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6v idiot light bulbs to led


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Trying to find every last available mA on this system replaced the neutral bulb which has turned silver again with an RS 209-428 as a test before doing the others. Will have to see what the indicator flasher unit will think of it in due course.


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You will need to keep your battery in good nick and the earth for your voltage regulator and perversely your headlight.

They all work together to keep the voltage sensible. She can peak at 15v otherwise and blow just about everything electrical. Mine certainly did. 

Otherwise good work. Have led's in my tdr250 idiot lights. With a relatively dim one for main beam as i got blinded by the damn thing. (Live out in the country so lot of dark riding).

Prob best leaving the indicator as a bulb. Unless you fit 2 led's in the same housing one for left the other right.

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Bought an eBay batt. Optimiser fitted but the volts are 5.2 under load. I dont think the batts that good. Loom is new charging is good. Need more amps. Neutral light is like something out of bethlehem!

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While"s on the subject .my bllinkers  :idea: are rapido.   [ dt400] ,  how can I slow them, .  up resistance ?

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I can now confirm that the led idiot light will not illuminate on the flasher cct. So 3w incandescent bulb for that one!

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