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    1972 Yamaha G7S 1975 Yamaha DT175 (thanks Dave!) 1976 Yamaha DT175C (project) 1978 Kawasaki KD100M (future project)

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    riding motorcycles (and learning how to work on them), web design, golfing, skiing, bowling...

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  1. Where’s my YOC shirt, Foamy?! Hope you and the gang are all still around. Seriously though, hi everyone. I’m Sacha. I joined several years ago, but haven’t been on in ages. Finished my doctorate and have been working full time as well as trying to get out on the bikes as much as possible. This last winter was a long one! I have a 2014 Bolt (Bobby Dee) and a 1976 DT175 (Sweet Dee). I restored the DT with much help from the YOC members! Hopefully I’m still welcome.
  2. you’ve come to the right place!
  3. Thanks Slice! Good to be back! I’ve missed you guys and your banter.
  4. This cracked me up Harley-Davidson offers counselling to riders thinking they’re in the Sons of Anarchy
  5. Sacha

    Time has come...

    That’s the life!
  6. Aw! Thanks man! Did you miss me... and my schoolmarmy ways?
  7. Oh ya! Living the dream. LOL Luckily I can work from home so I’ve not lost my income. so close to finishing my dissertation I can taste it. Can’t wait to have that done.
  8. Hiya Cynic! I’m back! How’s it your side of the pond? Hope all is well for you during all this madness!
  9. Would love to see pics of the G7S. I’m hoping to get mine back one day.
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