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    Yam xv535 Virago (my boys), 1975 Triumph Trident T160, 2007 Triumph T100 Bonneville

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  1. Welcome to the forum matey. Plenty of time to enjoy the bike once this sh!t is out the way
  2. Jenni I have posted in your post in frame numbers
  3. Jenni Look up postimages.com Free to sign up and once you upload pictures to it all you need to do is copy the link for "hotlink for forums" and paste that in your post
  4. I'm still at work, in fact nightshift now, and doing my normal four on four off. Used the bike a couple of times to commute. Frustrated during my days off tho, but hey ho, it's what we need to do. Concerned for my wife, as she is a nurse on a medicine for the elderly ward and three of her patients have died through Covid. I hope not, but feel it's only a matter of time til it gets her
  5. Cheers bud Welcome to the forum
  6. jimmy


    I has an xs250 and hated it after about a month. I also had a xs1100 and fkn loved it
  7. Welcome to the forum bud. And don't listen to what anyone says....You can always justify having two bikes....always
  8. Two weeks ago it was all "be kind" now it's fk you I NEED 72 loo rolls
  9. Sniff must have caught the virus. I thought this thread would have been filled to the brim with corona memes
  10. Welcome to the forum matey and good intro (eventually)
  11. Indeed mate. I drove launches, but occasionally used to be out on a Rhib in the middle of winter, and by eck it was cold. I drive a desk now, so look back with rose tinted glasses thinking it was a great job, although it could be cold on a Launch as well at times
  12. Gourock, on the South side of the Clyde
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