, still no news on the health of the bike though!!!
  11. Screw the foot, it will heal! How's the bike??? I went to go get a test ride of a Royal Enfield. The little car park outside of it was all full of potholes... While turning round at about 3mph I bumped a pothole and down I went with the Thunderace on top of me right in front of the plate windows of the shop. I was just laid in the street on my back laughing. I still went in to look at the Royal Enfields, but I didn't ask for a test ride...
  12. Oh, they're definitely smooth.. I just can't identify all the little noises. I could have a big end going, and I wouldn't have a clue! lol
  13. Yeah, I'm getting used to it now. Strangely, the throttle seems to just keep turning, I've not reached the end of it yet! I suppose this is the whole 'fuel injection' thing, the Ace has carbs... I'm starting to enjoy it, but I do miss the balls out acceleration of the Ace!
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