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  1. very nice, for some strange reason I prefer the BSA version though
  2. and Steve and Dave from Bristol (staying in B&B) coming up Saturday Morning
  3. didn't know they had a heat shield? don't think the UK had them
  4. We’ll make a day of it, lake Bala down the coast if the weather is good.
  5. Steve from Bristol is coming down Saturday morning. what time will the ride out start? aim for 10?
  6. Sounds like the ref/rec to test check out YouTube
  7. These guys make their own https://www.electrexworld.co.uk/
  8. this is for welcomes, not parts
  9. Hap pened to me at Jurby stuck me in racing class on the humble fz600 with 60 rw bhp still enjoyed myself but wasn’t binning it just to keep up with them
  10. Like I said I’m only 10 mile away so if I have time, happy to help
  11. Welcome to the yoc just a hello here would be suffice. Can post engine issues under garage or classics and we’ll answer there. trying to keep the forum in some sort of order for future searches
  12. No worries mate, glad you got it sorted
  13. He’s not responded, I tried
  14. I do like the xs650 not sure on prices now. have you thought about w800 ? i know it’s a kwacker
  15. If you’re at home tomorrow afternoon I could nip over and have a look pm me your address and phone number
  16. What’s the bike?
  17. I usually get stainless steel pistons when I rebuild my calipers. works out cheaper than OEM
  18. I thought it was the same, but a better system.
  19. I agree with Tommy, motobatt are great and priced really well. I tend to get mine from yambits, as they are the same on ebay. save more money by getting other bits at the same time to save on postage
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