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  1. 2 Wheels

    YOC Ride 3000

    Great My old horse is currently sitting at 41412 miles. I should do 3000 no problem. I commute every day on bike at a round trip of 48 miles but I won't count these miles as part of the 3k (I'm so honest). I was gonna say 5k but 3k is more realistic for us lot,,,, apart from pliningas,,,, Hey Blackie, how you keeping,,,,,, lots of snow up your way?? I'm still in Essex/London border slaving away and working in London central. It's like having a death wish every day filtering,,,, cyclists, people and scooters are the worst, they come at you from all directions crossing roads without even looking. (anyway that's enough about that). The Landmarks and Iron Butt thing sound good. Happy Trails,,,,,,,pat
  2. 2 Wheels

    YOC Ride 3000

    Just a little challenge,,, nothing serious,,,, try to clock up 3000 miles on your bike this year. Take some pics along the way and tell the story of some of your travels. What ye think? Who's Gona start it off !👍 😎👍
  3. 2 Wheels

    YOC 2019 Meet

    Stick in a bit of gravel road and I'm in 😃
  4. 2 Wheels

    Fzs600 carb jetting and rad hoses

    Aye, it's carb warmer, goes onto little steel pipe in-between carbs 3+4 (right hand side). The jetting you will just have to play around with it untill you get it right. Start from standard jetting and go from there.
  5. 2 Wheels

    NC500 day 2 Perth to Kinlockewe

    Trip is looking good lads,,, enjoy Tommy's bike stayed up straight ?
  6. 2 Wheels

    MT09 2015 advice

    Looks v nice,,,, well ware
  7. 2 Wheels

    NC500 trip

    Have fun, you lucky barstwerts.
  8. 2 Wheels

    Pictures + Video

    How do I do it now as Photobucket doesn't work anymore for me ?? 🤔
  9. 2 Wheels

    NC500 trip

    I still remember my trip round bonnie Scotland in 2011/12, I think. Up the west coast, across the top, down the east, 3 days, lots a miles, met john and his mate big Si,,,,,,,, bloddy great it was
  10. 2 Wheels


    Just call DVLA, they will send out form's,,, fill them in and pay money and send back. You will also have to prove the bike is what it is through some other croud but I forget there name. It's all no DVLA website anyway. Best to call them though so they send right paperwork to you. Not as complicated as you may think.
  11. 2 Wheels

    XJR1300 for sale

    Brilliant 😂 She's a tough aul bike, well worth the money
  12. 2 Wheels

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Home safe and sound, Great to see you all again, loved the ride out, especially the single track. The fast twisties were good but would of been better if we stayed as a group (finners pace-maker) then I got lost, I didn't mind as it was only 20mins from the end of route. I didn't enjoy the camping - I never sleep. Roll on the next meet,,,,,,, somewhere new again, what ye think ?? Long summer of riding yet so get out there,,,,,, I may blast down to Pilninggas area just for the day sometime. Ps. I was getting brave on my Tractor Tyres on route home in the roundabout's.
  13. 2 Wheels

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Blackie, are you gonna make it ?
  14. 2 Wheels

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Same here, don't know when I'm leaving but prob be around 3, 3.30 Will definitely look out for ya though. J16 is about half way for me.
  15. 2 Wheels

    Y.O.C. 2018 meet,

    Anybody going up from the south or meet up in Coventry on Fri ? Just asking