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  1. Cynic

    Fuel Tank Leak

    It's not going to be quick fixed with sealant. A gasket or o ring has gone and you will need to replace it. Fuel is too expensive and dangerous to waste.
  2. Cynic

    helmet recomendations...

    Hey people, just wanted opinions on helmets. My shark is now 5 years old and i can honestly say i absolutely detest the fking thing. Its heavy, massively noisy and has never really felt truly comfortable. So, as a result I'm finally looking for a replacement, couldn't give a f who its made by as that seems irrelevant to what you get, just adds price, comfortable and quiet really, heavy on quiet as i really can't seem to find ear plugs that are comfortable for any distance. At least not for the row this shoei makes. Nb, i will accept part of the noise issue is due to the shape of the TDR with the wind hitting high on your chest/chin from the screen.
  3. Cynic

    DT 125

    Done mine several times. You want to be more specific on which dt125. They run from, pretty much 1975, earlier if you include CT stuff. Right through to the late naughties.
  4. Cynic

    how do i re-register an old bike

    Ah. Forgot about that. Did mean to delete it. For some reason some threads dump me out to guest status on the forum if I try to post and then I have to reset the browser/cache clearout to log back in. Have been trying to find out if there are more that do it.
  5. Cynic


    Seasons greetings. Off myself from 21 right through to the 3rd. Been really busy up to the holiday. Time to enjoy. Eat drink and be merry.
  6. Cynic

    Licence categories

    Yep, my test in 88 was little different difficulty wise, trip round an obstacle course for your part 1, which to someone who had spent 2 years on a 125 and a year on a 50 was laughably easy. " 2 weekends 'training' which in truth was kicking the bikes into suitable test bikes without the associated broken, bodged, illegal parts of 17yr old ownership (tyres and exhaust being favourite). Then the part 2 test. Which was little more than an observed ride, again to someone who had been running 125, (actually a 175) for 2 years was again. Easy.
  7. Cynic


    (youthful eye roll) I suppose that proves I'm not 'an auld yin' yet then eh. 😋
  8. Cynic


    It was Wolfie. Not foxxy. May the Tooting Popular Front live on...
  9. Honestly, in this day and riding is getting more hazardous I think the camera element is good. Battery and camera tech nowadays could be added to helmets for a tiny weight penalty. No screens, no hud, just the camera element linked to your phone would be worthwhile in any helmet.
  10. Cynic

    Need Parts for Dt Engine

    Engine and chassis numbers on yamaha's are the same. The engine number will do fine.
  11. Cynic

    RD 250 1976

    I have heard lots of variations on cleaning carbs, right up to giving them a good brushing with carb cleaner. If that bike has been stood for a while you need to get in there with some copper wire (think flex) the twisted copper strands act as a brush without hurting brass or ally and use it to clear out ALL the airways and fuel galleys. How did you balance the carbs? coffee stirrers work as a base set up, (put coffee stirrers under the slides then open the throttle slowly and the stirrers should move at the same time, didn't say it was technical) then ideally you need it running to tune it exactly as you fine tune the right cylinder to the left.
  12. Cynic

    new member

    Fowler. Easy. Brace yourself though. The orange seals are 7 quid a pop. The o rings are around a fiver a pop too. It's around 70 quid to overall the pv. Worth it if the bike is nice as the power valve and carb balance are THE critical points to a nice motor. You will never have one without the other. Pv affects the carb and vice versa.
  13. Cynic

    Licence categories

    It's not cc its a power to weight figure. My TDR250 I believe would be out of bounds till your 21. There is plenty of info re licence classes online and with the risk to your licence the best info is to go to the dvla Web site. Anything else could get you in bother.
  14. Cynic

    Wheel noise

    Check your chain first. Either tension or you could have a couple of dry links. To me it sounds like the chain isn't running well over the front sprocket which would cause vibes in your left foot.
  15. Cynic

    new member

    Why on earth are you messing with that. Is there something wrong. That pump is as reliable as the sun coming up. They so rarely fail without owner help you should not worry about it.
  16. Cynic

    new member

    And frustration, expense, etc. I warn you now. You will hate it at times and love it all the more. Keep an eye on the coolant and change the plugs if you even slightly think there may be something off. Keep at least a pair of proven plugs for testing too. Enjoy.
  17. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    I had to go to the Docs a while back for an annual asthma check up, while I was there I mentioned I wasn't sleeping all that great and felt knackerd all the time. Well she got me to come back for an MOT, "your at that age". So I went back and gave some blood etc, psa test so no gloves needed 😶 , eye test bit of a trip on a treadmill etc. Turns out I'm Fking T2 diabetic. What a right royal pain in the arse, after looking into it you have to control your diet with supermodel obsession, and you would not believe what you can and cannot eat. Even the stuff you can eat you have to eat intelligently. I'm just starting to accept the life change, but the shock, how much better I feel. I mean really better. After reading a lot of information about it its also scary the amount of rumours and false advertising/labelling too. The words 'low sugar' are as abused as 'top quality'.
  18. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Me! Running, only if their giving away rd500's
  19. Cynic

    Yamaha XS400: Wont start and smoke

    Sounds like the battery may be toasted.
  20. Cynic

    Yamaha XS400: Wont start and smoke

    You have flattened the battery and may have killed the starter solenoid. You could be lucky and have a bad connection/earth but the 'pow' noise says that something blew. Lower battery volts means increased current. Solenoid is designed to operate briefly. Sooooo.. Get the battery back back up to 13.5 volts and see what gives.
  21. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Hmm. Butter, cream, corned beef, bacon, proper sausages, nuts, belly pork etc Basically all the stuff they say is bad. My biggest issue is Not losing weight.
  22. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Is already. I feel too good to go back. With hindsight this has been with me for years. In the last couple of years I have cut out a lot of junk and eaten better and I think that has kept me on the edge. I'm assuming whatever balance I had wS tipped a few months back when I really started to feel washed out. Not going back. Low carb high fat is not for everyone but I love it.
  23. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    No nothing about phosphates, going to be re-tested in January and have been told to try diet as a first option as im only just. Apparently if I change things now I may go into remission, whereby your blood sugar levels are below a level that causes damage. Doesent stop you being diabetic as such but your not going to suffer from any secondaries, well no more than anybody else. I have to say even in a couple of weeks I feel so much better in myself (apart from sore fingers), my 'gammy leg' has cleared up 80%, no more pins and needles. If fish and chips becomes a holiday treat because of it I can live with that. I now feel like I could have picked up Jimmys Xj on my own when he, 'parked it'.
  24. Cynic

    Would you believe it.

    Just lucky, 😁