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    now the rains coming, thanks for that
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    check theres no split link first, it's only a low power bike so I'd fit one myself if there isn't one fitted
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    Life on two wheels begins!
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    Yeah amazing! From the cbt 6 months ago to the full training, defo the best idea ive ever had. I love it! Gonna enjoy my little 125 sans L plates for a while, untill o can carve out the opportunity for a bigger bike
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    Mod two passed today! Hell yeah!
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    Passed mine today too, yipee
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    If you are replacing the chain you can cut off the old one with a hacksaw or bolt cutters . Make sure you get a split link for your new chain and fit it with the closed end facing the direction of travel .
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    Dropped the bike off for a service and MOT early this morning with to intention of walking into town and getting some breakfast then do a bit of shopping, while standing there in the shopping mall trying to decide which of the many food bars to use I'm patting down my pockets looking for my wallet, bollocks it wasn't there, I'd left it at home on the kitchen worktop. So instead of a nice unhealthy breakfast I had an hour's walk home in my full kit and ended up with fucking weetabix.
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    ...at least you don`t ride your bicycle with the motorcycle helmet and full gear 9 miles from home to CBT training place like me )... in august.
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    That is seriously impressive mate, not sure that I would trust MY welding to handle bars but fair play, there's some folks on here that would give their right nut to be that good.
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    He wants to try getting the carbs off my tdr or a fzr400 or a gsx 600 or a........ Fj. No bother.
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