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  1. Most modern cables are PTFE lined so no need to oil or grease them
  2. If the o rings you've ordered are viton they'll be fine for fuel
  3. Could be an air leak somewhere. Try spraying wd40 or some brake cleaner around all the carb/intake joints etc. You'll hear the engine note or idle speed change if any of the spray gets pulled in
  4. Not much of a looker is it?!
  5. Realistically the performance difference is probably negligible. Weight distribution probably makes the biggest difference. Getting the weight down low and near the centre of the bike is more desirable.
  6. Maybe you've kinked a fuel line when putting the tank back on?
  7. I'd go SBS for the pads, and probably EBC for the discs
  8. Obviously a completely unbiased, impartial decision there Any thoughts on opening this up to the Facebook group?
  9. If that's with the engine warm I'd say that's got too much oil in it for one. Milky oil is usually an indicator of water in it. If it's been recently serviced I would be taking it back to the garage that did the service.
  10. I think so yeah. I'll double check the route at some point and maybe tweak it a bit.
  11. I'm working till 2 so sometime in the evening I guess. Early enough for beer and food
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