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  1. Total crap shoot, it may be fine, it may not. Quality control is the problem. I would use the 100 quid on getting a good one sorted with a decent piston, aircooled dt's can suffer with detonation from the ethanol in modern fuel and you need a decent piston to handle the temperature of the cylinder. Cheaper units with poorer ally will burn through. That will cost you a bottom end rebuild, crank, bearings etc plus the bore and piston, found that out the hard (expensive) way.
  2. That will be the oil warming up. Just about every motorcyclist wont bother with all the down changing faf of 2nd to first, even 3 rd to first when coming to a stop. Hell i have gone from top to first sat at the lights before because the change caught me on the hop. You just ride up to your stopping point and ( ideally while the wheels are still turning a little ) in the last few moments before you stop, just rattle down through the box. It works as well stopped, 1st can sometimes need you to rock slightly, that should illustrate than it can be a troublesome bugger till you get the h
  3. Job number 1 is to make sure you have ownership and no duties/debts/losses owed by the bike caused by previous owners or commitments to previous owners. Would be a real shit to get work done only to find it was a total write off a few years ago, or you get it finished register it and then the police turn up, thank you for your efforts and take it away because its stolen property. It is literally job 1, i cannot emphasize this enough.
  4. Now the bearings are out it looks like some ham fisted fucker has just beat on the bearing land instead of the bearing its self when changing a set in the past. That left an edge propping the race so it was doome to fail early. Looking at the land the bearing looks like it had just started to turn (beginning to terminally sieze) as I got home.
  5. Out on the bike yesterday with some mates. Pushing quite hard in a few spots when the handling really started to go to shit. Barely got home. Front wheel bearing had shit it's self. Thank f it didn't happen in Derby although I think it was affecting the bike looking back and I just thought it was shitty vmax manners.
  6. Remember there are no syncros on a bike. The gears locate on dogs not splines. When the gears are loaded they naturally want to stay in place. It's what stops it jumping out of hear. 1st is rarely if ever changed into while riding. When you change to second you are changing up 2 gears effectively. (n is a gear position). This change takes time. Breif granted but if you are not going very quickly the momentum you lose will stop the gear engaging properly. Biggest piece of info. Don't worry about looking a tit! Stalling or any of the other possible cock ups av
  7. Honestly, ride it. Motorcycle gears can be tricky to sus, my vmax can sometimes catch me if i go from 1 st to second too slowly when crawling in traffic. You will learn to give it a nice clean flick rather than a push. Sounds odd but when it clicks you will understand. YBR125s are legendary for being all but unkillable, i have personally been alongside an SR125 (same motor) at 80mph (slight downhill), considering the gearing was stock god only knows what the rpms were, that bike had over 80k miles on it.
  8. Try a push button first, press for as long as you think it needs. Go from there. Only thing for me is your not actually fixing the problem and that could bite you in the arse later.
  9. Great weekend as always lads, got the pegs down on the way home, , then frame bolts too, so figured i better ease back. 350 odd miles all told and would do it again tomorrow. Need to go north next year for john and jimmy.. Maybe do a run further south too.
  10. Its 'full' , so long as Andy, Paul or myself ask if we can squeeze in another with us i think that would fly, no harm in asking the question if you are coming up. They do seem happy to go the extra yard. New bookings would be a flat no but an addition? Especially as bike groups generally go with food and beer more than a couple of ol smokies in a camper.
  11. Nice one. Mounted my panniers on the max today so I'm all good to go. Personally can't wait. Pete gets out of work (closes his laptop Lol) at 12 and will be taking a roundabout route up aiming for late afternoonish.
  12. As a Hgv I have to interact with so many people I cannot worry about it (covid) too much. Don't hear the bullet that gets you etc. I know the camping is full though as Pete took the last spot last week.
  13. I am bringing an extra too, so there will be more non YOC at the YOC meet than members. Are you mates on Yams Andy?. Pete is coming on a Triumph so Paul will be happy. Unless he brings his blue wasp....
  14. So do we know who is going for certain? Mate of mine has just picked up a 1200 trophy and may well tag along.
  15. One thing a cruiser can never have enough of. Power.
  16. Side car is a disastrous idea. May as well have a car. I would have a trike first before cursing a motorcycle with a side car. Don't forget you daughter needs to learn how to pillion too. It's not just sit down and shut up. Both of mine started pillion at that age and now both are accomplished pillions quite happy to ride pillion on my vmax1200 or on the back of my neighbours busa when either are 'ridden enthusiasticly' . Little if any adjustment in your riding style is needed with a good pillion.
  17. Cynic

    Yamaha Niken

    Crazy idea number 21345-6. A vmax with that front end.....
  18. I'm in. Bar anymore of this years weirdness I will be free to arrive anytime Friday. Fucking A......
  19. There is still space. Looking to book myself in looks like I can go. Worst case will be there late afternoon on Friday.
  20. Im gagging to go but they are dragging their feet at work. Office people worked through so there is no rush to sort holiday for people who have been 'sat on their arse' off since Easter.
  21. Crikey, makes my 400 mile day round snowdon look a bit lame. Was a great day though, air was crisp for a lot of it, sun came out around 2. Lake bala especially is stunning.
  22. Wont be able to check with work till Monday earliest, even then im not sure of the response. May just be for Sat night, with luck i will get sat and friday free, will let you know as soon as i do.
  23. With any luck it's just a head gasket failure. Check when you remove it. If the headgasket looks sound you may have a cracked head. It's surprising as these engines are more reliable than time it's self unless abused to ridiculous levels or big bored.
  24. Added a link to the facebook page with the group. https://www.facebook.com/events/2718299398420321?acontext={"source"%3A5%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"\"[]\""}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}
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