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  1. Your not telling much, you should really kick of with a bit of an into. General where you are what your into, bike history and such. What do you have, yzfr125 don't mean much. 2 months old, 6 years old, 2000mls, 30000 mls. Loved like your life is empty without it or used as a commuter hack. We cannot see the bike, the only knowledge we have of the bike is what you tell us. Miss fires, has it ever not started, using oil.....? From what you have said it could have just run out of fuel.
  2. That might be fixable with some of the modern adhesives out now, long ago I used something called Belzona (I think) it was a 2 part metallic resin compound you could use to fill/repair ally with. Used it to fix a crankcase on my old GP100.
  3. You basically say you have some problems and have done stuff. When you tested the charging voltage, what were the numbers? £k revs, 6k revs lights on or off. What did you do to check the draw, in line meter? There is normally something leaking current, nothing is perfect on a 60k bike. Ultimately your first suspect will ALWAYS be the rec unit on a 600 yam.
  4. Wont help, the ally of the engine absorbs the heat. unless you really heat it with mixed gas or some such. You should try a proper penetrating oil, even diesel is better than wd40. I have had some luck in the past with the torque setting on my drill in the past, setting it to the max torque and letting the drill rattle like its fully tightened it but not. Bit like a rattle gun, even better if you can borrow or steal one of those. (I have the socket adapters so I can use sockets on my drill). The vibrations and the twisting action seem to work sometimes.
  5. Go back to the carbs, if 'start ya bastard' gets it going you got/there is something wrong in the choke/idle circuit.
  6. Sounds like you need to keep a decent distance behind you too.
  7. Same with all security you cannot ever completely prevent something being stolen, you just make it harder to steal than somebody elses. Sad world we live in. The scumbags view of 'its insured'. I hate it but we only have one world.
  8. Cynic


    TPMS is just another thing to go wrong, in Wales I had my temp shoot up. What went through my mind, water pump? Seal? Shaft? Hose? . ? The sender broke.. My Dad was a mechanic all his working life and called shit like this 'panic gauges'. Yes 1% people might get a benefit, chances are many more will be cursing weird tyre problems that aren't there.
  9. Sometimes on todays really complex motorcycles you have moments like this where the fuel temperature sender says the fuel has suddenly dropped 20 degrees but the bike is hot and the brain has a bit of a 'huh?' When you pushed it away and then started it things had most likely come back 'within normal operating limits'. Or it compensated somehow.
  10. No guarantees as its a mongrel, you will need to connect and see what happens with the tail light, I would expect the yellow to be the brake light personally, on my dt the tail light feed is blue with the earth being black. As for the indicators brown is right, green is left. Pretty much all yams have it that way.
  11. That sounds to me like you seized it from oil starvation. The ticking is most likely the remnants of the rings, could also be dry valve gear. I would not hold much hope for anything above gearbox level being any good. The valve gear floats on an oil film so the cam dies first taking the head with them. (likely the noise) the piston and rings will be toasted as that will have been the seizure when the piston heats up and swells in the bore stopping it (lunching the rings normally). When it cools down it will generally restart but wounded and limping. Not good, important point is.. ANY good bike mech with the parts to hand can re do that top end in a couple of hours tops. Any good mech will not talk about carbs and timing either with this that's just pub mechanics. Simple fact, an engine without oil, will die.
  12. Honestly if its a mint 1983 lc leave well alone. just enjoy it.
  13. Cynic

    1983 DT 125

    Wet clutch so shake any ideas of using your car oil. Get some proper motorcycle oil, synthetic or otherwise doesent really matter in something like a dt box, its just a basic oil bath in truth. No point spanking money on expensive oils. that gearbox is that strong it could probably run happily in old chip fat. You don't want to use car oil as that has components to reduce friction which can weaken your clutch.
  14. Well, home showered and with a brew. Bloody good weekend. Fuelled up 7 times, 49litres in all, actually works out at 48 to the gallon over the 540miles I did. Refuelling at 75 miles seemed to be the best, Some great roads and some amazing places. God knows how stuff gets delivered to some of those people. Only pain for me was thinking I would kill the current chain with this trip, bad move, set up a high frequency vibe that lost me several nuts and bolts over the weekend. Had to remove the other heat shield before I got home I think my hands will be numb till august, where next? We should make it more than once a year too. Oh, and all the rain we were worried about over the weekend, I think I got it all from just past Broadway for 90% of the trip home it absolutely fct it down. Other times just heavy, lol.
  15. Here fine. Bike had a moan on the way but it was my fault. Beautiful campsite. Catching some rays as I wait for everyone. Yep in Wales and it's cracking the flags. Bonus, cos we're all in widdle one man jobbies (or as good as) it's only 11 quid a pop. Not 17.
  16. Smashin. Stopped in Malvern for fuel and a brew atm. Eta 5 ish I suppose.
  17. I was right though.... :)
  18. Worthy side note. I have been delivering in Wales a bit of late and I have to say the roads are really well maintained. Some are a bit small for my truck but I cannot wait to try them on the bike. Honestly you can feel the difference literally as you cross the border.
  19. How did you 'bypass' the switches. Properly at the cdi?
  20. Looking forward to it, even better I thought it was still a couple of weeks away, realised I had fri/mon booked off. Yay. Hopefully my gas guzzler wont complicate things, unless were being pretty boring 70-75 miles is all I will get from a tank. In its defence that is chasing 40mpg, in happy mode 20mpg is also very possible. Ahem. Can't wait.
  21. Its Wales and your using the word 'IF'. Did you not mean 'when'.
  22. They are sliding pins. If it didn't move your brakes would not work as efficiently.
  23. How old is the chain. If the bearing is that bad it will be leaking oil at the sprocket. Bearing is more of a rumble. Not rattle and grind that sounds more chain.
  24. Cynic


    True, I will look at them. The rear mudguard was painted black, to cover the advanced pitting. Shame as the rest of the chrome is just a little weathered now I have cleaned it all. Tcut and wire wool followed by that neat touch with the tin foil. Don't know what it does and it takes patience but it brings it back. To a probably even better, looks like its 40years old but tidy, appearance. If the chrome paint looks naff I think my fall back will be to paint it the same colour as the bike. Then replace the chrome fittings (that you can still get for stupidly cheap money). Its a rider so i'm going to stone chip/rustproof the underside of the mudguards and such. Seeing as they normally rot from the inside out.
  25. Cynic


    Whats it cost these days, most of the brightwork is in ok nick just some light pitting, you could call it patina but the rear mudguard was painted in the past. Obviously if that is sorted and goes on looking like a new pin the rest will look shit so would be looking at doing it all. The rear guards rot like politicians so just having a solid one is a blessing. It should be chromed but have never even looked at chroming stuff. Is it possible on mildly corroded/ratty parts like the rear muddy or cost prohibitive. Its going to be a rider not a poser.
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