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  1. Good Evening, I picked up a 1972 G7S a few weeks back and trying to awaken it from its slumber. Electrically, I have cleaned all the connections and have everything working off a brand new battery except the headlamp. I read in an older post (Sacha's) that the headlamp circuit is powered by the magneto, and not the battery (similar to a DT). I have a rectifier, and no voltage regulator that I can find. The headlamp is intact. If that is the case, I will finish cleaning the gas tank, oil tank (shall I flush it with mineral spirits?) and order a carb kit and get this running. It has good compression and spark, so will sort the fuel side out. Thank you!
  2. Good Morning / Afternoon, I have picked up a non running 72 G7S and have also purchased the Service Manual. I wanted to do a crankcase oil change, flush the gas tank and oil reservoir and fill with new oil and gas. The operators manual for the crankcase just states either a #30 weight for the crankcase or 10w-30w (North Carolina) and preferably Yamaha Autolube 2-stroke cycle oil. What do you recommend for modern equivalents? I assume this goes in the crankcase and oil reservoir? Frank
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