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  1. Tommy xs


    Have a brilliant Christmas everyone, I’m just looking for a rest from work, oh and I’ve asked Santa for a remote control to turn off a drift ghost x from anywhere behind me
  2. Jimmy you’re only saying that cos he rides a Triumph
  3. So basically Cynic you’re going to be twice the boring old fart we all know & luv yer not on your mate I’m not far behind you it’s chocolate I find the hardest
  4. With any luck Slice I’ll be at the back on 400 beleave it or not, I’ve had since 1982 & never dropped it. come close a few times though!
  5. Wouldn’t be a show without punch I’ll be there
  6. Cheer up mate at least you’re still in one peice what doesn’t kill yer makes you stronger
  7. Tommy xs


    Hi Bipp glad to see you back
  8. Tommy xs

    Help me

    I have to agree, makes a lot more sense than f#cking up the bike you have. Sorry I know its not the advice you were hoping for but that's the best advice honesty.
  9. Well guys I have my long weekend sorted, I'm off to Isle Of Man later I'm all packed ready to go. Sorry you couldn't make it this time Drewp, I'm taking my son with me, mainly so I'll have someone to drink with when all the southern softies have gone to bed. I'll have pint for you Drew, get well soon mate
  10. Yes I know jimmy, but it's so hard to explain it in text compared to video and I can't understand most of what you say anyway you do make a cracking brew though
  11. Hi Justin if you’re having difficulty in taking them apart believe me it’s a lot harder to put them back together. YouTube is your best bet there are plenty of how to clips on fork seal & oil change which will give you a much better picture than anyone here trying to explain
  12. Just bought a Scorpion exo 510 for £90 on eBay, well impressed with it well worth a look
  13. Looks great blackie, glad the weather held for you, one for the bucket list me thinks
  14. Yes I think so, I always think it’s time to replace when they start showing sings of wear but then I look for any excuse to get a nice shiny new helmet, better safe than sorry and they say the average lifespan of a helmet is around 5 years so it’s not far off really.
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