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  1. mike1949

    Fuel Tank Leak

    Believe it or not, about ten years ago I had a fuel leak from the bottom of the tank whilst at work. Blu Tac got me home til I sorted the problem out. Mike.
  2. mike1949

    Pig in a POKE

    Well, Hi Will Smith. Your Intro is like an eye in the poke with a stick burnt. As intro's go, Useless! Mike.
  3. mike1949

    Sign in woes Again,

    Yeah, seems to be sorted out now.
  4. mike1949

    FJ1200 running problem

    Only clutching at straws, but could it be to do with this? The bike is factory engine wise other than a free flow exhaust. Mike.
  5. mike1949

    JARVISH: The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet Ever Made

    Not sure, too complicated!
  6. mike1949

    Licence categories

    You're not joking Oldfjman. Mike
  7. mike1949

    Licence categories

    To complicated!!
  8. mike1949

    Licence categories

    Blimey. When I left school in 1964 a learner could ride up to a 250cc (350cc with a sidecar) with L plates. When I started on bikes in 1989 it was up to 125cc on a "Grandfathers" licence that you could ride for ever and a day. BUT. the law changed in 1995 so I had to take a CBT then take my bike test. No Mod 1 or 2 in those days. To qualify for my emergency stop the examiner literally jumped out in front of you.
  9. mike1949

    ~~Daily Feed, post what made you laugh today ~~

    I think the parsnip's behind this.
  10. mike1949

    Site back up

    Well done Alex, what would we do without you? I'm sure I speak on behalf of everybody else. "We all love you and keep up the good work"
  11. mike1949

    Been a rum year again so far

    Brill NSD, Brill. ☺️
  12. mike1949

    New rider

    Well spotted there Drewpy, I missed the small n on the end. At least somebody's on the ball. UJM?
  13. mike1949

    New rider, newbie question..

    As Bippo said. Definitely a neck warmer!!!! Before I started wearing one in the Eighties I was riding home from work and a bee stung me in the throat and left his poison sac in my throat. Luckily I was in the Red Cross at the time so I knew what to do.I got home and with a pair of tweezers extracted the sac without pushing the poison into my throat. So since then I've always worn a neck warmer. Mike.
  14. mike1949

    New rider

    Totally concur Jimmy. As you said "Take your time getting used to it" Especially at roundabouts. You need to be extra vigilant because for some reason car drivers for some reason do not see bikers.
  15. mike1949

    New rider

    Brill Alex, and welcome to the forum. You've done well by introducing yourself first. I used to have a XJ600 division which I presume is a precursor to yours. Mike.