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  1. Most mechanics (that I know of) have some kind of Ts&Cs that basically mean they're not liable for broken bolts and bits, since so many are often seized, rusted, shagged or buggered... doubly so if the OEM bolts are made of cheese in the first place (Yamaha Cruisers, I'm looking at you), and it's nigh-on essential if the mechanic has anything to do with BMWs on a regular basis!!
  2. Is this not just the Skully helmet aaaaaaaaaaaaall over again? I recall how that one turned out in the end... namely that it didn't!! I also assume that this 'Jarvish' AI helmet will also be available in 'Tony Shtark' colours, so I can look like 'Irron Mann'?
  3. Might find summat of use here? http://www.fjowners.com/index.php?topic=7505.0 http://www.fjfjrbiker.co.uk/index.php?topic=21730.0 http://www.rsbikepaint.com/en-gb/colours.php#makeid=163&modelid=4554&prodyear=1991&colourscheme=11755
  4. TEN BOB???!!! Blimey, I paid less than that for my first car... which was free... and a Christmas present from my mechanic... !!
  5. You mean Genklene? Highly toxic, that stuff... HIGHLY. Even out in the middle of a field is too much of an 'enclosed space' for that stuff! Don't think it's even legal to use, any more...
  6. While on the other hand, some people tune it to pop at the right moment so it sounds like a hot hatch hitting the rev limiter.... and then again, some people juggle geese!
  7. Released? You mean unleashed, surely!! Congrats to her!!
  8. You live in Westeros? To be fair, it's very cool to go fast on a bike. It's why we do it... and most of us, if we're honest about it, do do it. The trick is knowing when it's safe to do it and how far to push it.
  9. It's Summer. Twats are out in force.
  10. They should say somewhere on 'em. They look a bit like the Highway Hawks that the wife had on her 650 (good choice, by the way). However, you may find they're straight-throughs and so don't have baffles available. Similarly, universal baffles may not be as universal as you'd hope, requiring you to drill holes in the pipe even if they're the right diameter.
  11. Welcome to the forum - FANTASTIC choice there!! Yes, they can be a touch lumpy. It's an old (1978) design of carbed bike. Do you let it warm up for a minute beforehand, give it the occasional rev?
  12. Don't look NUTHIN' like as cool as the XVZ1300 Venture Royale does...!!
  13. Listen to Sensible You. Learn to ride first, as it's very different to driving. You may decide that a 400 or 600 is all you really need to get your kicks. Sub-3-seconds is cool and 160mph is amazing... but you don't need to use either that often and a great deal of the bike fun I've had has been on a slow 40-BHP Cruiser, taking the corners at lower speeds. Age is nothing, really, especially at your stage. The kid in his mid-50s sat right next to me has a Daytona, Fireblade, Kwak 1000 and some Suzuki GRSRXRXSXSXRGRGSRXRXXXXXL thing.
  14. Yeah, the lack of even a CBT may well be pushing prices stupidly high... as well as age/lack of NCB in general. If it helps, I'm with Churchill, via Devitt, who have consistently been the cheapest for me for several years, now... although that is with, like, forever on the NCB.
  15. You should always listen to Tasky anyway, though... because in the end, when all is said and done, it will turn out he is correct after all. Even the Ttaskmistress has come to understand this... and as a result, not only does she have a shiny new job to smile about, but she has also escaped two speeding fines!
  16. Based on symptoms and swarf everywhere, I'd think a lower end bearing has gone, which means the con rod is likely hammered, too. At best, a number of parts will need re-machining...
  17. Ask away, mate. We'll do our absolute best!
  18. Ttaskmaster


    I wouldn't find it a problem... Seen far worse from sci-fi costuming groups!
  19. As mentioned, the amount of work and the costs involved in proving just one individual's income is immense - This is evidenced by Proceeds Of Crime prosecutions, where the accused must go through everything (from bank accounts to receipts to possessions and so on) to prove they didn't purchase any of their possessions with illegally made money. It'd be the prosecution doing this for motoring offenses, though, to prove the accused does have the money to pay XYZ in fines and would be an astronomical undertaking. It can't work the other way, as people can easily lie about tax returns and the like. As for hurting equally, that's what points, bans and imprisonment is for. Finland's system won't work on those who have no officially disclosed income from which to calculate a percentage... of which there are plenty in the UK.
  20. From what I recall, they will do what they can to help modify one bike for a rider... but if it's something you can readily transfer to any other bike, it's just as valid.
  21. >the crime in this case being hit and run, a criminal offense, and not like a parking fine. £260 for a criminal offence is ridiculous. What was his defence, though? Why did he get such a low fine? Must be a reason, else they'd have pushed for heavier sentencing... Criminal just defines how it's handled and who by in which court, with the addition of possible jail time, not really how serious the crime is. Misleading price indication can be a criminal offense, for which the maximum penalty is £5,000. A corner shop might be crippled, but Tesco wouldn't even blink. That's just how fines go. It was £360, according to the above and that'd certainly cripple me for a couple of months, but you can't fine people based on how much they do/don't have. All the lower class benefit scrotes that go nicking stuff would get off scot-free otherwise, and it'd take forever going through people's accounts to prove what they have in the first place. Besides, plenty of bigger cunts out there than this guy - How much money you have is nothing to do with it. But as you say, even if all that is 100% true - It's his mansion, not a National Trust place of which he's the caretaker or maybe just the owner's driver, and he has money to burn every night, etc - Even at maximum fine, he'd still not feel it. Further more, you could hit him for millions with your claim, but he won't pay a penny beyond the excess - That's what the 3rd Party insurance handles, same as it would for me or you. You said he has a 6 month driving ban which, depending on what he actually does for a living in order to be the rich mansion cunt he 'appears' to be, may more seriously impact his oncome than is immediately apparent. It will be even worse when he finally returns to the road, with all that on his record. >No penniless aristo drives a car that expensive. It's usually some clapped-out old Land Rover. Actually, the car tends to be the one thing they do splash out on, especially as old Landies cost a fortune to run. Keeping up appearances, and all that.
  22. The fine has to fit the crime. Doesn't matter if you earn £8 an hour or £800, the fine has to be appropriate to what they actually did. Otherwise we'd have people with parking tickets being jailed for 30 years and fined millions, just because they're young enough and have a bit of cash on the side. Bike minor damage, you nothing broken and no-one is dead. I'd expect a few grand payout from the insurance and that's it, really. He got a slap for fleeing the scene and in a big, heavy car like that possibly didn't even notice the impact, especially if he had the stereo up, wasn't paying attention, or was distracted by something/someone else... and I'm guessing you haven't heard his side of the story, any mitigating circumstances he may have raised in court, or anything? Without his side, we just have your (perfectly understandable and fairly justified) anger. I understand, believe me - I was ready to rip the driver who hit me out of his car and beat the living fuck out of the stupid cunt.... until I actually saw the driver was a terrified young girl, already shaking uncontrollably and practically shitting herself when she saw me get up and come for her with murder in my eyes... I kinda calmed down after that and took her inside (she hit me outside my own house) for a cup of tea. You also seem to have made an awful lot of assumptions - £80,000 car, fine... how do you know he hasn't saved up his whole life for this, been gifted it, or maybe won it? People do still get these on PCP/Hire Purchase/whatever it's called... How do you know he lives on a massive private estate and is rolling in fresh cash every night? A lot of people who live on such estates have absolutely no cash and have inherited an expensive property from a relative. Land-rich cash-poor... You see them scraping the pennies just to go shopping for the Value items of Tesco. TBH, until you actually know what passed in court, you can't really say either way...
  23. Have you contacted the NABD to see if they can help, at all? http://www.nabd.org.uk/
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