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  1. I'm camping with scouts that weekend :(
  2. back Sacha, great you are still around
  3. its on the waterjacket, but I recon it can be repaired. looks like it's been frozen with no antifreeze in
  4. nice ride out. I got a pair of Altberg boots, they are amazing. Waterproof and Altberg can repair them too. As used by the police so comfy as fook. Got mine 2nd hand for £50 and they were like new https://www.altberg.co.uk/boots/all-year-round10/clubman-roadster-original
  5. drewpy

    I don t know..

    I'd go for the MT-03, more road biased and that seat on the XT, ouch
  6. drewpy

    Membership number

    there's no membership number bob, its mainly a forum club.
  7. Tommy and I also went to Whitby, camped at Squires. visited all the sights and pickering to see the auction house. Some nice very roads near there btw if you venture out
  8. i take a piece of carpet, easy enough to stow away as its only around 6" wide and long enough to protect the side panels
  9. 'bout 5 hours for me or 3 and a bit on the motorway. tempted but a little too far for an overnighter
  10. I'd start from scratch. make sure the valves are def on compression ie both loose on the cylinder and the timing mark is there. the LF (left fire should have the points opening, you may need to rotate the backing plate to achieve this, if not, then you are 180' out.
  11. drewpy

    idle at 5000rpm

    or cable sticking. if idle hangs, def too weak, if bogs too rich
  12. there's never been a delete option
  13. my son loved going on the back of my bike. Just not interested now though
  14. well i did do wales again but no-one turned up. did yorkshire last year with tommy
  15. need to use photo bucket or such like and link into your text box. It explains it better in help section
  16. i still in contact with a few. foamy found love and never heard from him since
  17. http://www.biker.net/triple_models2_index.html
  18. use an on line parts supplier like Fowlers and they list other bikes the parts fit. I Doubt there will be a modified part list of random parts to fit any type of bike.
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