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  1. Good doco here , - RIP Dr John . Sadly missed .
  2. Good man FJ !! I'm glad you enjoyed our beautiful island . Try catch one of the roadrace meets next time . You'll love the family atmosphere , not to mention the exhilarating races . Ccheck this - This event is held near where you were . The rain is all part of the fun , lol ! I like this vid too , - You guys should get over to see it if you haven't already . It's just a ferry ride away . These boys are true heroes of motorcycling !
  3. Hi Drewps ! Longtime !! Those wheels look great . I did something similar, but not half so well executed ,with the wheels for my LC . I've all the parts together ,including a brand new crank from Norbo , and am hoping to start putting her together very soon . Kev . I wouldn't worry about laquer on the back wheel . The Scottoiler will provide a protective oil mist , lol ,. Those Scottoilers are the business tho' .
  4. Mine'll look even retro'er , lol !!
  5. KevtheRev

    Fk me, HOW MUCH?

    A young pal of mine recently completed his cbt . Said it was worth every penny . His quote on an AX100 wasn't much more than mine on the CG . Carole Nash seems pretty good .
  6. Us freckly fecks have to hole up somewhere cool and moist when the big yellow thing comes , lol . Usually a pub !!
  7. Hi there Mr Yours , and welcome back . I couldn't get on for ages , tried Firefox today , in first time .
  8. Hi guys , I got lost in the ether there for a bit . The google machine wouldn't hook me up at all . Tried that Firefox yoke . In like Flynn !! Missed you guys , lol !! Oh , the LC's come on a bit . Chassis' pretty much sorted , new swingarm kit etc . She's on her wheels . Time to spend some cold hard cash . Gonna order a crank and gearbox bearings from the RDLCcrasy site . Can't wait !!
  9. HAha! Does anyone remember those plastic trailie tyres that had a thread pattern like a Cadbury dairy milk ?. I think they were Cheng Shin . I still get nervous when I think of those , and I still have those round scars on my hips !,
  10. Shit ! The brother sold the Tdr in my profile pic for a grand to feed his racing habit ! T'was a good while back tho .
  11. The bike looks great Drewps ! I'd say you could carry 4 slabs o' tinnies on it and hardly notice , lol .
  12. KevtheRev

    Wrong fuel....

    Haha ! Years ago my girlfriend's dad bought her a VW Golf (petrol) . Being the nice chap I am I told her I'd fill the tank for her . And I did , yep right to the brim with diesel ! Luckily enough the lads at the filling station had a pump thingy to drain the fuel . Refilled with the correct motion lotion and away she went , just the odd cough , hiccup and/or belch of funny smelling smoke . Oh , and the car was fine too .
  13. Some cheap cola would probably do the job . But those pipes need more than a clean . Anyone ever used that pipe wrap stuff ?? It looks the business .
  14. Hi Spike . Unless the tank has rust there's no need to go back to the metal , esp if you'll be painting it black . Just "flatten" the gloss on the top layer back with some fine wet and dry paper . Depending on the condition/colour of the tank you mightn't even need primer . Simonis Hard Black is a good all round paint and it's pretty cheap .
  15. Check the earths mate , I'm not too well up on electrics , what's the battery like ??
  16. Is it hydraulic or cable ?? Is it adjusted properly ?
  17. Are you sure it's not some early form of restrictor Tom ?? lol !
  18. For the wheels , give 'em a rub with wet and dry and use as little matt black paint as will cover 'em . Stops the paint chipping if you keep it to a bare minimum . That's if you like matt black , lol !
  19. Nice skills lads ! I wouldn't worry about powder coating . Paint's always been good enough for me . Keep on rockin' !!
  20. I'd be wanting a good jacket and leathers over the top if I was going that far .
  21. I reckon it could be to do with the oil level Grouch . Just guessing though . Check the level just to make sure it's tip top mate . If it's still running ok in a couple of weeks but the lights still coming on some strategically placed insulating tape would do the job for me . They don't call 'em idiot lights for nothing ! Keep your ear out , and don't wring the plums off it till your sure .
  22. Go say Hi in the new members section j . You'll be much more likely to get replies if you introduce yourself , just sayin' like .
  23. KevtheRev

    Shaun xv 535

    What sise is the wheel ?? And what tyre is listed for it ??
  24. Dunno mate , but they're designed for the dirt don't forget .
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