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  1. Im supposed to be a key worker...….. Officially from HM government direct. But no different to a normal day except, most places are shut so im spending half my day driving to places empty then driving back because they are closed. Our useless office staff (most 'working' from home) are not ringing ahead. No unit allocation so every day im in a different truck. As best I can figure (driving to nowhere worthwhile and back) the 10 day maturing period of the virus would see all of the current drivers infected from one without seeing symptom's so that's the families too. Most of us are around 50 or over so that's at least a few in a pine box. Everybody keeps rattling on we are key workers so keep going, if you saw the crap I have carried and the reactions of people when I arrive (at the few that are open) its not essential. 2000 coffee machines that were put straight onto a stand trailer as 'We aint touching them any time soon.' For example? The final insult, the boss boss is 'working from home during the crisis'. He is also managing through his busy schedule to post a 60 mile a day average on Strava apparently. Safe to say I feel very expendable and exploited right now not the slightest fucking bit essential.
  2. Don't forget the oil light comes on with the neutral light as a way of showing the bulb works properly.
  3. Cynic


    Took you a month to hate it, only ever rode a 250 twin round the block that was enough. I had been drawn to the dark side though, had the use of a full power RDZ 125, even now it should be a bucket list item if you have never tried one. 25 odd horsepower in a sporty(ish) chassis with stonking brakes weighing about the same as a bag of chips. How I survived being 17 I will never know. (don't tell my mum that).
  4. Yep, Cynic, realist, pragmatic. Some of my finer points.
  5. Cynic


    Meh, not so sure, they were lacking a little in hp but they could match the smoker for brakes and cornering. Certainly more forgiving in the wrong gear. Probably the best of the XS twins if you ask me, the 650 and 750 just shook your teeth out and really didn't have much more real world go.(the 1100 don't count).
  6. Why? its true there are too many of us. We keep fixing the things nature controlled our numbers with. Dysentery, TB, polio, the flu, we have corralled most of it to the point of irrelevance to the greater population. To not think something else would be coming along is very short sighted. The planet, our very species exists because of genetic/biological switch ups. Sometimes the dice don't go our way. Black death, Spanish flu etc.
  7. My missus is working harder than ever. The flour mill she works at has increased its grain intake by 250 tonnes A DAY. I'm still trucking. Not a great deal out there to truck at the moment though. Aside from food. Lot of trucks parked already.
  8. Suppose it will have to. I find it embarrassing, China, Italy and spain are dealing with more death and infection. Have they had people mugged for bog roll, have the shelves been stripped. No. Im afraid im ashamed to live in this country at this moment.
  9. Counter shaft? Do you mean output shaft? I would count off the teeth on the sprockets you have. Often as not people up gear off road type bikes thinking they will get some more road speed. There are also limits to what that little 250 is good for. its not a massive leap from the 125, maybe 8hp. You may have to settle for what you have on the 'big' hills.
  10. You don't say what country your in. DT175 here (uk) means up to 1981ish If your in India, Australia etc then it means upto around 2002 (I think) The uk bikes are in stock form all but flat out at 55-60mph. You wont keep it up for long distances as the tank will dry up in 40 or 50 miles at those speeds. I understand the later versions in Australia etc got some further refinements and have better performance, 55 mph may be quite achievable as a cruising speed on those.
  11. 7 months, bad fuel. you need to drain out the fuel in the bike and switch it for some fresh.
  12. I know shocker, I have done every single one too. Does that make me sad or committed, need to be committed, don't know? Think we really should aim for 2 this year though.
  13. No confirmed date as yet. I would hope we are early this year and do another later on. We have done it every year for... Bloody el. Like 10 years, maybe more. Welcome to tag along. We ride to the slowest bike, power wheelies and donuts don't figure it's not THAT kind of bike group. We have a laugh, ride and a pie and a pint at the end of the day and leave as we find.
  14. When I have been that way in June. Yes. I would argue the toss in January. Esp with a good blow on. Christ on a stick the wind of the Clyde could cut glass this time of year.
  15. Dunno why I thought you were further up. Fort William around the lochs..
  16. Thought you lived further North than that.
  17. I was thinking more north, be nice to get john into the mix without him needing a 7hr trip. Have never been to the lake district, well, have in a truck, through it often, but that hardly counts.
  18. Salt and nasty will be gone soon enough, time to start looking at options for this year. Maybe kevs back garden so he has a better than even chance of finding it? Suggestions..
  19. Cynic

    Time has come...

    Cheers Pat, have already started messing with it. 17inch superlight wheels, 120 front 180 rear, 4into 1 on the way (worth 10hp on a stock bike, with what I lose to the slash cuts my gain is nearer 20). Might even fit some usd forks I got my hands on. You just cant help it.
  20. Now that is how to introduce yourself, welcome.
  21. Er? Totally not an expert on imports. You should have a dating cert from the importer, or something called a NOVA certificate (I think). Otherwise you need a date of manufacture from an officially registered body. I know the VJMC (vintage Japanese motorcycle club) can do it and run you through the process. Do you know what year it is? Get yourself on the YamahaVmax uk facebook page too. Plenty busy and mostly helpful (it is facebook). The uk vmax forum is all but dead, replies take days at the very least.
  22. Yay, that makes 2. You heard of beware the dark side... It should be "Beware the boost", more addictive than crack and in a max chassis just as deadly. Is it stock? Mine isn't and is about to get a lot less stock. Just got hold of a set of usd front forks with yolks and a matching set of lightweight alloy wheels. Front when I picked it up I nearly threw it over my shoulder.
  23. Cynic

    New bikes

    Honda do it too. Think its supposed to be cleaned of post pdi. Sounds like a lazy dealer. What a surprise.
  24. Every forum is slowing down. they don't react as fast as farcebook. The Aprilia and the tdr forum are far slower than this one, all but dead to be honest.
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