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  1. I am no auto electrician, but does the ignition system on the bike have a ballast resistor or a ballast resisting type set up? I re-call having a car that would run so long as the key was turning the starter, once the key was released to the run position the engine would die,
  2. nayruf

    bike insurance

    Is this cheating, £0.01 on a multi bike policy, last years same this year
  3. If you cannot find the Yamaha part number or confirm the fork manufacture, Are there any identifying numbers or brand name on the seals, if there is, take a note, measure the inner diameter the outer diameter the seal height and count the number of sealing lips, normally one but can be two, then call up a seal manufacturing supplier give over the info and ask them for the best option, there is a whole industry out there that specialise in supplying seals for industrial rams of all sizes, the bonus could be that you get to find an industrial version of the seal that might be cheaper than the Yamaha or pattern supplied part http://www.athenaparts.com/eng/products/view/8419/fork-oil-seal-mgr-rsd-32x44x10-5 I think this is the part a 1981 DT 175 MX uses, the DT is listed on the, View all couplings tab,
  4. Hi With the bike in gear and the clutch lever pulled back to the bars can you push the bike, I.e. is the gearbox locked up or is it definitely the engine locked up?
  5. Hi Maybe a bit of a shot in the dark but, Having followed this post, I wonder if vibrations could be from having poorly balanced wheels or tyres not seated, I have a lot slower bike, but it does vibrate and only becomes noticeable at higher speeds and it is primarily down to the front tyre not being balanced, I rarely run this bike over 40 so it never bothers me, Just a thought,
  6. Hi When you fit stuff like pipes, or any item with multiple fasteners, it’s a good idea to only tighten the nuts/studs up by hand and to leave them loose so that the items can be jostled into place, then when tightening them fasten them in sequence slowly sharing the closing forces amongst each nut/stud as you reach the required torque, If the pipe clamps are too bent extra twisting forces on the studs could cause damage so whilst doing this keep a close look as what is happening, You may find that even with the collars being a bit bent they will still fit, after all they probably came off bent due to previous over tightening, If you already do this then feel free to tell me to wind my neck in,
  7. Hi I have a 1976 1g1 twinshock DT too, I am not saying this is your problem, My bike had running issues that I couldn’t pin down, eventually I found that I a bigger main jet than standard cured the fault, I think I ended out with a 150 or 155 jet, I cannot recall as I was playing jet swap with the jets a local bike shop had in its mikuni carb spares box
  8. Hi, Just a thought, the key may be turning but the lock barrel might not be moving the internals, it might mean that the only choice would be to remove the barrel from the centre of the cap, then operate the remains with a screw driver, the only problem is it won't be pretty the lock and cap will get damaged, debris from the assault could enter the fuel tank, if you can look at another YBR cap to see what is gonna bust first, or do a google image search for your fuel tank cap and investigate how best to trick the cap, though sometimes a full on physical assault of a cap can make things worse, Good luck,
  9. Hi Are you sure the single side swing arm is not off another bike? I have read about a Honda 650 Hawk swing arm being fitted to a 92 TDM on an aprillia forum.
  10. I would assume the Haynes manual means that it is only acceptable to use a split link in an, ‘O’ ring chain as a temporary emergency fix, as the split link would be the weakest part and so a likely fail point, Chains designed to be run with a split link connection are fine and have been used for many years. Be sure that the link is fitted the correct way round, closed end facing direction chain travel.
  11. Hi, Welcome, You could probably do a search on the site and find out how to set up/check your oil pump, I just use any mid range quality motorcycle two stroke oil for my bike, the motor is pretty rugged full on synthetics are probably a waste, fuel/petro.l I just use what is cheapest at the pump, but I would try to use fuel that is low in ethanol content. You would be better served by starting a thread in the work shop for propper advice on the pump question, However I sometimes pull the oil feed off the carburettor for a second with the motor running to see for oil flow, Or I pull the oil pump cable at the oil pump with the motor running and note extra smoke in the exhaust Some people advocate changing out the black oil feed pipe for a clear one so they can see oil in the pipe. I am not saying that what I do is the best or correct method but it works for me, However I would check out any You tube clips on setting up Yamaha autolube pumps, they all work in much the same way, There is also a pdf and other free downloadable information on the internet on the strip, rebuild and working of autolube pumps
  12. Hi When riding my DT and previous bikes such as a 400/4 and a Diversion 900, occasionally I would try for the next gear to find that I was already in top, if I was unsure whether I was in top gear or not I found if I applied gentle pressure to pull the lever up and the lever felt solid there should be another gear available, if when I applied the pressure and the lever just lifted and returned under spring pressure then I was in top, After many years of riding, even with my FJR and its gear indicator I still lift the lever to ensure I am in top and I find I only look at the position indicator when selecting neutral when stopped, maybe I am OCD about being in top gear!!
  13. Hi I don’t know of a specific answer to the problem, Compression testing two strokes in the conventional way is not necessarily a true indication of the condition of the engine, my 2t bike reads around 115 psi under a conventional test, But, I wonder if you have the correct size piston and or rings for the bore, Did you check the piston ring gap at the top and bottom of the bore (least travelled areas of the cylinder wall) and comparing the same in the middle of the bore (most travelled area of cylinder wall) prior to fitting them? Perhaps you have an oval shaped cylinder, or may be though unlikely a crack in the cylinder wall or cylinder head,
  14. nayruf

    DT failed MOT, Doh!

    Hi, So the know nothing Honda MOT tester p!ssed me off by failing my DT for being a mid 70’s 6 Volt bike unable to meet today’s lighting requirements (more the loss of the fee really), I was a bit peeved when the second tester just laughed and checked the bike passing it without a second thought, watching another £29 flying away I did a little research and splashed out even more money on a 6Volt LED set up, 4 LED bulbs and a replacement flasher unit for the LED bulbs, So £12:99 for the unit and £17:00 for 4 bulbs, Well after a bit of fettling (disconnecting the indicator warning light from the harness and connecting it to the spare live feed on the LED flasher unit and earth,) I have to say the indicators are now better than the flashers on my car, Good steady flash rate next to no interruption with all other electrics on at the same time, the flasher unit does need over 4.5 volts to work, but with the motor running they work very well, So at the cost of 3 Friday curry house meals, the DT now flashes with the intensity of a lighthouse, we needed to lose some weight anyhow, Classiccarleds.co.uk if anyone is interested in 6 volt LEDs, the guy on the end of the phone was helpful too, No doubt other sites would have been cheaper, but having already spent nearly £60 I figured what the heck,
  15. nayruf

    DT failed MOT, Doh!

    I would love to be able to ride my old yellow 4/400, It died in 1982 (new owner Killed it and busted his leg), I swapped it for a yellow Dolimite Sprint (RIP 1984 wall fence interface problem) all because of an unfaithful floosie, Its a shame because it had some nice bits, such as electronic ignition and a cibie headlight upgrade,
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