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  1. Hello YOC! It's been so so long since posting on here I'm so sorry I neglected everybody; hope you haven't missed me too much! Really really in a pickle here. The garage where I work here are rebuilding an RD350 out of boxes. It's a lovely lovely bike and we feel it could benefit from a brand new wiring loom (not second hand - a new one!). Does anyone know anybody who makes these/supplies them for a decent price? Let me know if you do!!! Chris
  2. Love the thundercat, I rode my mates the other day. Truly is a great bike, that we dont see too many of now
  3. Kind of remaining ambivalent on this one. One the one side, I can see what you're saying by SPAM, someone who's just posted a link to another website without any participation in the community. On the other side, it is related and I took a peak and enjoyed it a little. :/ Not complete and utter spam, like those Chinese cunts that try to sell you shoes... Chris
  4. Fuck the weather I'll ride on ice if I have to... But nice bike
  5. Hi mate, maybe it's worth keeping the intro page just for intro's, and then put you're particular problem in the right sub-section of the forum... e.g. post your problem in street/sports bike section - you'll get MUCH more tech advice there. Introduce yourself, tell us about yourself, where you're from, etc etc. Cheers, Chris
  6. hi and welcome to the madhouse... nice to have another young'un in the forum, whereabouts u from mate? Chris
  7. christofeser

    98 R1

    not a friend - just know of them. More of a thing where I've heard good things from some of the guys I ride with. here's the website i saved for her ages ago. I've only seen other's helmets though but im pretty sure she'll do a good job on panels - worth asking. Chris EDIT: Search r1 fairing kit on ebay, you'll dig up some nice results... Chris
  8. Thin you're right there Blachat... spies will have it I was once in a Spar near my house wearing my bike gear (it was my track gear mind...) when an old boy came up to me and asked me if I was velentino rossi... I laughed me head off - though - it was when i was thin and had short hair... I wish I bleedin' was velntino!!!! But no, Spies will take it.
  9. Oh yeah... forgot to mention about the car doors... that's gash man, but get back on the horse and take your test again a.s.a.p. Obviously get a little bit of practise in and you should breeze it. Chris
  10. let us know man... weathers shite here...
  11. christofeser

    98 R1

    I know a good airbrusher in the london/essex area if it helps???
  12. I'll be at ally pally, but will be on the train (allowing me to have a few drinks at the show )
  13. christofeser

    98 R1

    Hope some of these pics helps. I know the first one isn't an R1, but it still looks mint. Chris
  14. not a Yam though!!! What condition is the Sachs in though? Might be interested... PM me the lowdown. Ahhh okay, we'll youve got till summer to convince her!!!!
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