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  1. jimmy

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    Welcome back Tommy
  2. No, not Ronnie fucking Pickering
  3. Welcome mate. Plenty on here with DTs so should be a good knowledge base
  4. Hi and welcome to the nuthouse
  5. jimmy

    Forum update

    I wrote "FB seems a contingency so you'll get me there if you want, jimmy mckenna" Fuck me that worked well. I was inundated with FB requests from all on here Oh no wait, I never
  6. jimmy

    Forum update

    All good my side bud
  7. jimmy

    Forum update

    Alex I have had no access to the forum for the last week. Clicking on it, on a variety of devices gave me the message 505 bad gateway. Was it the same for all? Anyway get me realising if this forum died, I had no way of contacting some decent folk,. FB seems a contingency so you'll get me there if you want, jimmy mckenna
  8. Sorry for the loss Bud
  9. jimmy


    Well done bud
  10. Brilliant, we're simple folks on here and like posts with pictures
  11. Great intro bud, welcome to the nuthouse
  12. jimmy

    Ear protection

    I'm still on rolled up loo roll (unused....usually)
  13. jimmy

    YOC Ride 3000

    Much as I hate to admit it john, my understanding is that Triumph (meriden) copied the xs 650 for this model (T140D Special)
  14. jimmy

    YOC Ride 3000

    I remember BSH Magazine used to do a "Landmarks" piece each year. As it says on the tin, they would list a number of well known landmarks throughout UK and Eire and you would visit as many as possible taking a pic with your bike at each one. I never completed it, but did make a few. Never got a landmark pic published, but did get this one in there (with a suitably smutty comment about over excitement ) So maybe mixing 2 wheels and Bipps ideas, doing the 3k miles with interesting places and not just going to work
  15. jimmy

    Twist the throttle

    A bit slow on the commentary, but some nice bikes
  16. jimmy

    Twist the throttle

    On quest now (Thursday 11am) The story of Yamaha motorcycles
  17. Welcome to the nuthouse bud
  18. I loved mine. As Blackwell says a bit of a tank and as a relative short arse, I loved that. Took me all over Britain and Ireland on a number of times and never let me down. The carb rubbers are expensive nowadays and as with any four, a bugger to fit. Did I mention that I loved mine. It was everything my xs250 wasn't.
  19. Brilliant news bud. Nothing better than a bottle of kraken, oh and great news on the baby front as well
  20. Noooooooo!!!!!! Don't even joke about that 'Santa' just delivered two bottles of "the Kraken" to me for the baby jesus' birthday
  21. jimmy


    Yea, a very merry Christmas to one and all. Unfortunately for me, I have to work through to the 28th, then off until the 31st then back to work on the 1st.......Bah fekking humbug
  22. I done mine in December 81 on the same format as Meats. It was a mad rush for a test at the 125 laws was coming in June 82 so we were all rushing to get through it. I actually sat it on my mates xs250 us custom because my own xs was off the road. Surprise surprise. He had failed his on 23 December so a fair bit of ribbing when I passed on his bike
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