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  1. clarke


    https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-log-book?step-by-step-nav=58fad183-27f5-4dd9-b51e-696c992373d7 You need to follow the link above to go through the the DVLA's guidance on getting a new one.
  2. Metriccruisers.co.uk or CustomCruisers.co.uk may be able to sort you out
  3. Late reply, but you'd be best to speak to a tyre fitter... whilst it might fit you'll be changing the profile of the tyre which may impact handling/braking etc. You also need to be mindful of the insurance implications of fitting a non-standard tyre size to the bike.
  4. clarke

    Biker down course

    Ah, I didn't mean LHS of my lane, but rather it was suggested I could ride on the other side or the road, where appropriate, to give me an observational advantage or help me go straight/progress, rather than staying in my lane. Completely agree about riding being the best way to improve your skills
  5. clarke

    Biker down course

    I did a Bikesafe course a couple of years ago, was a great day. An hour or so based in the classroom, followed by an observed ride out and decent feedback. I was told I'm a safe/cautious rider, but could improve my riding and observations by not staying to the left hand side of the road as much (as appropriate). I keep meaning to do IAM or similar when I find time.
  6. If the rest of the bike is in excellent condition then I'd dispute any environmental factors and supply appropriate pictures of other parts of the bike to show that it is a manufacturing defect rather than any storage issues. I had some webbing on the front forks of my XVS/V-Star 1300 but the dealer took photos of the rest of the bike and close-ups of the chrome etc which was perfect so Yamaha replaced the forks under warranty.
  7. clarke


    I really need to get out more this year. My bike hasn't moved over Christmas, and most of my riding this year was up and down the motorways for work I'm going to see if I can sneak out on Saturday...
  8. clarke


    Hope all had a great Christmas & may 2019 give plenty of great riding weather
  9. Great read. Pleased the bikes performed flawlessly and you had a great time. Makes me want to head to Ireland...
  10. Yamaha UK seem to show that colour as a 2018 model only (not on the 2016 & they don't list 2017 to compare)
  11. If it was me, I'd end up replacing the lot only to find it was none of the above, and eventually be just a loose connection somewhere in the loom ? Fortunately you don't have my luck, so am sure you'll be sorted soon ?
  12. It is good. He looks absolutely knackered & his mate is really sympathetic to him struggling
  13. clarke


    As above the TPS tells the ECU the throttle position. The ECU uses this info to change fuelling etc. Here's two videos of the TPS on my V-Strom. In the first the TPS was slightly out, the bar next to the C00 was in this _ position at idle whereas it should have been in this position - These positions are linked to rev range and your workshop manual will tell you these. The second video shows the TPS adjusted to the correct position. The sensor is very sensitive and only requires the slightest touch to change it. (On the Strom the TPS is held with a Torx security bolt).
  14. I'm sorry I missed this again... been meaning to make it for years but something always seems to come up. If you do come back to Squires I'll happily guide you around some different routes in the area. Of course I'm likely to be on the Suzuki V-Strom but don't hold that against me... (Will try harder to make next year's even if elsewhere)
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