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  1. You obviously filled up too roughly for the deteriorating plastic... lol
  2. I was about to ask if you had an inline filter... Are you 100% SURE you filled up with the right fuel?
  3. Don't know about legality, but you'd be daft not to fit a parking brake! Without it, nothing to stop it rolling away!
  4. Carbs are beyond me, but, out of curiosity, why do you think the bump is to blame?
  5. Snakebite68

    '77 dt250mx

    Yeah, you're in the wrong section...
  6. Not a clue I'm afraid, I just use what fits! lol
  7. From your 'Crude pic', even if there are helicoils on there, they don't appear to extend beyond the nut. So, I'd be more inclined to wonder if either: 1/ You're using the wrong sized socket (aftermarket / foreign plugs). or 2/ Your socket isn't long enough (aftermarket / foreign plugs). Try a different/deeper socket...
  8. Yup, that's the bonus of those types of exhaust though, you can niggle them a bit to get a better fit. Mine is a solid one, bugger all I can do about it...
  9. Most that I've had a good look at were on E-Bay and weren't in good condition, but one was New Old Stock and pristine. Still not pretty! And HEAVY!!!
  10. Sealant for in between the different parts? Or for the manifold end? If it's for the manifold end, don't bother, just get the crushable copper washers, they're original and do the job just fine with no mess... Yeah, I like the sprung together look too, and the answer to my above question will tell me how they go together lol. I've already got an aftermarket exhaust, so it won't be as much of a difference, but I've seen an Ace with original exhaust, and they're not pretty! lol Yeah, you'd think that, but always be suspicious of anything 3rd party! Particularly if you have to paste the parts together, they may need a little fertling once you get the panels on (mainly the belly pan). Well, from what you've said, I may have to bite the bullet and save the money up for one myself now...
  11. So you bought the one I linked? Is it really that good? Is there plenty of room between the headers and your fairing (the one I currently have on has melted a hole in my bottom fairing!!!)? Don't forget a new set of exhaust seals!
  12. Are you talking about the link for full pipes I posted? It's £294.99, not 400... And it will fit his existing end can, so you don't need to swap that out until you want to. However, if you're interested in a new end can too, I like the look of these: Blueflame-performance-motorcycle-exhaust-and-systems (blueflameperformance.com) I'm currently trying to hassle them into doing me a twin port, tri-oval, blued titanium one. For some reason, it seems to be one of the few variations they don't offer...
  13. Oh, you'll spend at least 1x the cost of the Ace on it! That's normal... Don't give up with the Paraffin bath idea, you've gotta dump it in there and leave it (a week or 2!). If you start cutting bits of it, or drilling, you might as well get a new one. yamaha exup ru frontpipe | eBay There's your start (assuming it's for a Thunderace), after that, you'll need the valve its self... Where about are you based?
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