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  1. Seemingly a better engine with the upright cylinders. But similar to the earlier Triumph T150's, I do not like the "breadbin" tank.
  2. Well all my talk of scratching itches opened up a deep itch. When I was 18 I bought my first Triumph. A T140D, and it was fekking beautiful. I rode down to Shipley on the back of my pals Bonnie and when I saw it in the shop I was delighted. Speaking with the salesman he points to another bike and says, the owner traded in his bike for that there. I looked over and saw this thing of raw beauty and vowed there and then I had to get one. Well 37 years later I took the plunge. Suffice to say the 3 grand I got for my auld bike ended up as a deposit for this These pics were ones the PO sent me and no doubt I will get lots of my own as soon as I am off work
  3. jimmy

    Bike Transporters

    Well the bike got delivered today. £150 Gillingham to Gourock. About 420 miles. John Adams, I have his number if anyone is looking, Well recommended
  4. jimmy

    Bike Transporters

    It seems to be, but the guy I'm buying the bike from is a serial buyer and seller so gives this fella a lot of business. When I told my mate he called him as he needs a bike taken up from Fleetwood so he will pick that up on the way and charged him £120. He is picking my bike up tomorrow so hopefully I'll have it in a few days....then the big reveal
  5. jimmy

    Bike Transporters

    Cheers John. The bloke I'm buying it off gave me "his mans" number and he'll do it for £150. Dorset to Gourock, for that price. I couldn't hire a van and fuel it myself for that price
  6. jimmy

    Bike Transporters

    Can anyone recommend a UK based bike transporter. I am well into negotiations with a guy from Gillingham in Dorset and will be looking to get the bike transported up to my place
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse bud
  8. Welcome to the club matey
  9. Yea, I like that as well John. Been looking at z1000Ltd on the bay of fleas
  10. To further Slices' answer, you have vacuum carbs on your bike so petrol feed should only occur when the engine is running, therefore no requirement for an off position
  11. Welcome to the forum bud.
  12. I did think about a stroker, as I still have my modern Triumph, so the other one would be for short runs, but I've always had a kinda hankering for the xs650, so it's an itch I may need to scratch
  13. Brilliant work Drewps. That's what's great about this forum
  14. to Yamaha ownership. I just sold my auld Triumph and now I have some money burning a hole in my pocket I am happy to go £3k on a bike and would be looking at something like an XS650. This is based on my mate owning one back in the early 80s when I had my 1st Triumph. I liked the look of them then, and still do Any thoughts or opinions
  15. Whereabouts in the Country are you bud. There is a pinned post at the top of this section titled "are you willing to help" If you post your area folk nearby may be able to offer hands on assistance Thinking to where you saw the white flashes, fair enough there is no burn marks, but any loose wires/connections in that area. Once the battery is charged, see if the bike will fire up and if so and ticking over, try moving wires or components from that area to see if you can replicate the flashes. If you have a multimeter put that across the battery terminals (reading volts) and see what it says, then rev it up a bit to see if this figure raises. If no multimeter, a simpler way if to switch on main beam at tick over then rev up to see if the lights get brighter. This will help indicate whether the alternator is charging the battery
  16. I would look to find out what the 2 or 3 white flashes were. Sounds like electrical arcing somewhere. Look around the area the flashes were and see if you can find any evidence of short circuiting (black sooty marks, melted wires, etc) When the bike died, was it everything or just the engine. Do you have any power at all now. If not find the fuse box and check all fuses, then still find the short circuit and fix that. The plugs would not cause the white flashes, although dodgy HT Leads or Caps can. Was it raining
  17. jimmy

    Forum update

    Seems Ok today Bud, fingers crossed
  18. Brilliant contrast and compare on helicoil vs timesert, and certainly something to digest. Thanks very much for that. I used helicoil for no reason other than I had done it before, but using your experience, I used the correct method as the thread I replaced was the fixing point for a cam cover, so will be off and on (the last gasket only lasted about 2k miles)
  19. jimmy

    Forum update

    My computer is now showing me logged on as Toutsuite
  20. Hey Bud, I just helicoiled a thread for my 07 plate Bonnie. I thought about timesert but was unsure of the process. Is the prep and procedure any different
  21. jimmy

    Forum update

    Alex, Was there another tweek over the weekend. I notice I drop in and out of registration, and some posts show on the index, but when I go on the thread the post does not show
  22. Welcome Lenny, did you get your minor problem solved then
  23. jimmy

    New ride....

    Don't ever be sorry for owning a Triumph. Great looking bike bud. I've got its granda, a 1959 Speed Twin Yea, cmon bipps, you know it makes sense
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