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    2 Strokes(preferably DT125R's). CAD design.

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  1. Vez

    Hello :D

    AFAIK the DT125x wheels will fit, but require the forks/or a bracket making up for the front brake due to the larger front disc. Also may be worth looking into TDR Wheels. Can't understand why you would have a hard time finding parts for a DTR
  2. In a word. no. As far as i know the cranks are slightly different on the left hand side. The electric start would require the 2002 L/H engine case to be cut and tapped to fit the starter motor. Like anything, its probably possible to make it fit, but the time and effort may outweigh the cost savings. HTH
  3. Nice pics Drewps, cant wait to get out and about again in the sun Well the screen was there at the show with go in June BWJ
  4. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    Nah, just help someone out with there bike someday and we can call it right
  5. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    Yes your bike being a 3MD (model 3RN1) does make things easier for you. The 96 loom is sketchy though as the wiring was changed in 96-97. If the 96 loom has the old style CDI then it could be made to work (if it doesn't plugnplay), if its the newer style CDI then it would be easier to make a new one from scratch than make it work. Will add diagrams shortly Wiring diagram from 89-96 (the one you need) Wiring diagram 96-03
  6. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    The 1989 and 1996 are not compatible I'm afraid to say. The looms were changed in May 89 to the later 3RN1+ models (engine number starts 3MD), and i think yours is a 3DB1(engine number starts 3DB) IIRC. The 1996 will probably be a 3RN9 design, the cdi and stator plates are different on the later models and were one of the few changes made through the years. You would have to change a large portion of the electric system to make it work. £100 is maybe a custom made loom ?? I think having one made is the easiest option. Back in 2000ish i had loads of trouble getting a 3DB loom. HTH
  7. Woah!!! *coughcough* Bella, check your grammar
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum Didn't realize they made TZR250's in 2010.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum
  10. Hey NE0, Welcome to the forums Nice looking DT 175, there are a few DT fans on here now.
  11. Vez


    The NAAB have set a meeting up for people from the north west who are interested in starting a group. Anyone else interested in going? The meeting will start at 7pm, on Tuesday the 15th February 2011. Venue details: Workies, Poynton Workmen’s Club 142 Park Lane Poynton Stockport SK12 1 RG Vez.
  12. whoops .. I will try that again. Hi, Mick. Welcome to the forums
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