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  1. Best wishes to all. I'm glad that some companies are slowly seeing sense and laying people off. My dad's still working, the place he works at have basically classed everyone as a key worker because they supply the odd land rover part to the NHS, police and MoD. Just an excuse to stay open basically. Anyone who self isolates has been told they'll get SSP. I've nearly ran out of jobs around the house now, so I'll be slowly going stir crazy from here on in. I have registered on the GoodSAM app though, at least I can do my bit helping some less fortunate people out.
  2. Been a load parked up at the services near me for a while. I'd still be at work if the top knobs had their way I think.
  3. I know it's a horrible thing to say but the human race in general needs thinning out a bit. You can do all you like to protect the environment but the truth is there's just too many of us. Nature will kick back eventually. I'm off work now for 3 weeks, got plenty to get on with. The Mrs is working from home
  4. For the foreseeable it is mate. How are things looking up your way?
  5. Silencer won't make really difference performance wise. Maybe a tiny difference in sound. On a 2 stroke the expansion pipe is where all the magic happens. You also get a lot of sound from them as the stock ones are double layered whereas the aftermarket ones are thin sheet. You get a nice performance boost and save some weight too. Just be aware the chrome finish on DEP pipes takes some real looking after especially if you ride in all weathers
  6. Let's get some dates sorted then! I'm happy to do 2 meets also
  7. I'd like to do kielder. Some mega roads around there I hear
  8. I think the light is fed off a relay that the switch pulls in. Could be wrong, purely going off the top of my head lol
  9. Yeah you'll need to rejet for open pipes
  10. As Bippo says it's a separate test. 90% the same questions though.
  11. Got there in the end. I imagine it's plenty loud with just the one?
  12. Sounds like a plan to me. Just remember she'll need to pass her theory before you can book a course with the tests at the end.
  13. Excellent. Family rideout soon then!
  14. I'd suggest cleaning the carbs myself, you might be delving too deep. You could also try sticking some V Power in it and giving it a good spank for a tank or so
  15. Whatever you do don't accuse me of having knowledge
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