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  1. have confirmed its the same carb but is it just the main jet i need to change ? i beleive its a 110 but looking for a filter like yours paul and with a bit of luck the hawk pipes for the draggy will fit so im thinking mabye a 120 jet ? i bought a loom on ebay for a tenner so hoping that sorts that out.The cdi is hard to come buy, ive spotted one new for 80 knicker but it says its a derestricted cdi ? any advice ? cheers.Oh and hows the saddle coming on your build paul ? i'm looking to do the same but keeping the back struts seen an xvs on gumtree with the cropped bcak fender with the struts and looks ok.
  2. Afternoon gents , after much talking bout it i have finally purchased the xv250 lump to mount in the draggy 125 frame. Bit on the expesive side but hey much cheaper than buying a complete bike.Anyway just wondering if any one has done this before ? Ive got the engine,gear box and starter but was wondering if the loom from the 125 is the same as the 250 ? also can i just up the jet on the xvs carb ? as i beleive its the same one used on the xvs 250.Other areas of concern are the air filter can i buy a k&n style for the xv250 or does it need the big airbox like the xvs 125 ? oh and are the out let manifolds the same on the draggys and viragos ? any help as always is very much appreciated .
  3. paul soz to hijack your thread but , quick question xv250 in the xvs 125 frame ? easy swap ?
  4. Check them out paul,their running other 125cc on them , it looks like your bog standard turbo.
  5. Evening all, was searching through the intermabob the other night and came across a canadian mob called mbe motorsport who sell efi and turbo's for tiny engines.sounds like fun to me .they reckon the turbo will work well on the little draggy but they donnt stock a fitting kit for the bike .any one know what this intails ? Mr White perhaps ? Lol
  6. littlepig

    WOO HOO!

    paul where u get the risers mate ? they look the berrys.
  7. quick heads up guys theres highway hawk pipes like mine for the 125 on e-bay .I know loads of you want them.
  8. I'm already on a full license mate.I have an old gt750 as well but i use the wee 125 for work,i do 30 miles a day 6 days a week so is a cheap option.And ive done quite a bit of work to the draggy and really dont want to part with it.its a great machine.
  9. Evening all hope all is well, been doing some thinking of late about reboring the wee machine.Found a mob in France who are willing to do it for me.They want me send the barrells and heads out to them and they'll send it back rebored to 170cm3 with pistons,rings,carb kit and intructions on what to do with the air box.Now this has me thinking can i buy the 250cc barrells,heads,pistons,carb and airbox and bolt them on instead ? or is there anything going on in the bottom end i have to address ? any help is appreciated muchly as always. thanks .
  10. Defo not battery had it checked out , the bike is used every day at least 30 miles. Just concerned as folk in front of me think I'm flashing my lights , can be dodgy at junctions.
  11. Thanks very much for that mate .
  12. After noon people , have a query here regarding lights on the xvs 125 . I noticed during the week that the headlight is getting brighter at random points while driving, the day after I noticed that the clock bulb is doing the same thing at the same time as the headlight.then lastnight I noticed that the neutral light is coming on dimly while all the others are bright ? Any suggestions to why ? Cheers folks .
  13. If you could that would be great cheers .
  14. Evening gents hope are well, was wondering if any of you know where I can get risers for the xvs 125 ? I remember paul saying he had to drill the yoke out to get a fit ? Any help will be appreciated muchly .
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