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  1. Still cant buy the memership tho. Is there another way to do it? Manually via admin for example and i pay with paypal?
  2. Test 3! Completely unrelated to this problem.... I've ended up with two accounts when tapatalk died. One synced with facebook on my phone and signed in differently on my laptop! all very boring for everyone else but hey ho. Thanks, now to try and buy membership again
  3. Hello Im trying to buy a £10 membership but the page always tells me there is a problem processing the payment and to choose another option. I might just be being thick - but I cant find anywhere on the site where I have chosen a payment method, or entered my card details or chosen paypal for example.... after I click on proceed to checkout I am asked for my billing details and I am able to fill in my address - but nothing further, like card details or anything else... any ideas? thanks in advance
  4. ojmiddleton

    Tapatalk app

    No problem thanks for your reply. Glad its not just me! thanks
  5. Hey guys Im currently riding an SR125. Great bike but really feeling the need for something bigger and two opportunities have just landed in my lap I have two mates selling a bike each. One is a virago 535 for £800 in good condition The other is a 1990 Honda CBR1000 Streetfighter custom build in great condition for the same price (tho i havent seen it yet, seeing it on wednesday) This friend has been building bikes for decades and his work is great I have been riding since October last year and passed my full test in april of this year. I have been looking at cruisers for a long time and the virago seemed like a logical next step enjine size wise but to be honest i dont think they look very asthetically pleasing. I have been seeing some streetfighter style bikes out on the road and think they look ace. In this situation I am drawn to the Honda because ive never really liked the viragos. I know this is a Yamaha forum but im hoping for some inpartial advice here :-) Id be keen to hear some thoughts from some more experienced guys than myself Am i gonna kill myself on a 1000?! No reason to think i would, I feel very comfortable on bikes but its just a giant leap engine size wise, after all i only did 3 days training on a 650 for my test. If i did buy the Honda i would go back to my riding school for a days training on my new bike too Is a custom build a bad idea? Is a 1990 cbr1000 gonna still be rocksolid? My SR125 is an '89 and ive had no problems what so ever so no reason to doubt the age. What thoughts spring to your mind? Thankyou
  6. ojmiddleton


    Good feeling init!
  7. ojmiddleton


    Life on two wheels begins!
  8. ojmiddleton


    Yeah amazing! From the cbt 6 months ago to the full training, defo the best idea ive ever had. I love it! Gonna enjoy my little 125 sans L plates for a while, untill o can carve out the opportunity for a bigger bike
  9. Hey, yeah 6 in total Couple of observations, turned into a major road while a pesestrian was in it, and once a couple of pedestrians were crossing, and i was a bit pushy, ie if they had changed their mind a turned round in the road, id have been in their way 3 for steering i think, took a couple of turns into minor roads a bit wide One for signal correction - forgot to cancel a left signal but remembered before any other road users were affected Im really pleased, i thought my instruction from the guys at Colchester Kawasaki was excellent. Really clear and direct and easy to absorb.
  10. Mod two passed today! Hell yeah!
  11. ojmiddleton


    Passed mine today too, yipee
  12. ojmiddleton


    Well done mate!
  13. ojmiddleton


    Great stuff!! Any minors? Would you tell me what they were? Might help me look out for em in my test soon :-) Well dont mate, and nice ride!
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