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  1. So if you take the plain and friction plates out of the clutch does the inner and outer basket move ok, the outer should move with the crank, the inner should spin freely in neutral and you should be able to drive it turning the rear wheel at different speeds depending on gear.
  2. Nope, most yam 2 strokes generate their own ignition power, you could chuck the battery in the bin and it would run fine. May well blow every bulb on the way back mind.
  3. You need to change the voltage regulator not the rectifier. Dont spend a bloody fortune on one either, its the same regulator on a vast list of yams, something like this:- UNIVERSAL 6 Volt Voltage Regulator Fits All 1968 - 1983 Yamaha Enduro Models | eBay Will do fine.
  4. With the miles you ride you will notice a difference, though if i may? from my neighbours experience, there is a mileage limit on those carbon wheels. He trained on alloy rims and raced on carbons.
  5. What?, no you cannot do without it. it takes the tightening torque of the spindle, without it you put a massive load directly onto the bearings and the wheel will never tighten properly. Dangerous, nigh on suicidal. Its in a lot more than the thunderace, the yzf 750, fzr600 xjr1300, its a good list. 35 quid new from fowlers.
  6. I had something similar when I used an emergency circlip fix (read bodge I was 17) on a gp100. The jet needle was lose and could move and made the bike do some odd things.
  7. Some know already but , well sometimes things feel like there is a higher order. On the vmax forum there was a fellow selling a set of carbon dymag wheels, i saw the advert September last year time but had neither the money or the need at the time. Fast forward, months of covid lock up, (i keep a little slush fund to pay for my biking which has just gone up through last year). Then the drive hub shat its self and the crap that followed. Well i stumbled back across the wheel add, no comments on the post, wheels had low miles, maybe a couple of thou. With tyres and such and with t
  8. Considering rd350's pass that test its probably going to be ok. Cannot help further tho.
  9. Just be careful, people buying quickshifters often as not end up asking why their bike is jumping out of gear after a while. They do stress the gearbox. On a race bike the tenths of a second matter and replacing gearboxes is accepted, road bikes, not so much.
  10. Fowlers is the usual glory hole for rarer spares. Don't forget Facebook. Get onto the bigger model specific groups and you can get a lot of specialist knowledge and parts. You just have to wade through the Google experts and (probably non bike owner) rivet couners first.
  11. Cynic

    New helmet.

    The only way i have found buying helmets is to go to a shop, tricky i know, and go through them till you find one (if they actually let you try on helmets any more), that fits right. Every time i have gone helmet shopping i have not come back with what i had set out to buy. I would hang on a bit longer, once the bike shops open they will have 12mth old stock they will be desperate to be rid of.
  12. Yeah, i worked in a factory making chemicals and they had a whole list of different stainless tube/bolts for different areas of the plant depending on the chemical and the use, hot, cold, vibration etc. The cheapest was barely more than regular steel and some of the chemicals went through it like hot butter. Other types would outlast anything but mount it on a pump and it would crack in days. The coverall of 'stainless' is a very broad church. Start your own thread mate, you will get proper responses. I have done plenty of wheel swaps, its not hard. Drewpy has actually d
  13. Was expecting Monty Python.
  14. Why did you change the piston. I'm not taking the piss, if the piston failed. How can tell you about other issues. For now. Try squirting some oil behind the generator rotor. Some wd on the leak points is also worthwhile. Running for 2 min is enough heat to get any weak gaskets seals to leak. Several small leaks can be worse than 1 biggy.
  15. I would expect the 535 to be an easy swap. Best of luck finding one tho.
  16. You can get keyless systems and isolators for anything 12v, then if you press a button on a keyfob its dead. Wont save you getting robbed and the bike could still get scratched up as they bail but you would not lose it. Had one on a suzuki i owned, ig switch did nothing it was just a dummy. Am looking at the same for my vmax, this one has a transponder you can fit into your gloves and then you put the receiver wherever you choose. Without the transponder being put in the right place nothing doin. This kind of thing, Bikermart: MotoGadget m~Lock Contactless Radio Frequenc
  17. The last thing you do is junk the airbox. Clean still air gives performance. The nasty turbulent air at the back of your bike won't. You are likely even pulling exhaust fumes back in. Airboxes with a better filter will always outperform pods/foamies on everything apart from a dragstrip.
  18. Cynic

    pissed off.

    Luckily a now upgraded to 'bestest friend ever' from from plain old good mate has let me have long term loan of a 17" rear for the cost of the tyre. Its coming with a new tyre and he just wants it back at the end of the season when im def sorted, with a new tyre. No way am i going to knock that back. Calls are all via answerphone and call back or email contact and I'm not getting any call back from the people supposedly fixing the wheel. I'm not holding my breath. He is posting on fb so he will have seen that i have messaged him asking for the wheel hub back last week and have hear
  19. Your voltage regulator and or your battery is dead. If your battery is not dead it will be soon. Check your voltage at the battery with it running around 14 is about as high as it should get, maybe 14.5v tops. My dt175 (6v electrics) had a regulator die, blew every bulb and was showing 26v at 7k rpm, yours could easily double that.
  20. Cynic

    pissed off.

    South west Wales. So poping is a stretch. I have asked him to send it back. Every other time I have messaged I have got a reply within maybe an hour tops. This time zip. Will try again office hours on Monday.
  21. Generally.. No. Once it's in gear the dogs on the gears should hold things. It's when these gears wear that gears pop out. Sorry.
  22. It's called a detent. The spring and ball work on the selector drum generally so the drum only moves one 'click' at a time.
  23. Cynic

    pissed off.

    Well on top of all this covid bullshit were having to deal with someone has finally finished of what little faith i had in human nature today. Found someone who would fix the drive hub on my vmax. Sent it off end of Jan with the sounds of " couple of weeks, end of Feb maybe? with covid its quiet". Sounding in my ears. When i called yesterday apparently its "gone crazy", so ok, i then asked for a ball park, end of the month maybe? (that's another 4 weeks he's had it 6 ). The response of "not sure will have to see how it goes", any parent knows that's a fancy 'NO'. So at the earli
  24. Cynic


    I had one in 87. They were rare then. Good bike though and you could really get them to fly with the big carb. Mine was a rocket.
  25. Wow, moving on from the FJR, that's going to be tricky mate. Hopeless for me to give a view as everything i like is from the last millennium. Also none of the bikes i like are remotely civilised. Maybe a 1200 triumph like Pauls, best i can suggest at litre plus and light(er) although the lighter bits easy, hell you could try my vmax that beats the fjr by 50kg. GL
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