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  1. Most mechanics (that I know of) have some kind of Ts&Cs that basically mean they're not liable for broken bolts and bits, since so many are often seized, rusted, shagged or buggered... doubly so if the OEM bolts are made of cheese in the first place (Yamaha Cruisers, I'm looking at you), and it's nigh-on essential if the mechanic has anything to do with BMWs on a regular basis!!
  2. Is this not just the Skully helmet aaaaaaaaaaaaall over again? I recall how that one turned out in the end... namely that it didn't!! I also assume that this 'Jarvish' AI helmet will also be available in 'Tony Shtark' colours, so I can look like 'Irron Mann'?
  3. Might find summat of use here? http://www.fjowners.com/index.php?topic=7505.0 http://www.fjfjrbiker.co.uk/index.php?topic=21730.0 http://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/colours.php#makeid=163&modelid=4554&prodyear=1991&colourscheme=11755
  4. TEN BOB???!!! Blimey, I paid less than that for my first car... which was free... and a Christmas present from my mechanic... !!
  5. You mean Genklene? Highly toxic, that stuff... HIGHLY. Even out in the middle of a field is too much of an 'enclosed space' for that stuff! Don't think it's even legal to use, any more...
  6. While on the other hand, some people tune it to pop at the right moment so it sounds like a hot hatch hitting the rev limiter.... and then again, some people juggle geese!
  7. Released? You mean unleashed, surely!! Congrats to her!!
  8. You live in Westeros? To be fair, it's very cool to go fast on a bike. It's why we do it... and most of us, if we're honest about it, do do it. The trick is knowing when it's safe to do it and how far to push it.
  9. It's Summer. Twats are out in force.
  10. They should say somewhere on 'em. They look a bit like the Highway Hawks that the wife had on her 650 (good choice, by the way). However, you may find they're straight-throughs and so don't have baffles available. Similarly, universal baffles may not be as universal as you'd hope, requiring you to drill holes in the pipe even if they're the right diameter.
  11. Welcome to the forum - FANTASTIC choice there!! Yes, they can be a touch lumpy. It's an old (1978) design of carbed bike. Do you let it warm up for a minute beforehand, give it the occasional rev?
  12. Don't look NUTHIN' like as cool as the XVZ1300 Venture Royale does...!!
  13. Listen to Sensible You. Learn to ride first, as it's very different to driving. You may decide that a 400 or 600 is all you really need to get your kicks. Sub-3-seconds is cool and 160mph is amazing... but you don't need to use either that often and a great deal of the bike fun I've had has been on a slow 40-BHP Cruiser, taking the corners at lower speeds. Age is nothing, really, especially at your stage. The kid in his mid-50s sat right next to me has a Daytona, Fireblade, Kwak 1000 and some Suzuki GRSRXRXSXSXRGRGSRXRXXXXXL thing.
  14. Yeah, the lack of even a CBT may well be pushing prices stupidly high... as well as age/lack of NCB in general. If it helps, I'm with Churchill, via Devitt, who have consistently been the cheapest for me for several years, now... although that is with, like, forever on the NCB.
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