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  1. they are a pain to do, and there's not much room to get the cover off either. then there's taking the cams out just to change the shims and retiming the cams etc. luckily its every 20k or so i believe.
  2. can't beat a Tdm, love mine. i'm also member of carpe tdm site
  3. usually push in first to take the pressure off the locking spring then squeeze. come and say hello in the new members section
  4. Happy Crimbo Y'All lets see what omnicrom does in the new year
  5. very nice, sounds like a good ride out. I'm hopefully doing a santa run this saturday and maybe some sunny cold forays out. I've just ordered a heated gillet to go with my heated socks so i should be toasty till the batteries die
  6. Goff was doing prosthetics wasn't she?
  7. we also have a scouting memorial there too. not visited yet but intend to
  8. Andrew elvis is still around. Kev got married (didn't know he wasn't) Tommy still OK but not heard from him in a while. see the rest on FB
  9. I use a large syringe, I can back bleed too
  10. drewpy

    Mk1 bits

    might try here https://www.rdlccrazy.co.uk/html/for sale link page.html have you tried Fowlers too?
  11. i can choose to attach a file even a picture, and there it is
  12. wow, life changing times indeed. back
  13. its this bloody ethanol. my reserve pipe decided to part company with the tank one evening and dumped all the fuel over the garage and bike. I've fitted litek ethanol resistant gaskets to my carbs and tap on my TDM https://www.litetek.co/Carb_Kit_Yamaha_Seca_II_NonUS.html
  14. I can contact Alex, but from my end it was working so hard to tell him what was wrong. I'm on facebook so peeps can message me from the YOC page there.
  15. Def a washout at weekend which was a shame. We even went early Saturday and managed to avoid any unpleasant weather. I love it there, been twice now. I also enjoyed the brecon beacons weekend as we have fab weather too.
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