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    So also thinking of getting my hands on some luggage for my bike, had Givi top box on my xjr1300sp thinking of the same for my bike and wondered what others are using really. i likes the top box as my daughters used to lean against it on rides out Ta
  2. Evening Getting a new chain and sprocket this week so just wanted to know if there’s any specifics in regards to what size sprockets to go for or shall I just go for a standard setting if I did change amount of teeth of either sprockets is there any benefits or downsides
  3. Morillo

    Choke cable

    Yeah it’s fitting the buggers I’d struggle with Left handed chimp springs to mind with my DIY skills
  4. Afternoon all new owner weekend just gone by, got myself a YZF600 2003 Had plenty of bikes over the years then had a spell away for about 5 yrs then got back into it this weekend with the 600. Last bike was a XJR1300sp so wanted to stay with the yamahas again really. New (to me) bike needs a good wash n wax hopefully this weekend but firstly it’s going into the shop for a new chain a sprocket and also to have the choke looked at / repaired. It doesn’t make any difference to the idol tick over no matter where the choke lever is so I guess it’s a snapped cable hopefully that’s all it is Im from Warrington cheshire by the way
  5. Morillo

    Choke cable

    Afternoon all long time bike owner but a new FZR600 owner picked the bike up yesterday and I think that the choke cable has snapped, makes no difference to the idle tick over if the choke lever is in any position. is this an easy fix or ?? thanks for any help and info profile will be updated and pic included when I get to work out how to do it
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