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  1. probably local complaints about noise or facilities are not compliant.
  2. Am I booking my place or are you doing for for everyone?
  3. try and get the friday off if I can, otherwise come later on in the evening
  4. I have a '96 TDM with '99 carbs and they fitted different needles fir each carb. I have a GPR can on the back and that pops, try opening up the pilot mix screw to 3 turns out
  5. CV carbs need a liner airflow to work properly. I used the pipes to the original filters and popped some filter over them. to do a proper job, you'll need to get o a dyno to dial in the fuelling
  6. can't help on the pressures, but if its zero, panic and stop the bike. As for a gauge, get one which has clear fluid in it or it'll explode with vibration. Just keep an eye on the Gauge and you'll soon get the pressures and know if it drops (all weather dependant too) My oil was like water in Andorra (45'C) and the oil light came on on tickover.
  7. there a giant hog roast there as well as the caff
  8. Just a heads up that on BH thursday, There is a wray bike night, I recon its going to be rammed with bikes if the weather is good. I'm going to leave aroung 12 noon from Manchester and over to yorkshire and Stumps cross cavern then back through Hawes, devils bridge and then Bentham to Wray.
  9. drewpy

    xs 750

    west country windings may be able to help
  10. technically Dampers, but I know what you mean https://www.hagon-shocks.co.uk/
  11. for carb gaskets try NRP in manchester, I also use the ethanol resistant gaskets from https://litetek.co/Carb_Kit_Yamaha_FZR600.html for photos get a link via photobucket or a free service
  12. CDI's were only fitted to 70's bike as it means capacitive discharge Ignition. as fitted to the early kawasaki KH range. TCI is transistor. Your point is still relevant as ignitions will be built to expect certain ohm readings from coils. there is a third ignition which is Digital controlled ignition. maybe that was what you were referring too?
  13. this forum doesn't do verifications. I assume you wan to register it? Do a search on the forum for Paul dawkins
  14. i got my TDM setup by Kais suspension. they did an amazing job and the bike feels so planted
  15. drewpy


    1U5 is ok, there's loads of different versions. 3N6 is the later type with minor modifications eg gear selector changes easy to check online fiche with fowlers parts online
  16. I'll check work as we have functions on.
  17. great to get out Jimmy. Stafford show 23rd/24th April
  18. great times Jimmy. that was a great tour
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