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  1. Immobiliser is gubbed. (I think). details are sketchy on how to bypass this for obvious reasons. Any one have any experience doing this? I’ve looked at the wiring schematics and there’s about a billion connections and I have a funny feeling I’m gonna fuck this up.
  2. yeah man couple of k. I'm gonna use it as an every day bike cause driving 60 miles + a day on my dragster is killing the chrome so I'll keep the dragster polished and looking good for dry days and use the bmw in the rain. n it means when I do go to sell either I'll get most of my money back cause they won't have rusted much
  3. ended up buying a bmw r850r the triumph was a bit top heavy for me. I am used to cruisers so the r850 weight was lower down n i Think it'll be easier to manage. I still class myself as a beginner so I went with my head rather than my heart.
  4. cam probe gone. top end bearings gone. bottom end bearings gone. could be better but could be worse. I'm taking your advice slice n getting the parts n fixing it myself so I'm gonna treat myself n get another bike to use noo. I'm gonna get a more weather forgiving bike since I use it every day. I seen a bmw r850r online and liked the look of it. also looking at a triumph trophy not sure what one to go for and if I'd even be able to ride them cause I'm only 5 foot 7. ma Mrs is one lucky lady with me getting another bike and her having the pleasure of an engine sitting on the kitchen table for a month. can't wait to see her face when she realises what I'm gonna do
  5. I can get a virago 535 engine for cheap as chips all day long and as far as I'm aware it has higher hp than the 650 dragster. does anyone know if the virago would fit into the dragster frame? cause I could do that n it means I could spend time getting the 650 engine sorted. cause without my bike it costs me 60 quid a week getting to work so i need a ride now.
  6. with some help the bike got stripped. and it wasn't good metal shavings through the the entire engine. cam shaft, camshaft probe fuckin everything wrecked. needs a new engine. proper gutted man
  7. Yeah paying for a mechanic aint really an option. ive asked a couple of mates to have a look and listen for me. as soon as i know what's broke I need to give it a bash maself cause i cant really afford to pay for parts and service. I have tools and whatever tools I don't have ill make use with what I've got. beg borrow or steal ill get the bike back on the road
  8. driving home from work today and I kept losing drive. like when I came off the accelerator the drive went on the bike almost instantly. and I started to hear an odd rattle. about 5 miles later the bike started choking. it soon cut out and I had to hold the clutch to coast to a safe spot to stop. when I managed to get it started again it sounded like the piston was battering off the casing. any ideas what this could be and if a novice like me could have a go at fixing it?
  9. cheers cynic. i ended up doing a pure cowboy job..i found the fault it was the live wire going into the multi pin plastic thinngy. so i just ran a bypss n thatll do till i get a new multi pin plastic thingy
  10. theres only 0.08v coming through the bulb socket. travelled back stripping wires further and further and still only getting 0.08v. gonna have to travel into the belly until i find the break somewhere. and theres continuity right down the wires in all connections
  11. 12v 5w i managed to get a hold of a 12v 2.2w bulb n that aint working either. all the other electrics are working fine. n i cant find a fuse dedicated to the speedo light. im so confused.
  12. my speedo bulb went kaput. i fancied the blue ones i seen somewhere but i ordered them without checking them they have came to me at 5 watt. obv they aint gonna work unless i get resistors n shit like that which i wouldnt have q clie what to do. id rather just buy yhe correct bulbs. does anyone know where i can get my hands on a 12v 1.7 watt blue led from?
  13. My choke seems to come fitted with a spring. When I pull it out it springs back in. Meaning if I want to start bike from cold I'm holding choke out manually. Is this normal or has someone done this as an extra? Its a bit of a pain in the arse tbh.
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