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  1. i got a chinese kit for an Aprillia SR50 and had to dress the rough edges, but it was great and got 40 mph from the bike
  2. when i did my gilera, I had to get a dating certificate (free from piaggio) insured on the frame number (limited to 5 days) then get an MOT Send off for NOVA and then apply for registration number
  3. lucky you caught it, bit of bearing lock wouldn't go amiss then
  4. I soon closed the gap on you in corners, thought it was Vmax handling. glad it was spotted sooner rather than later
  5. i think there is a minimum posts count before you can do that.
  6. he's fine but had a few personal issues which I won't go into.
  7. was a brilliant weekend
  8. the legendary SR125. we had Andrewelvis on his doing 80 down hill, unbelievable
  9. I have a friend in Sarnia who's a biker
  10. I'm a fan of brembo disks and Carbon Lorraine pads if I had the choice
  11. enjoy the rebuild/parts finding. Stafford is back on in october
  12. drewpy

    Yamaha YDS5

    bloody hell, that's a bummer
  13. all good to go, just need to see the line manager when I can leave work on friday
  14. in deference to the covid outbreak , I wouldn't be comfortable if any more attended
  15. brand-new tracer 900gt one on an nc700
  16. if its used for short journeys, could be condensation too.
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