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  1. Cheers bud Welcome to the forum
  2. jimmy


    I has an xs250 and hated it after about a month. I also had a xs1100 and fkn loved it
  3. Welcome to the forum bud. And don't listen to what anyone says....You can always justify having two bikes....always
  4. Two weeks ago it was all "be kind" now it's fk you I NEED 72 loo rolls
  5. Sniff must have caught the virus. I thought this thread would have been filled to the brim with corona memes
  6. Welcome to the forum matey and good intro (eventually)
  7. Indeed mate. I drove launches, but occasionally used to be out on a Rhib in the middle of winter, and by eck it was cold. I drive a desk now, so look back with rose tinted glasses thinking it was a great job, although it could be cold on a Launch as well at times
  8. Gourock, on the South side of the Clyde
  9. 55.94N 004.86W Not a grid reference but a Lat/Long. You'll find a cup of tea waiting for you
  10. The way I do it is through https://postimages.org/ Easy to do and when you load a picture onto it, it gives you a list of options. If you copy the link titled 'hot link for forums' then paste that link into your post
  11. Well worked through bud. You'll need to pick up a manual, if you haven't already
  12. Welcome aboard matey. Plenty of pictures, we like pictures
  13. If there was a large spark, there will be some scorch marks from the arcing. Look for any wires with the insulation cracked , or bare wires touching the horn or engine I'm assuming you hadn't carried out any work immediately before the problem started. If you had, then look around the area you were working on.
  14. Great intro and great pics. Welcome aboard bud
  15. Welcome matey. If you have a manual that should tell you the years covered
  16. Welcome to the forum matey. Always fancied a vmax, but no room and more importantly, no money
  17. Welcome to the forum Bud, there are a few DT folk on here, so you should get help
  18. Welcome to the forum matey
  19. I agree mate. Done my time as a year round rider but stepped back a few years ago when I got caught out at work one night shift and it took me over 3hrs to ride through a blizzard to get home. I have kept my Hinckley Bonnie out the shed this winter but it has been pouring down just about every day since New Year so it's sat under it's cover
  20. The battery should sit at around 14v on the charger. Low 'gas' light...There is fuel in it? When bridging the starter, are you getting a spark when it's cranking? Are the plugs wet when you've cranked it over
  21. So does a 'how to' not come with the new loom you bought
  22. Welcome to the nuthouse bud. There are a few dt folk on here
  23. Yebutt you can have both. FB for the inane disposable and here for anything ongoing
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