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  1. Sorry for so many messages. I have found an exhaust that has the 2A6 code instead of 2A8. Says it's from a 125 or 175 mx. Is this the same exhaust? Not sure what the number means. Mine has 'YAMAHA 2A8-14610' This one has '2A6-14610' No YAMAHA print. Looks genuine though. (old and dented/used)
  2. I did consider taking it to a welder, I thought by the time they had done, it may cost as much as buying one. The crack goes all the way round the tube. Maybe I should buy one for now, as I shouldn't ride it like that. And see if someone could repair it for a spare or to sell.
  3. Haha! I think I have, haven't I! I assume these are just prone to rusting and breaking in these places, due to it being a U bend and the shaking stress. Wow, that looks to be solid. I found one for 300£ yesterday but wanted to ask in case I was about to pay way too much. Hmm, 175 any more findable? I suppose not if there the same. Thanks guys
  4. Hi guys, I have just finished restoring my DT125MX and it looked lovely. Rode lovely. Yesterday I started it and noticed that it was much louder, sounded like the exhaust blowing. I unwrapped the exhaust tape to unveil a gaping crack round the exhaust where it drops and bends out of the engine. I have been looking for exhausts online and have seen a few. Front ends! Is the 125 the same as the 175? Or is someone looking to get rid of one? Or know who is? Cheers. Dan.
  5. Yeah, I had noticed that the panels are a slightly different shape! I also ordered a new pair which have a hole in the side, looks like it is meant for a fuel tap? Unused on my bike! Do you know anywhere I can buy the US stickers or should I buy the UK ones? Thanks for the help.
  6. I have just resprayed my DT125MX and am looking to replace the stickers that were on the tank and side panels before the new paint job. I have attached a photo of the previous stickers (believed to be original). As I look on images, I see that all DT125MXs seem to have different stickers to mine. Mine is a US import and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what the stickers should be and where I may be able to purchase some. Thanks for all the help Dan
  7. Hi Cynic, Plug is a tan/black dusty colour. I'll open the carb again and try a new pilot jet as the one I have is knackered. I'll also give the floats a good look at.
  8. The airbox is all original, Just the stocking which obviously isn't haha! I have ordered a new filter and see if I get any results. Thanks
  9. Do you think that'd solve the power issue? If so I'll order one now! Hahah. Have you any experience of these carbs that are sold on the web?
  10. Hi guys, My DT 125 MX has been running well with very few problems apart from it dying when accelerating quickly. The bike runs well but when you pin the accelerator open fast, the bike feels like it doesn't want to go any faster, and the revs drop 'bogs down'. I took the carb off and cleaned all the jets, put it back on and still have the same problem. The clean helped slightly but not much. At the moment, the air filter is a stocking which isn't ideal, when I remove the air filter the bike dyes much more, even at slower speeds. I tried putting some thicker foam over the intake to in theory 'increase pressure' thinking this might solve the problem as seen as I already cleaned the carb. This made the bike way underpowered and it wouldn't pull off. I've seen you can buy cheap replacement carbs of the Internet for the DT but wasn't sure if they'd be any good. Since cleaning the carb, the bike started as usual for around half a week. Forthe the past few days, the bike didn't want to start, it did nothing when being kicked. Then all of a sudden of the 10th or so kick it would start, when the bike had been used for a little while and sat again for an hour or so it would start first or second kick. Just when it had sat overnight and throughout the day it wouldn't start. This sounded like a faulty kill switch but I don't think it can be. Since it doesn't want to start, the bike starts second kick rather than like it did previously on the first kick There re is a tiny minute hole on the front end of the exhaust that does let out some air, could this cause such a big decrease in power? Any advise you have is much appreciated. Should I buy a carb? Should I buy new jets? Should I buy a proper foam filter or will this have the same affect as before? Is there something else I'm missing? ps. I can't find any leaks in gaskets that might cause loss of pressure. Thanks for all Dan
  11. DJYAM

    Name for my DT

    Haha! You load of boring sods! I'm sure it will be renamed when something goes wrong. For now, nut buster.
  12. DJYAM

    Name for my DT

    Hi, Wasn't really sure where to post this but here goes. I just got my DT 125 MX through its MOT and was wondering if anyone had any name suggestions, it's silver. Only characteristic I've noticed so far is that it wrecks my nuts every time I sit on it. Thanks
  13. Haha yeah, not ridden it on the road yet so haven't got used to it. Hoping to MOT it this week, then there will be another DT on the road! The headlight was a bad connection from the alternator. All up and ready to go. I am missing the side pannels, that wouldn't affect the MOT would it? Thanks for all guys
  14. Yeah, thanks Cynic. I think I got the oil light thing into my head! Haaha.
  15. Haha sounds about right! The headlight is about as good as a candle behind frosted glass! Will check for a dry joint etc. Tomorrow Cheers lads
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