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  1. Well with that username no wonder he's a bit of a Ghost
  2. That TT looks awesome. I kinda like it how it is, bit of a brat style mad max feel to it
  3. There's no out-of-the-box solution for such things. Best to get it on a dyno and have it tuned that way
  4. Sounds like an air leak or the slide in the carb is sticking
  5. finnerz89

    New helmet.

    It's the only place he doesn't get lost
  6. finnerz89

    New helmet.

    SBS have got a few stores now mate not just oop north
  7. Not sure on Titanium. You hear some horror stories with stainless but I've never had any issues. I always use anti-seize compound or threadlock though. I think the issues arise with cheap stainless fasteners as opposed to a2 or a4 good stuff. A lot of the bolts on my new triumph are stainless into alloy so it must be alright.
  8. I don't think anyone suggested brass studs? Just brass nuts, which won't be in contact with any aluminium. And as previously stated, are a lot easier to remove due to them being soft.
  9. I use stainless (a2 as a minimum) studs with brass dome nuts now.
  10. I'll be having a test ride on the 1200 when it comes out. I've not really heard of any gearbox issues on the triples except the 1215 tiger, but that's an old model now. My speed twin is great but might feel a bit underpowered compared to the FJR when you get up towards 3 figures. The new speed triple will be a beast I'm sure.
  11. Hope so. Is it worth tentatively putting some dates forward?
  12. Checked the main fuse?
  13. I was riding through Copenhagen with the Mrs on the back, and there were these huge tabletop speed bumps all down this road. The kind that wouldn't be out of place on a bmx track. So I had the bright idea of standing up on the pegs and hitting one at ramming speed forgetting she was there. As we came down off it she slid forward onto the riders seat as I simultaneously went to sit back down on her lap. I stood straight back up and got punched in the arse for my trouble
  14. Strange one that! I wouldn't let it stop you carrying on with the build, just keep an eye on it once the bike is on the road. I had a similar thing once before after I'd stripped my clutch etc to fit a kick-start. I just filled with the amount stamped on the case, then it spat a load out of the breather once I'd ridden it so I had to drain some.
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