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    Just got confirmation; Tyco BMW British Super bike team invite 3rd/1st Scouts to BSB Oulton Park Cheshire May 1st 2016 , come and meet the riders visit the Pit lane with exclusive access to the Team garage to watch the superbikes being prepared. Then watch the riders as thet zoom around the track, getting ready for the big race, plus visit all the other stalls and activities going on . get in there
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    Nope! The whining will keep changing in cause, frequency, volume and duration for years, 3 human females (for 3 weeks out of 4 anyway) in my house.
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    I found Milk has very good lubricating qualities to stop the whine
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    Hi Guys This a fairly long 31min video of our ride out on Sunday which shows nice route thru CT from Blouberg over to Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak and Noordhoek. Weather not so good, but was at least cool. Some RD350`s..GT750`s and Aprilias..among others. Camera bike is an RDLC. Pity the RD500`s didn't come with this time. Hope you enjoy.
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    Heres a quick history of the bikes I've owned (as you can see its a Yamaha fest with a few rogue ones thrown in). Apart from when I was 16 / 17 there has always been a Yamaha in the garage Suzuki TS50ER Suzuki TS125X Kawasaki AR125 Yamaha RD350LC Yamaha FZR250RR Yamaha FZ600 Honda CBR400R Yamaha FZR600 Ducati M600 Yamaha R1 (2000) Yamaha R1 (2002) Suzuki GSXR600 (2003) Yamaha R1 (2004) x 2 Yamaha R1 (2007) Yamaha R1 (2009) Human Female (2014) - Current Suzuki SV650 (2005) - Current Suzuki SV650 (2006) - Current Yamaha TR1 (1983) - Current Yamaha SRX600 (1985) - Current
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    Just a quick update on the FJR, through the winter it's had a bit of a spruce up, new set of exhausts new set of S/S brake lines front and rear new S/S clutch line, rebuilt the front and rear brake calipers (new seals) plus brake pads, I bought a Rear wheel hugger for it as well, didn't need it but I thought it looked the dogs. Did a full service as well, Christ the price of filters is daft on these things, fitted a front headlight protector to it as well, I thought that it might save me £600 if it protects it from a friendly rock, bought a new Chinese radiator for it from good old ebay (£150) really quite astonished how good it is compared to the original OE part which costs a staggering £600 as well plus a few other bits and bob's like fender extenders and S/S radiator protector, also fitted a new (old stock) rear MONO shock to it, again from ebay for a third of the price of a new one, taken from a French police bike which they uprate on arrival from Japan. So most of it done now just need to replace the fork seals and head stock bearings, next winter will see that sorted cos it's time to get my leg over the seat and see what's out there. A few photos to show off the shiny bit's Hope your all ready for the spring and summer madness.
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    We did try to knock them out first. Should of put them straight into the press really. The old bearings hadnt been serviced oiled or maintained in over a year aswell as the bike has been sitting dirty. Sent from my HTC One mini 2 using Tapatalk
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    I love the can, fantastic job
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    The 'plastic' ABS ones will be OEM
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    that was worth the wait, very nice
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    Lovely set of machines Jack, I imagine the "Human female" has an annoying whine tho, both my boy's had it as well, fixed it with a large helping of fuel.
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    You were lucky, I have a friend with the ugliest scar on his leg from a chain failing, it can cause total disaster and I don't mean cracking an engine case. It can lock the wheel and throw you down the road, that could quite easily be fatal. Aside from injuries like Pauls. (not airhead). You MUST keep a check on your chain, I change mine early, long before it reaches the limits of the chain adjusters. If I can lift it more than half a tooth or there is a stiff link or 2 that take more than a passing squirt of pj1 I bin it. I have seen the consequences. I know of people that remove links when they run out of adjustment and wait till the sprockets are so worn the chain can jump teeth. Its not worth it, learn chain care now, (esp after your first hand scare, teaches more than any book/forum) on the puddle jumper and you will be set for the bigger bikes.
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    Some lovely bikes, and I bet it smelled lovely too
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    In case you don't know about Nancy, click to watch the video where the restoration starts with the big strip down: Nancy gets dissassembled...
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    crap CGI but at least the subject matter is cool
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