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  1. From what I can see, it looks like a simple bolt/lock nut fitting. Mirror screws into the mount, nut winds down to your chosen fixing point, second nut winds down to lock it into place. Unless you have a custom mirror (and mount), it should just be a case of loosening the bolts and winding it out. There's always the possibility that a previous owner has wound it all the way down before leaning on the lock nuts, in which case brute strength and ignorance should win the day (top nut first...).
  2. Would need to know the bike...
  3. Turned the tank tap back on? I've fallen for this...
  4. Nothing new about my bike!
  5. Yeah, I had the same issue doing my speedo cable! Back in the days of doing my bicycles we'd spray down the cable outers with no problem, what's the deal with the overpressure doing it on motorbikes??? lol
  6. Well, that all sounds suspicious... However, I may not be much of a mechanic myself, but I do know a few things about sealing, and I've gotta say this... Yes, you might get lucky and find an o-ring that's an apparent perfect match, but not all o-rings are made equal! It may be a perfect size and profile, but it may not be a match chemically (for example it may not be able to take heat or vibration or whatever like the original). As much as I object to £9 for a bit of 'rubber', it's a small price to pay for something that will then last another 20 years as opposed to something that m
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love the freedom, but although I'm only 52, I'm pretty damaged (and not particularly fit anymore). Damaged back, neck, shoulder, knee, onset of arthritis, just generally creaky! Strangely, it takes more effort to get all my gear on, unlock the bike, put it to bed afterwards then leaver my gear off than it does to actually ride the damn thing! But I don't intend to give it up until I'm incapable... lol. I've always 'been' a 'biker', just most of it has been the old 'biker without a bike'! I see it as more being a mentality rather than anything else (a
  8. ROFL! If I'd seen it first, that would have been me... lol
  9. Hihi! Hmmm, I remember DTs..!
  10. Hope I'm still biking in 20 years!
  11. All my problems seem to be stupid stuff, like failing an MOT for a left grip that twists a bit on the outer end (but can't slip off because of huge bar weights) and dodgy bearings lol. The only time the Thunderace hasn't started, it was because I failed to turn the fuel tap back on!
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