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  1. Check the chain tension and condition of the sprockets, set as per the manual. If the chain is too stretched, it could be jumping teeth under load.
  2. Video now available on the NHS for men with Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Go for timber, and tongue and groove not overlap, better insulation, less leaks, lasts longer. Does size matter? You bet! The bigger the better, you'll find you always need more space. When I finished building my garage some years back, I was amazed at how much stuff (junk) seemed to migrate from all corners of the house into my domain, kids old toys/spare carpet tiles/steam cleaner/daughters riding gear/etc ie if you build a space someone will fill it for you. Control is key! Consider building your own (custom) shed. Bought ones the floors aint tooo strong. Lighting and power are essentials. Sanctuary
  4. kin ell, is that possible, and stop within the test centre
  5. Did mine without any drilling etc. Bought a pair of Pull-Back Risers, which moved the bars both up and back, cant remember the xact dims but something like back 30mm and up 30mm. Fitting was a doddle as the bottom half of the riser fits into the bar location on your exisitng mounting, then just clamp your bars into the new up and back location. Plenty of room on the cables too to take the re-location, and the anodised finish was the same as the original locators. Cant remember where I got them from now though. If your interested, Ill try and look out the paperwork.
  6. neversaydie

    WOO HOO!

    Nice work! and not a drop of oil on the kitchen floor
  7. One of a succession of fine exponents of the art in the band, starting with Eric Bell. Always a great live show. At least the music lives on. Sad
  8. Thats gotta be a scene from a Laurel and Hardy film
  9. Morning all. I would like to adjust the biting point on the clutch, but am not sure where to do that. Is it done at the point where the cable moves through 90 degrees on top of the engine casing? Ive undone the lock nut but it doesnt seem to release anything else to move ie the long nut doesnt rotate to give any adjustment . Or is the biting point adjusted at the lever end on the bars? Guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ray
  10. Sorry to read about your accident Chris, hope the recovery goes well. Looks like youve raised some points that we sometimes take for granted, the NHS. If people can afford to pay for private care then thats ok, but the vast majority of us cant and never will be able to do that. Yes, we have to pay to support that through taxation because there is no fairer way of doing it. The privateers wish simply to make money from the misery and pain of ilness and injury, and have no other motivation than that. In some countries, Chris would simply have been dragged to the side of the road and left for a Samaritan to pick up or had to make his own way. The creation and existence of the NHS has dramaticly improved the health of the nation, and generally we all live longer too. Im sure it has its faults, but if anyone in the uk drops in the street, the process described by Chris kicks into action with absolutley no other focus than helathcare. As it looks as if that may start to change here now, perhaps we should all do what we can to make sure that the present service is maintained without the worries of whether we can afford to be well.
  11. Struggling to get my head around this. If the lower ring needs to be bigger than the upper ring, then unless I'm visually impaired, you already have what you need. Look at the shiny (new) rings on the right. The top one has a smaller bore than the one on the bottom, doesn't it? So the top right one goes on the top, and the bottom right one goes on the bottom. Right? So, the top right ring is the same as the 2 (top/old rings) on the left, so that is a top ring. The bottom right ring, which you say should be bigger, actually is, so that fits on the bottom. Unless you mean that the bore on the old, lower ring is not quite the same as the bore on the new lower ring? In which case, a Dremmel (or similar) with a small sanding drum (or similar) is all you need to remove a few thou from the bore of the new lower sleeve, just enough to slide on very easily
  12. Unworkable and unsafe. Would the vibrating pad work down the front of my jeans when the laser detected an atractive young lady?
  13. Get round some bike shops and sit on and try them, could be some good deals around as this years models come on stream. Dont forget to haggle, haggle, haggle, if your new you'll want helmet/gloves/boots etc. If you see a bike you like, ask if they'll throw in the gear or discount it. Good luck
  14. Could have been a low life with nowt better to do than stick his blade into your tyre so hard that it snapped? Pretty common round this way. Whatever the cause, thats desparately unlucky
  15. Frightening, isnt it! Reminds me of the time the wife tried to repair the washing machine. She never got past the first instruction, "before working on this machine-remove the plug". When I walked in through the kitchen door, there was then plug cut off from the cable
  16. Looks like smoke in a sealed room
  17. neversaydie

    Bikers !

    I hope to age as slowly as you
  18. Nice shed. Is that a shopping trolley buried under the snow? S'pose it saves having to buy a freezer.
  19. Start with the easiest stuff first. Refer to the owners manual and set the gear change mechanism as it sdays in the book. Then buy some quality engine oil, it makes a difference, do not overfill the engine. Flip the circlip off the gear pedal, slip the pedal off and grease the shaft and bush, check that the tickover isnt too fast.
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