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    XJ600 scrambler

    Thanks for the advice about TCI. Actually this is one of the last options in my mind as well. I talked with local Yamaha dealer and asked if they can check the TCI whether it is OK or not, they said they can't. So yes, I can only try with one which is certainly works well. My TCI is TID14-78 and it's quite rare already. Not much bikes left which are using this TCI and works well. I should also check and clean earth contacts, because I cleaned all the connectors with electric contact cleaner and I think, these must be clean now.
  2. Stiiv

    XJ600 scrambler

    This is the topic about my first and new project with my XJ600. My everyday bike in driving season (about April to October) is FZS1000. It is powerful and IMO goodlooking bike, although already 17 years old. I have driven 4 season with it and still love it. In winter, I saw the ad that -91 XJ600 is for sale. I thought that this is excactly what I need The right one to fulfill my dream - to build the scrambler by myself. I love to be hands-on, I have a garage and I can find time. It seemed like the chance to create something nice. So, I went to see the bike. It was under the
  3. Hello everyone! As I am already long-term FZS1000 owner and recently bought -91 XJ600 for new project bike, it's time to join the club! Regarding the new project, of course there will be some advice needed. The bike was forgotten to the warehouse for some 6-7 years and now there are some electrical issues. Hope to get some good advice to get this little back roads soon.
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