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  1. Can't help on the new bike as, like Cynic, my preferences lie in the last century, although my modern Triumph is 2007, it is not a fast bike. I have owned one of the earlier Hinckley Triples and can assure you it was poles apart from the Meriden bikes. Talking of Meriden bikes, yours must have had a bent frame or summit because I have found all my twin Triumphs to be easy to throw around bends. Granted the oil loss concerns, but again I found it relatively easy to keep them oil tight (other than a push rod tube weep, but that goes without saying ) Best of luck on your search and sta
  2. random ornaments made from crap Oh, you mean art
  3. Welcome to the forum Welder/fabricator? Lightweight or heavy gauge metals? Back in the day I was a plater in the shipyards and I see that's sometimes called a fabricator nowadays
  4. Look on cmsl They list a 1974 dt125 (usa) and the part number for the r/h mirror is 341-26290-01 I never checked the lh number, but you'll be able to find it now Look on cmsl They list a 1974 dt125 (usa) and the part number for the r/h mirror is 341-26290-01 I never checked the lh number, but you'll be able to find it now just put that number into Google and a load come up
  5. Not much in the way of replies, but cheers for the update
  6. I owned a 79 xs1100 and I would suggest the 145/150 was a fanciful idea. Even if it was tuned to that, the frame would never stand with it's virtual hinged centre. That aside, I loved my bike and still mildly regret getting rid. Never had any engine or carb issues and the only problem was a coil failure 300 miles from home. Still got me there tho
  7. I had a low speed off way back when with the girlfriend on the back. No big deal and it didn't put her off marrying me but... My biggest fright was as a puny 18yrs apprentice shipwright, I was coming home from my birds house when I saw one of my workmates staggering home drunk. I stopped and asked if he wanted a lift (always seemed to carry a spare lid then). Big Stan gets on the back. Now, I was 5'8 and about 11stone, Big Stan was about 6' 8 and around 20 stone, extremely drunk and wobbling all over the place. Never came off, but the worst 5 mile pillion ride I've ever done.
  8. Is it just when you try to turn it over, or when you turn on the ignition If it is just on the turn over via the electric foot, does it blow fuses with the kickstarter. You will have a short somewhere, so you'll need to start isolating the different circuits and going through everything bit by bit. To save fuses, you can wire in a bulb, and run each wire you're testing through that. The bulb will light up if the circuit is complete indicating the short.
  9. Happy Xmas all. Me and my oldest are Cops and my wife is a nurse, so some trying times. I knock off Xmas morn, but they start earlies on the 25th, so a shitty time ahead. Hohum, still got our health, and I've still got the bikes, so not all doom and gloom
  10. I got to know a fella who had a malaguti monti field bike when I was abut 14. We would go over the fields on. He then got a TS125 for the hills. I managed to pick up a fizzy for £20 but that too was a field bike. I didnt want a moped, so I waited until I was 17 and picked up an xs250. Im a short arse at 5.8" so I liked the bulkiness of this bike, and I had watched a neighbour on his xs1100, so it reminded me of that. Turns out it was the only thing I liked about that bike..... Passed my test on 29/12/81 and picked up a honda 4/4 which I rode about for a bit then I picked up my first
  11. Good intro, welcome to the forum Pete
  12. jimmy


    Same as here matey. Yamaha Owners Club UK
  13. jimmy


    And did it pass, or will there be an appeal submitted
  14. Welcome to the forum bud. I like the xs650s and as Blackhat say, we like pictures "My wife passed her teat" probably belongs on a different type of forum
  15. My mate had one back in the day, and could kick it first time every time. Leap forward 40yrs, fk me where did that go, and he bought another to relive his yoof. Takes all his effort to start it now
  16. Not sure I subscribe to that. My bike usually goes in the shed about the end of October, and wont resurface until April. I don't drain the tank, I just ensure the carbs are empty (non vacuum, so switch the tap off and run the engine till it dies) and the battery goes on a charger and the bike will start again in the spring no problem. In saying that, I use the dearer fuel in the bikes, so maybe that helps.
  17. Try Paul Goff, he mainly does Brit bikes, but may have others
  18. Welcome in Jeff. A great bunch of guys and girls, so take part in chat and discussions to help keep it moving forwards
  19. Scott, I can't help you with your query, but as you're finding out, the site has gone quiet over the last while. There is a fb site with the same name, and I note that questions get answered there a bit quicker. Good luck on your search
  20. Welcome to the forum bud. Get yourself back on a bike, and make some memories with your boy
  21. Another way is to load postimage.org Upload the picture to postimage then copy the url for forum hotlinks. Paste the url into your post and Bob's yer uncle
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