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  1. Welcome in James, and a great intro, thanks for that. You're bound to have a great level of experience, so hopefully you stick around and contribute to the forum.
  2. jimmy

    xj 600 chop

    Gareth Welcome to the forum This part is for introducing yourself, and 'forum help' is to seek help on forum issues. Can you repost this in the 'projects' area of the forum, you'll get more relevant replies. Again welcome to the forum, and I hope you get the bike sorted Jimmy
  3. Brilliant, well done, and kudos to Yamaha UK for their service
  4. Well done mate, thanks for the follow up
  5. Hi Bob, I thought Tomintoul was near Aviemore, not Munich, welcome to the forum bud. Good luck with your daughter on her Bike lessons, I wish her years of safe, happy fun. My boy started on an XS125 years ago and he enjoyed it up to the point he got his full licence then it was got rid of, although I suppose we all done that. I have a few Triumphs myself a T100 (Hinckley Bonnie) and a T160 (Meriden Trident), great bikes....
  6. Welcome to the forum bud. Nice bike and I wish you many happy, safe miles on it
  7. Good work fella, thanks for the update
  8. Hey bud, sorry to read of your experience but thanks for posting as an experience to others. If I am needing stuff for a bike, and unsure of the specific details I'll search the relevant forum posts and if need be, start a new thread. Your post will help others so you may take a small consolation from that. Happy biking
  9. Welcome to the forum bud. Are you riding bikes at the minute. What bikes, and we love photos
  10. Unfortunately he was one of the first victims of the plague that hit
  11. Great to see you back Tommy
  12. jimmy

    XS1100 respray

    Great pics of a great big beast. I owned one for about 10yrs and loved it
  13. Sorry for your loss bud, but a few good memories resurfacing has to be a good thing.
  14. All that info could have been given in the Intro page
  15. Welcome to the forum bud. My first road bike was an xs250cw back in 1981. Looking forwards to updates and plenty of photos
  16. Carry a spare plug and check if you're getting a spark, or whether it is a fuel evaporation issue.
  17. Great Post, and great photo mate. Welcome to the forum. Avionics repairer, body or electrics?
  18. I was able to blag a lift to Edinburgh today for the bike show. Great to be out and about, and although there was not a great showing from the major manufacturers but there was some nice auld Yams in the VJMCC.
  19. Hullo Jules Welcome to the forum, and I look forwards to seeing plenty of posts and photos from you
  20. Tom Sorry I can't help, but there are a few strokers on the forum, it just runs a little slower lately so don't give up waiting Jimmy
  21. Steve Can you post a video, that'll help others hear exactly what you're hearing
  22. Cheers bud, and it gives me more time to peruse this and other forums seeing pics of folk out on their bikes Here's a wee memory for you Drewps
  23. Well I'm out. 'No surprise there' a few of the regulars will think. But.....this year I have the perfect, if totally unwanted, excuse. Back in early December I ended up contracting a rare brain infection, autoimmune encephalitis which resulted in me taking a full seizure and spending Xmas in hospital, and I'm going back in this Monday because my treatment plan is not as effective as the Drs hoped it would be. Anyway long story boring, I've had to surrender my licence and the neurologist said he won't support a return for at least 9 months. I've also had to stick in for IHR at work as he won't support a return there either. Positive being he believes a good recovery will happen so not all doom and gloom. Happy to keep involved with the forum so keep this about the 22 meet.
  24. Welcome to the forum matey. As Snakebite says, we love photos, so please post plenty of your build
  25. Lewis I find your description quite vague (although that may well be me, so no offence meant) but can you post pictures of the issue. Do the cables and wires connecting to the switches not fit, are they too short or just a completely incorrect fixing. Is it the bars that are too wide meaning you have to try and stretch the cables and wires. If so try a narrower set of bars on it. That way you can at least get some fun out of it whilst you try and address the issue. You can get brake hoses and throttle/clutch cables made to suit and if your competent with wires (or know someone who is) you can extend the wiring connections. As I say on every intro post I answer, we like photos and they can help folk (me) understand the issues reported
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