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  1. The bike is fine apart from snapping the end off the brake lever! Easily replaced. Back out on it today, getting back on the horse as it were, all be it a steel one
  2. Head didn't hit the ground so helmet is fine. Would definately get a new one if it had though. I slid on some gravel that had been dragged from a passing place by a car or something on a country road. Bruised knees and bruised ego! Managed to ride back home ok.
  3. I've heard that you aren't a real biker until you've fallen off ... So in that case, initiation complete! (I'm completely fine by the way!)
  4. I'm not actually a Manc haha I just live here, you'd all call me a Brummie (which I don't know if that's worse or not ) but I'm from Solihull.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! What are you going to be on TV for captf?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I've just recently passed my CBT and bought myself a Yamaha SR125 to learn on. Hoping to meet other learners/new riders and share my progress and experiences. Tips and advice welcome! Ultimate goal is to pass my big bike test and enjoy my weekends on the open road!
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