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  1. 2 Wheels


    At the moment I'm on Metzeler RoadTec Z6. 120 front 160 rear My last few tyres I have tried different types, to see what works best. Different types had added benefits but this set I have now are really good,,,, in wet and dry. I do throw my bike around a bit in fast and slow situations. They have never given me any reason to doubt them. Down the middle have no grip pattern but this is to give longer life when the bike is traveling up straight. Corners good in both wet and dry. Last year's Mot said I did 10,000 miles and these are still the same tyres I have on. They have actually ou
  2. Whasssss-up Maybe later at end of summer or skip a year ?
  3. Good on ya, you've been wanting one for a while now
  4. Nice one bippo, bet you enjoyed it all
  5. The next meet this year will be ??? The only weekend I have free is 24 + 25th of August
  6. Great vid Slice, any more,,,,,, uncut version !
  7. Have you got a good battery,,,, this bike will not do anything right without a good charged battery
  8. Yes Bip, great to meet you,,,,ment to say that in my other post. Ya did a great job being tale end Charlie,,,,,, your a good rider, I could tell from my mirror's,,,,,, so don't be scared to mix it up a bit in the middle of the group.
  9. I had a bloody great weekend, loved every minute. 100 per cent agree on a second meet every year. End of August ?? Blackhat you choose? Great ride out,,,, lots of miles, loads to see, great roads, perfect speeds (fast X slow), really like riding with you lot as we now know eachother's riding style's over the years. Your a great bunch of lads. Thanks Merve for the route and leading the way. No crashes is good as it doesn't spoil the day. I had good fun at the back, kicking up a sand storm on poor Tommy,,,, I know you were swearing at me, I can lip read,,,,, + out sneaky pint was so fu
  10. Home safe and sound at 6.40. busy now so post in a bit
  11. It will be late in the evening before I get there
  12. Bring it on,,,,, without the rain
  13. Would love to see caravan, did you build it out of timber? I've often taught of doing this or something like a wooden cabin on wheels. Needless to say it never happened as I never have time to do much for myself. BBQ, booze, music ? Hangover ?
  14. I am supposed to be working this weekend so I'll have to pull some sort of excuse. Finish at 3 on Friday so maybe leave from there. LD3 7YJ ,,,,,,, is the post code for you satnav 'ers All going well I will see yous there. Head Count : How many going ?
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