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  1. Hey Cynic. Tough call. Sounds like you've done the reading and are making sensible choices (bet that sucks!). As you said, once you've adapted to the new regime you will feel a lot better so just hold on in there. There is lots of sensible advice out there, just learn to trust what the ingredients say, rather than the 'low sugar' sticker on the front. Oh, and advice from diabetic friends, stay away from 'diabetic' ranges of foods - they're massively overpriced and no better than any other product (that you've checked the label of!). Go to Diabetes UK for proper advice and NEVER believe Dr Google...
  2. and yet, you kept it for five years ? You could try Nolan? Mine's quiet, comfortable, fairly light and sub-mortgage cost
  3. No coincidence, I've now got both ?
  4. Or go for the most comfortable bike in the world (including for pillions), an Aprilia Futura ?
  5. Hiya Darkitten, welcome to the show
  6. Could try replacing the bar end weights with heavier versions (common solution on V-twins)?
  7. The kid on the bicycle must have some very squished lunch after that! As for the first guy, well, his Darwin Award is not far off...
  8. Katie1

    Best tyres?

    So far this year, have tried Bridgestone T30s (great), Dunlop Roadsmart 3s (great but an insane amount of knobbles on!) and Metzeler Roadtec 01s (the best of the lot but ruinously expensive). Been doing a lot of miles...
  9. Really close to wanting one of those! Couple of Barbie stickers on it and I reckon it'd be perfect
  10. Katie1

    Hell's bells..!

    As fast and as far as you can? When I want to go slow I get the bus...
  11. Katie1

    Bloody hell..!

    In a post-apocalyptic world, I'd be prepared to swap my VFR for a Ural!
  12. Just to put the counter argument in, my bike's loaded with stuff and I love it! Having swapped between bikes without ABS, and using the bike extensively in all weathers, the ABS versions wins hands down. Same with the fuel injection versus carbs (which were shite on any bike if they weren't set up properly/clean/working/right phase of the moon etc). Suspension is infinitely better now. I've tried active suspension on a track and would buy a road bike with it on like a shot! Tyres. Any point mentioning how much better they are? Nearly every consumable lasts longer and is easier to buy then it used to be. I started riding when I was 16 and there are very, very few modifications that don't make riding a bike a lot more fun. I'll give you the VFR traction control, that's a bit rubbish. Can turn it off though
  13. Yeah. Don't you just miss the cornering ability of those old wooden tyres?
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