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  1. Any idea on location yet how about tour de Liverpool, Merv my scouse mates can’t wait to meet you you’ll get to experience that great Merseyside sense of humour, ok you’ll probably have to walk home but hey it’s that one trip of a lifetime you’ll never forget. Seriously though I think someone suggested the Lake District while we were away, that would get my thumbs up. A bit nearer for the Jimmy & Blackhat too
  2. I hope to be in I.O.M that weekend although Still not booked yet, but Drewpy will be there.
  3. Bipp you know the rules, no pics it didn’t happen well apart the fact I said it did nice vid
  4. I give an iPhone 7 away a few years ago because I didn’t want to pay for a repair. My contract was up so just got a new phone, wish I’d known then as I could have gone sim only and saved a few bob. It’s so obvious but apple will say never stick anything in there except your charger cable.
  5. Ok long story short. I was on the YOC weekend ride out but my phone died and I couldn’t get it to charge, the charger port has been faulty for a while so I’ve been using a wireless charger at home, but shit for brains here didn’t bring it with me. Anyway I was telling the guys & bipps in the pub and finners said oh yes that happens to me a lot, you need to make a small plastic hook and poke it in the port you’ll be amazed how much crap comes out. Well I never got round to it while I was away to be honest it was quite nice not have phone for the weekend. But gave it a go when I got home. Wow how much crap can fit there is amazing thanks Finnerz iPhone charges perfect again now.
  6. The right man for the job, who better than Duke Nukem to be the fire starter. Especially as me and pat were busy keeping the beer flowing
  7. What a fantastic weekend I couldn’t have dreamt it better, thanks as always to Andy for getting us there and to Merv organising it so brilliantly. Thanks for the patience of all behind me lol Bipps you are the best tail end Charlie, I doubt anyone could have done it better. Bipps you blew me away, going home, wow you can a shift on that thing, I saw my arse when it started to rain, guess I just don’t get out enough, let’s do it all again soon
  8. Brilliant weekend, Thanks everyone I’ll put more tomorrow I’m fucked, off to bed now. Back to work tomorrow booo
  9. Well done bipp never doubted you’d complete it. Not because I think it’s easy, there’s no way I could do it especially given the weather conditions. Bet you were glad it wasn’t on a speed triple this time.
  10. Weather should get better by the weekend bipp. hope to see you weekend after
  11. I’ll be riding down with Drew but haven’t made any plans yet, think it’ll be on the Friday
  12. Hi Jimmy I’m not sure what you’re thinking. You had the original and now you want to go out 3k on a copy. If I had the cash and lived in Scotland I’d be looking at adventure bikes and Triumph have made some crackers. Just my thoughts mate, it’s your money
  13. Motobatt gel battery highly recommended (no real maintenance necessary) But a new battery shouldn’t got flat in a month so you may have a charging problem. It might be something simple like a loose connection or maybe something is draining your battery like an alarm or some other accessory. I’d start with checking all connections are clean and tight and check battery with a multimeter.
  14. Cost a lot of Money money money, it’s a rich mans world ahh hahhh rrrrr
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