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  1. Def a washout at weekend which was a shame. We even went early Saturday and managed to avoid any unpleasant weather. I love it there, been twice now. I also enjoyed the brecon beacons weekend as we have fab weather too.
  2. It's all changed because of Facebook etc. When this forum started I joined and there were a few from the Aircooled forum on but not much else happening. I logged on a year later and it was massive, very busy and moderating was a hard job then. Still nice to see familiar faces on here and a few new ones. When this pandemic settles down we need to try and meet up again. Although you can't say I didn't try this year because Squires was great and the roads around there were amazing (yes I took a different route other than the 2stroke one)
  3. An S8, all of 17 bhp I believe. Pretty bikes though
  4. you can do it in situ, use plenty of grease to catch the swarf and vacuum out the cyl.
  5. if you go into fowlers parts online, you can drill down and see what else the part fits. then use google/ebay to source parts to fit your bike. I'm closing this thread down as its over 5 years old
  6. enjoy the bikes, you'll learn plenty. Most parts are shared with the 400 too
  7. Ciao, a great collection there
  8. my area too, have you been to the delph?
  9. can you start a new thread as this is for new member introductions ta
  10. yep, i've done that on mine. think i changed the pilot size though. this was on a 400
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