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  1. Possibly more than you'd want to pay, but comes with extras and look in good condition! Ebay link And coming from the UK..!
  2. It appears that they've defined them as a restricted item. Usually reserved for things like chemicals, batteries or weapons. Why they should do this for a pair of forks is beyond me. However, there are various mechanical items and vehicles that come under these restrictions, but again, I can't imagine why a pair of forks would. The important thing is, you appear to be getting your money back. Keep looking...
  3. I ride year round, and with all the weather we've been having lately they've been drowning the roads in salt, and with the lockdown, finding a jetwash open is near impossible! So, obviously the bike is taking a bit of a hammering. It doesn't help that it has a full fairing... After several slightly crap hand washes (I'm getting on and don't have a garage, so getting on my hands and knees in the freezing wet isn't easy or good lol), I've managed to find a jetwash and gave it a good 'low' pressure wash yesterday. I spent an hour messing around with it today, cleaned the chain, hand
  4. Ok, so their appears to be only ONE option (same as the Thunderace). Original Part Number: 3GM2538119 Replacement Part Number: 3GM-25381-A0 There are 3 spacers (technically 4 (the rear brake calliper bracket is the 4th one)). Check out the pic I'm attaching, which spacer are you missing? And importantly, are the ones you DO have in the right order?
  5. If it's anything like a Thunderace, there should only be one option... I'll look into it when I get home tonight and let you know.
  6. Does it feel like it's lacking power, or does it feel like something is holding it back?
  7. Yeah, I was kinda worried about that...
  8. Aaah! The bike is the title! No wonder I couldn't see any info...
  9. That seems fair, maybe I was just looking for gadgets... lol
  10. Make? Model? Have you checked the valve seals? You might wanna introduce yourself first...
  11. It's probably the paint colour scheme code. There's several for my Thunderace (luckily, I know which one is mine! lol)
  12. I would get a full service from a different place, then take it to the original place and see what they try to screw you for..!
  13. 1/ Unless the two fork stanchions are connected by an equaliser, then yes, they should be the same. 2/ I think the error was that you took it to a cowboy for a service...
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