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  1. Yea, I think it sounds great. Look on utube for Trident howl and turn the sound up
  2. No booze last night so a wee 105 mile jaunt on my 1975 Trident. Stopped in Largs for a photo and tea Edit, eventually sorted
  3. Nice picture bud. Unfortunately I was hungover today so the only bike action was 3hrs cleaning one
  4. Sorry can't help other than ask if any of your pals were present when you were working on the bike. Back in the day that was one of our gags, to leave a random fastener, or ball bearing lying around. Sorry that's no help but thanks for dredging up some memories
  5. I think he means have you stripped the threads out the hole your stud was screwed into
  6. Welcome to the forum bud
  7. Champion reply bud. Great effort
  8. jimmy

    blooming traffic!

    I've been on earlies last two days so roads dead on the way in (0400hrs) and chok a blok on the way home. Some crazy filtering yesterday by a load of bikes and scooters, which I let myself get caught up in. When I finally got through it all I was fkn angry with myself as there were some stupid risks taken No harm done tho (other than pissing off a load of car drivers) and a much better run into work today
  9. Haha, I was drunk
  10. Look at Armours. I've just bought a complete system from them and delighted with the quality and price
  11. jimmy

    Not a Yamaha, but

    John There were two versions. The T150 which ran in tandem with the R3, and the T160 (mine) which was the 2nd version, but had the sloping engine similar to the R3. The T160 has an electric foot as well The T150, according to the critics was the better, faster, lighter bike, but the T160 was by far the best looking bike Triumph/BSA built
  12. For those into engine porn. My 1975 T160 Trident was burning a bit of oil, so having missed out on a few weekend aways due to lockdown, I saved my money and gave the bike through to Grin Triumph in Kennoway, Fife. He is a one man operation with a great rep for auld Triumphs. I dropped it off in March and picked it up a couple of days ago. He stripped the top end and rebored the barrels out to +20 and fitted new pistons. He also fitted new valves, guides, springs etc and vapour blasted all components. Apologies it's not a Yam, but hey...the sharp eyed will note that the vacu
  13. jimmy

    plug cap prices

    There are a lot of fake NGK plugs out there atm, so make sure you buy them from a reputable source
  14. jimmy


    P.S Happy
  15. Welcome to the forum bud. Great intro and great pics, keep them coming
  16. Welcome to the Forum Rab.
  17. Welcome to the nuthouse bud
  18. Welcome matey.....we like photos
  19. Hi Pedro Welcome to the forum. It has gone quiet lately, so be patient if you require answers to anything. There is also a Facebook page, with the same name, started by one of the members of this site so sign in there as well if you do fb Some great biking roads down your way. I drove from Lisbon into Seville and back via Faro. I spent the journey wishing I was on the bike.
  20. Actually you posted the same question twice and neo provided an answer on the other post
  21. Hi Olie Welcome to the forum, and safe riding Bike looks and sounds great
  22. jimmy


    I may if the price is right. I think EI would sort out the starting
  23. jimmy


    Snakebite those who know me know I was being heavily sarcastic. I fkn hated the thing and have no fond memories whatsoever. The only memories are of being last to pull away from anywhere because the fkr would never start.
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