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  1. I had one of those. They were not common in 1987, quick for a 50, best of luck now.
  2. If you are fitting the 150 I think you would be making a mistake not taking the engine right down. Then when built back up you know it will handle the extra. If you have stripped the top end down. Splitting the cases is really not much more. At the moment you could be fitting a lot of expensive parts to, maybe a bad crank bearing?
  3. Got the bug for mile munching then Andy?
  4. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Lol. You think there isn't a buzz. Ever ridden one. They should be illegal.
  5. Cynic

    Time has come...

    I let it be known to the tdr forum and within 24 hrs there is a list of people wanting to see it. Hand on heart. Wales actually sealed the deal. It was bloody hard work keeping it on the boil. My ankle and knee were killing me by the time I got home. Also I have always said. Leaving a bike to die a slow death as an investment is not me. I had it, enjoyed it and now it's time to change and let somebody else loose with it. Like your 750 John.
  6. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Well. not quite its a 96 lol. Need to put pics up. It's de chromed apart from the tailpipes with flat black bodywork. Done nice and looks meaner than telling the wife her sister is a better shag.
  7. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Yep, blue spots and wavey disks up front so it stops. De chromed (ace) and yes full power 1500 mile motor in it. Pics when I pick it up.
  8. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Pulled the trigger on a vmax this evening. Practically stole the damn thing. She is lightly modded to exactly how I would tweak a max. Motorcycle bucket list complete. So if anybody wants a tdr......
  9. Like this. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1981+Yamaha+DT+175+MX&FORM=IDINTS
  10. Chinese fuel pump that doesn't work on the battery. Bin it before you ruin something really expensive.
  11. Need more than that. Ct1 covers most things. You need to put the whole number except the last 3 digits. Ct1 is just a model code. The first 3 or 4 numbers give you more info.
  12. Not sure what to say. That pump has in essence been fitted to everything 2Stroke made by yamaha. The priming wheel disappeared over time and different bikes have different gear ratio's and pump stroke but the unit is the same. I have never come across any hang ups apart from gearing issues. Sorry.
  13. That's how they sit on the stand, more lean is better than less. As to the steering lock its security value is zero. If you really really must have the key try your Yamaha dealer. As long as you have the key number and the v5 to prove its yours (and provide the vin) they should be able to get you a key.
  14. Slice, try it. I spent 20 minutes going through the usual villans for an xvs carb. It only fits the 125 and a 25hp yamaha outboard and they just ain't for sale, service parts are easy, the body isn't. I assume this kind of issue is pretty much non existent and the carbs never give real trouble so they get chucked with the carcass as worthless when a bike is wrecked. That's why I went with repair.
  15. Your not telling much, you should really kick of with a bit of an into. General where you are what your into, bike history and such. What do you have, yzfr125 don't mean much. 2 months old, 6 years old, 2000mls, 30000 mls. Loved like your life is empty without it or used as a commuter hack. We cannot see the bike, the only knowledge we have of the bike is what you tell us. Miss fires, has it ever not started, using oil.....? From what you have said it could have just run out of fuel.
  16. That might be fixable with some of the modern adhesives out now, long ago I used something called Belzona (I think) it was a 2 part metallic resin compound you could use to fill/repair ally with. Used it to fix a crankcase on my old GP100.
  17. You basically say you have some problems and have done stuff. When you tested the charging voltage, what were the numbers? £k revs, 6k revs lights on or off. What did you do to check the draw, in line meter? There is normally something leaking current, nothing is perfect on a 60k bike. Ultimately your first suspect will ALWAYS be the rec unit on a 600 yam.
  18. Wont help, the ally of the engine absorbs the heat. unless you really heat it with mixed gas or some such. You should try a proper penetrating oil, even diesel is better than wd40. I have had some luck in the past with the torque setting on my drill in the past, setting it to the max torque and letting the drill rattle like its fully tightened it but not. Bit like a rattle gun, even better if you can borrow or steal one of those. (I have the socket adapters so I can use sockets on my drill). The vibrations and the twisting action seem to work sometimes.
  19. Go back to the carbs, if 'start ya bastard' gets it going you got/there is something wrong in the choke/idle circuit.
  20. Sounds like you need to keep a decent distance behind you too.
  21. Same with all security you cannot ever completely prevent something being stolen, you just make it harder to steal than somebody elses. Sad world we live in. The scumbags view of 'its insured'. I hate it but we only have one world.
  22. Cynic


    TPMS is just another thing to go wrong, in Wales I had my temp shoot up. What went through my mind, water pump? Seal? Shaft? Hose? . ? The sender broke.. My Dad was a mechanic all his working life and called shit like this 'panic gauges'. Yes 1% people might get a benefit, chances are many more will be cursing weird tyre problems that aren't there.
  23. Sometimes on todays really complex motorcycles you have moments like this where the fuel temperature sender says the fuel has suddenly dropped 20 degrees but the bike is hot and the brain has a bit of a 'huh?' When you pushed it away and then started it things had most likely come back 'within normal operating limits'. Or it compensated somehow.
  24. No guarantees as its a mongrel, you will need to connect and see what happens with the tail light, I would expect the yellow to be the brake light personally, on my dt the tail light feed is blue with the earth being black. As for the indicators brown is right, green is left. Pretty much all yams have it that way.
  25. That sounds to me like you seized it from oil starvation. The ticking is most likely the remnants of the rings, could also be dry valve gear. I would not hold much hope for anything above gearbox level being any good. The valve gear floats on an oil film so the cam dies first taking the head with them. (likely the noise) the piston and rings will be toasted as that will have been the seizure when the piston heats up and swells in the bore stopping it (lunching the rings normally). When it cools down it will generally restart but wounded and limping. Not good, important point is.. ANY good bike mech with the parts to hand can re do that top end in a couple of hours tops. Any good mech will not talk about carbs and timing either with this that's just pub mechanics. Simple fact, an engine without oil, will die.
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