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  1. not nowadays, unless you hit potholes or damage them in anyway, they will last for years. there are different weaves used now.
  2. great to hear, i'm getting carbon wheels on my push bike as they make a massive difference to the ride and weight carried
  3. ypvs stuff fit too and there's plenty of spares being remade. Just got to look at the part and check. I converted my shock to R6 and used YVPS wish bones to raise the height. Xj600 stuff will fit along with FZR400 the 600 was based on (not the alloy framed ones)
  4. drewpy

    New helmet.

    no, he's been quiet on facebook too
  5. drewpy

    New helmet.

    Its ok, I work in Bolton so could try them on for you
  6. I use these guys for years https://www.a2a4.com/acatalog/ENGINEERS_STUDS_A2.html
  7. I suspect it was my laptop that didn't like me putting thunderace in (had to try 3 times for the last one) yes its supposed to be like suede
  8. I guess not many posting have thunder races. as for seat material have you tried alcantara? its like a swede but manmade
  9. I've used stainless studs before. they can vibrate out being so hard but a dollop of stud locker sorts it out. I'm a fan of brass nuts though, no reaction to steel and stay on too
  10. could be anything, emulsion tubes wear in the carbs, coil leads break down on these bikes. tried new (non copy) spark plugs?
  11. drewpy


    put an add in the for sale section. might be better using auction sites if your unsure as market will value it. All depends on condition and milage/servicing how many owners etc
  12. Atherton is just outside Bolton, Dan is the man https://www.a-c-eltd.co.uk/
  13. sometimes a marketplace search on facebook reaps rewards. I know of kickstart motorcycles in Manchester (If they are still going) they did some welding for me. Atherton Creative engineering do ally welding too. I got them off facebook Not in Yorkshire though
  14. drewpy

    pissed off.

    how did you get on?
  15. you can get the dogs recut as race peeps get theirs undercut to lock the gears together under acceleration.
  16. drewpy

    pissed off.

    sh*t man, that's crap Why can't peeps be upfront rather than try and spin a yarn? Is it worth going round to see him after march 29th? face to face makes a difference to how peeps are motivated and you may get a better response
  17. A good channel to watch on youtube is Missenden flyer, he does some good reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrzeoZuii0M Hope you are OK now Slice?
  18. is there an appeals process?
  19. best to coat the bike (not the brakes) acf50 or i have scott oil 365 it'll keep corrosion away and protect electrics too. If corrosion has got under the all coating, then it needs to come off, no other way. just use peeks or if its really bad, solvo autosol
  20. I remember when I did the Gilera , i had plethora of pilot and mains jets. and just kept swapping till I hit the right combo Also the height of the mains needle makes a difference
  21. crank seals will have hardened a bit, but as its fine when warm, I would think that's fine. Could be a bit of crap in the carb pilot system for low running. was the bike stored with the carb and tank dry? was there a fuel filter fitted?
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