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  1. Hi drewpy it’s all been cleaned out and yes I have fitted an inline filter. I might go up a size on the pilot jet and see if it has any effect. But the pick up is excellent I have found out you can change the crank seals with the engine in the bike so may do as a precaution. thanks for the reply
  2. hi all i hope everyone is well. Im doing a little project with with an Aprilia RX50 moped 1998, AM6 engine 70cc metrakit cylinder 21mm quality carb. The bike runs perfectly when warm but when starting and after taking choke off it runs fast about 3000rpm until it has a little heat in it. probably two minutes. The engine was rebuilt 5 years ago did a thousand miles and then stood for a number of years. is it possible the crank seals have hardened and letting in a little air when cold? anyone have any other ideas? or is this completely normal? also does anyone know if the crank seals can be replaced on the AM6 without splitting the cases? will also mention again once warm it runs in rides well pulls hard (for a moped) and the plug is a good colour thanks in advance for any advice nige
  3. hi all I am building up an Aprilia moped engine that has suffered a seized main bearing, it has spun the bearing in the case. the new bearing is a good fit but not as tight as it should be. can anyone recommend anything to fix the bearing in place? cheers nige
  4. Cheers for the reply if it will cause problems I will look for the correct size. it was only the fact that that particular size was half price. Tight arse nige
  5. Hi all I need a front tyre for my sons moped current tyre 90/90 21 coverts to 2.75/3.00 21 on conversion chart can I use a 3.00/3.00 21 ? would be most grateful if someone could help cheers nige
  6. Hi there yes good idea why do I never think of the simple solutions!!!!! If it is a problem any ideas on a solution? without turning the tickover to 3000rpm ??
  7. Hi all I have restored an Aprilia RX50 2010 for my son to use, it was just general wear and tear and an engine rebuild. I'm not sure if its a problem but on tick over the head light is very dim. if you raise the revs to around 3000 its perfect, the headlight works on AC straight from the stator. I have read that this normal on a lot of mopeds, my real question is that will it pass an MOT like this ? any help greatfully received nige
  8. Ok great thanks for the info xxxx
  9. Hi mate yes the derbi engine. What you have said is what I understand to be right but the owners manual I have down loaded says push the lever up on bars to activate the choke. But pushing the lever up slackens the cable thus lowering the plunger so I was confused. one other question are these derby engines harsh ? mine vibrates at higher revs have you rebuilt one of these engines?
  10. hi there its a 2006> piaggio d50b0 engine model thanks
  11. Hi something I found dealing with a solidly seized swing arm bolt is to make your own penetrating oil out of 50% automatic transmission oil and 50% acetone put it in a metal oil can shake it up to mix, worked an absolute treat its like the acetone pulls the oil in somehow
  12. hi all With a plunger type choke is the choke on with the plunger pulled to its highest point? or does it differ for different type carbs? any help would be gratefully received my question refers to an Aprilia rx50 geared moped and the manual goes against what I have always thought cheers nigel
  13. cheers for that will take a look thanks
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