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  1. It just means you chat the most and on a regular basis
  2. Welcome! I'm in South Derbyshire. There's a few members fairly local to you on here
  3. I thought they did come with a base map? There's ignitech as well, wouldn't be plug n play but the wiring wouldn't be hard.
  4. A programmable ignition would set it off now
  5. Sorry it was actually the 17th May I was at donington
  6. No I didn't book an evening session. Did donington in July and went to blyton Park for an exclusive triumph day in August which was awesome. Joined by Brandon Paasch from triumphs British supersport team as well
  7. Is that the trendy plaid shirt wearing version?
  8. Could you not get different bearings and a spacer for the wheel?
  9. Ok mate. Will have to try and catch you next time
  10. The best over trousers I had were richa rain warriors
  11. I'll be there all being well
  12. I've got some Rev-it 2 piece textiles. They're the laminated outer rather than a lining so the water doesn't soak into the fabric
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