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  1. Just found Tommy's ride and slide photo
  2. i know it was, hence the emoticon it was shrek
  3. I think I adapted my throttle tube on the FZ to make it more quick action. I'll have a think on what I did or where I got the info from found it, i grooved the pvc to keep the cable from jumping off (it never did but I felt it needed it) https://www.kawiforums.com/threads/quick-turn-throttle-mod-with-pvc.122605/
  4. looking at this fiche, its a bearing https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/4012594/yp250-5sj2-2002-060-a/rear-arm-suspension should be able to buy from a bearing supplier if you can get the number off the bearing it self. heat up the alloy first and press out straight. oil seal will pop out using a small pry bar 93306-302YK
  5. Merry Christmas everybody. Family still Covid free (a few on front line police force too) Stay healthy 1f14a9be-1691-4cd8-9b03-ff3e87a1c5b2.MP4
  6. you take my breath away, a good group. what do you play?
  7. usually carbs and their ickle drillings try some easy start down the carbs to see if she fires up, then you have your culprit
  8. mike, you can't connect to a WhatsApp image. you would need to download it or take a screen print first
  9. bloody hell, all we need now is AndrewElvis to make an appearance
  10. I bought Bike magazine in the 70's and loved Ogri and Malc. My poster bike was the bennelli 750 6 cyl and a CZ 175 (no idea why) Had the leather jacket biker less thing going and got given a cd175 in bits when I was about 15. learned a lot on that bike and even got it running after a fashion. I never got it on the road and my only regret was it had a twin leading drum brake off a gt750, like gold dust now. Left that behind when I moved to Devon. Devon was where I got a KH125 with the engine in bits. Managed to repair it and passed my part 1 off road on it over in Bridgewa
  11. Hi Jackie, you need to be a corporate member to post businesses on here. I'll be deleting this ad, Monday Contact Alex the owner
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    Goodies coming..

    nice, Koso do some great stuff
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    XVS650 CDI

    not keen on gel batteries with older charging systems, AGM batteries seem to be better to take the voltage spikes. If it just misfiring then hopefully the CDI is ok. I would test the rectifier and stator along with a decent brand battery like yuasa
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    Safari, so goody
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    just testing the forum
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