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  1. Is the choke lever on the bars? Is it actually doing anything at the carbs?
  2. Have you done any other work to the bike? How fresh is the plug? Is the air filter clean? Is the fuel fresh? Was the power valve working before?
  3. finnerz89


    I've never tried any of the Pilot Roads before, but have only heard good things. Dunlop Roadsmart 3's are good, I've used them for everything on 2 bikes, (winter commuting to trackdays) and they last really well. I'm on Metzler m7rr's on the triple now but they're a bit more sporty. At least the sizes you've got are the most common so plenty of choice.
  4. I think hotels are opening from the 8th of July? That may just be speculation though
  5. finnerz89


    I think anything sports touring would be best. You could get something super sticky but they'd wear out fast. How were the PR3's when you first got it?
  6. Let's do it. I want to visit bamburgh castle. If we get told off we can just run for the border
  7. By that logic a donkey would be better
  8. Stick some V power in it and give it a damn good thrashing, Basil Fawlty style. It might just need a good clear out
  9. Probably. Google is your friend
  10. Anything can be made to fit if you've got the skills yourself or deep pockets. As for an off-the-shelf aftermarket item I doubt it - the only time you'd see something like that is if an engine was commonly used in racing or the original unit was known to fail often.
  11. It means you're due a service
  12. Yep mega cheap on Amazon I got one a while back to check for sticking brakes on my car. Useful for all sorts!
  13. finnerz89

    First time out!

    I've been doing volunteer delivery runs and commuting the last few weeks. Soooo nice to get out!
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