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  1. Jack R1

    Yamaha Niken

  2. I'd love to still follow this but currently it's sat in my workshop with a blanket over it. Been a hectic year with racing season on us. I'm need to get the rear subframe made then it should be full steam ahead
  3. Well, what a cracking weekend that was. Seeing and listening to all the stuff going on behind the scenes was something else, professionalism taken to a new (maybe too much at times) level. Thursday night started by walking around the paddock with a cold beer and then into pitlane to see the MotoGP bikes started and ran through the gears Friday work started at Pit Lane exit for Free Practice Saturday more of the same and then qualifying (did you know that during MotoGP quali and races you cannot walk across pitlane anywhere without a helmet on ?) Sunday pit lane exit for warmups followed by grid boards (I was on Row 2) and yellow flags for the start of the races. I then had a brisk walk to the end of pitlane exit, which is quite a way around Copse to do the blue flag. Seeing as at that level no one comes in and back out I managed to watch all the races with a grandstand seat . The weekend ended standing under the podium All in all, a superb one
  4. Started on the button after two days in the van. Ticks over lovely off the choke. Little bit of corrosion here and there that will get tidied up. Brakes need pulling apart and cleaning and I'm not sure if the chain will need replacing but I'll remove and soak in some oil overnight Apart from that I think its all good. More than happy
  5. Having not had a road bike for a couple of years my NCB was close to lapsing (25 years +). I decided to ask around some friends of they new of anything. I found this 2001 Fazer 600 wthat has been stood still or 2 years. The owner put a new battery on it and it fired up almost straight away. Now a general clean up and service and we are good to go for £500. Even got spare plastics for it Yamhas are back in the majority of 3 to 2
  6. Jack R1

    Fazer 600

    So, it looks like I'm going to be the owner of a 2001 Fazer 600. Anything to look out for / keep an eye on ?
  7. Don't you hate it when the simplest things give you unplanned work Looking really nice
  8. End can acquired from a Triumph Thruxton
  9. I'm pleased with it generally but still loads to do Remake the rear subframe to allow the lightweight (but large) battery Make the tail unit undertray (not looking forward to that as it will need rolling and bending) Full wiring loom Full exhaust system then the little jobs that takes ages start !!!
  10. It's been way too long since I've done anything to this. The bikes has been in bits scattered between my work and home garage. I've got the bit between my teeth again so have got the thing back together again I've sourced a nice rear brake disc for the SV rear wheel Ive even tidied my workshop up to make it a bit more inviting
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I have been crazy busy at work and not touched this (other than stripping it down to bare bones for the umpteenth time. Will be picking it up and running with it again very soon
  12. Speak to ignitech. They'll be able to make up a direct replacement for around £150 http://ignitech.cz/en
  13. The sparker TCIP4 inductive programmable ignition along with has turned up from The Czech Republic Nearly ready to set about making the new loom up
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