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  1. As Bippo says it's a separate test. 90% the same questions though.
  2. Got there in the end. I imagine it's plenty loud with just the one?
  3. Sounds like a plan to me. Just remember she'll need to pass her theory before you can book a course with the tests at the end.
  4. Excellent. Family rideout soon then!
  5. I'd suggest cleaning the carbs myself, you might be delving too deep. You could also try sticking some V Power in it and giving it a good spank for a tank or so
  6. Whatever you do don't accuse me of having knowledge
  7. Sounds like the condensation has damaged something. Try spraying some switch cleaner inside and maybe cleaning up the connections with a fibreglass pencil
  8. If you imagine a simple circuit with a battery, switch, and a light bulb. With the circuit made an ammeter will record the same current pull, before the switch, before the bulb and after. Your example is parallel circuits so the pull on one circuit won't affect the other.
  9. Current is the same anywhere in the circuit. But the voltage will be lower in the situation you're describing.
  10. He's done the blokey thing and binned it already
  11. Cynics right about the relay - thought I'd mentioned putting one in - too many beers! Yeah horns usually have a permanent live feed so you're switching the neutral. Which is generally frowned upon electrically but it seems the norm on bikes! Just remember to fit an inline fuse between the battery and your relay, stop you starting any fires if something shorts.
  12. I guess you could run a new feed into the horn button, from an existing switched feed, then connect the original horn cabling to your new ones. I'd take a feed off the supply to the rear brake switch (assuming that's 12v) or the side lights
  13. Greetings of the season! Have a good one all
  14. I'll happily start one. Just wanted to check first https://www.facebook.com/groups/691940734664947/ Group sorted.
  15. Had a look, it's a page as opposed to a group so I don't think us peasants can post anything?
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