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  1. hi guys, I take a short break of 2-3 years... maybe? one day I find hard to log in with my account with so many checks on login, need to change password several time so I just give up. just come back to see if you guys are still around and fine :) for who don`t remember me or don`t know me, my name is alex, age 43, I live in leeds, i`m from romania, I still ride my 2008 xv1900 stratoliner and the blue fury, 1992 fj1200. did you get your full licence elvis? :))
  2. have fun guys, i`l fallow you down there on thusday
  3. not us in EU... and release date will be in september... anyway, a goldwing with better engine, clutch, transmision, brakes :)))))))
  4. my first insurance when I was on CBT, was with ebike. but my age was 35... they was the most cheap, around 500. you can also try www.gocompare.com and see what they find for her
  5. I own for few years some summer undersuits crivit and another brand, I buy them from LIDL and other one from aldi, I fugure ouit they can`t be very good one of the being they are cheap( £12 tousers and £12 the top part) I wear them in romania where was very hot and they do a very good job but at 40-41 C degree still have problem even with those. so, this year i`m going back in romania and I decide to give a go to this, not a cheap thing, coming from alpinestar, £124. I had the chance to test them when was 31C degree here in leeds, both of them, crivit and alpinestar in the same temperature so I can corectlly judge the products. all I can say is: WOW, what a f waste of money!!! there is no difference at how both suits act... same riding experience, same feeling on the skin. nothing. the only difference is the price, £124 vs £24 so, guys, if you are not a really big fan of alpinestar don`t waste your money on them. cheap things from LIDL and ALDI are doing exactlly the same thing, no diference at all.
  6. for mine, I was going for menphis shade fast remove windshield with same lowers on the forks. I buy them from www.westendmotorsport.com and no, won`t fit, you will have to relocate the spots. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1206256222731575&set=pb.100000416266188.-2207520000.1499164307.&type=3&theater
  7. 2 august will go europe again, if I come back before 1 september and the bike still running,, see you all there
  8. lallasro

    First repairs

    a dealer will take you between 30-90 pounds/h labour... so, get what you need, do it yourself, is an easy job.
  9. guy e, you will always feel underpowered and you will want more and more, trust me :))
  10. after cbt, I jump on xvs 950a, a 290 kg bike. I feel ok on it, I love it, no matter how big is the bike, if you take it easy, you will be ok.
  11. what priming mean? is the sound that come from fuel pump when she pump fuel when you put the contact? if yes, may be the relay, a bad contact on fuel fuse or wires. check the contacts for fuel system first then if you can, try another fuel relay. anyway, sound like an electrical problem, don`t think is the pump.
  12. I remember when I use to do 10-12k miles with a pair of tyres. now, i`m lucky if I do 5500 during the winter and 5000 in the good weather.
  13. in 2 weeks you will be PRO, you need just some practice.
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