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Polite think bike hi viz jackets


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What you guys think of these? keep seeing a rider with one on and it definitely has an effect on my noticing him when driving my van  

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Not for everyone but if you think it would help and make you feel safer then buy one, only cost a few quid. Been riding for over 40 years and never had one but been knocked off more times than I like to think of most of those were dummies who pulled out IN FRONT of me with a head light on so if they don't see that then there's not much hope for these dumb f**kers. 

S.M.I.D..S.Y should be nailed to the road and run over a few times to make them aware of how much it hurts. Oh and I want to say " I'm not your mate you dumb arse" when I'm laying in the road.

PS SMIDSY = "Sorry mate I didn't see you" just in case you didn't know!

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There is maybe a small benefit but I feel it is making the rider feel responsible for other people's failings. Also reinforcing the car drivers view that a motorcyclist is hard to see, yeah, people don't see my fkin truck at work, that's 50ft long 8ft wide and 15ft high, painted bright red.

The cars are far too capable and far too safe perversely. That makes us, as a species ignore the dangers as the likelihood of actually getting hurt is in reality quite low (on a caveman survivability scale in our psych), add a society that now sees everything as 'not my fault'. People cut corners brake too late etc. They are expecting the gaps to be there.

I think 90% of accidents are ignorant person versus ignorant person. They both expect the other to react to them in a deferential way and when they don't, bang!

To take it full circle (sorry waffling), as a rider you have to anticipate and react to the modern motorist, but your not responsible for their failings. Wearing a whizzy jacket? up to you, but 'chocolate teapot' springs to mind.

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Most Hi-Viz jackets cannot be seen from the front anyway, as the headlight and/or windscreen obscures most of it. The rear is easier, but that's front and centre of the driver's view anyway and most rear-enders happen because they're going too fast or are too close.

Side views, reflective piping and all that, pretty pointless IMO.

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I notice hi-viz jackets better than I do an all in black biker,

but that's because when I'm on the bike I'm looking where I'm going,

iff a driver isn't looking , he ain't gonna see iff your wearing a big pink elephant suit. :elephant:

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14 hours ago, Simon46 said:

But if you look like a policeman? would drivers stop texting at the wheel?

They might stop long enough to nudge you off the road, sure... and they might also start treating actual Cops with similar disdain too...

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Honest opinion warning:

They're utterly retarded, they're borderling police officer impersonation. All 3 times I've seen a one the person wearing it was on a K1300, they seem to be for guys who want to be seen as the police. If they see your Hi-Vis, it's not because it says Polite on it, it's because its neyon yellow. Impersinating an officer is a retarded was of trying to get yourself more respect on the road.

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