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  1. Congrats to you, also. Aye, it is our first, so I feel a bit adrift at the moment, as well as excited.
  2. Thanks all. He/She was moving around all over the place during the scan, I'm surprised they were able to get some decent pictures. Who knew a 12 week old baby had so much energy? Eight more weeks until the next scan, and we find out the sex, really looking forward to it.
  3. Check it out: He/She is 12 weeks!
  4. Thanks, but this is my first, mate. I cannot remember who posted the daughter on the bike, but if that was me I would have had to have her in my teens, which I did not. The wife does want three, but you might get there before me. Unless we happen to have twins and I sure as hell hope that doesn't happen.
  5. Merv, I'll be showing that to the wife when she gets home. We'll see if she goes for it!
  6. Thanks again guys. It hasn't really sunk in yet, I guess because she's only a month along. For all you in Scotland, you might see me tearing up the roads in a few years. She's going to try to do her Cardiovascular Fellowship in Glasgow. At my urging of course.
  7. I know you said the spark plugs are fine, but did you try switching #3 out with one of the others?
  8. Thanks guys. Drewpy, there is already discussion about reducing our bikes to 1. The Yam would stay and the Triumph would go...we'll just have to see. I'm aiming to keep both, but the fact is that the Triumph is at the stage where selling it wouldn't lose us any money. *sigh* I took it for a nice long ride today, and I don't think I can get rid of it.
  9. the wife is preggos. This is a new one. She told me I cannot tell anyone we know, personally, but that I could tell you lot. So, you're the first to know...
  10. I just finished this mod, actually. The 4 inch Uni foam straights will fit, though the left pod is up against the battery box a little. I got mine to work with going up one on the main, and leaving everything else stock. I did have to go 5.5 turns out on the mixture screws. She runs pretty well, but with the occasional back fire through the carbs. Not a bit deal. Good luck.
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