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  1. Don't be confusing Yorkshire with the UK, especially with a native Yorkshireman 'appen.
  2. welcome. Mines a Sleemans Honey Brown, not easy to get hold of in UK
  3. Don't mention insanely high premiums, I've spent the entire day looking for insurance quotes for a 19 year old who passed her car test yesterday. No wonder so many drive without insurance. I reckon a fifth of her income will be going on her car, and that's with me and the wife buying the damn thing.
  4. My first tat was done by Tattoo Jack, on West Derby Rd in Liverpool. Can't say it was that painful but it was on my bicep, one of the fleshier bits of my body. I took my daughter to a jobs fair for Camp America in Liverpool last week and was amazed to see that the studio is still there, although now run by his son. That made me feel old.........
  5. King Missile, they of Detachable Penis fame....................
  6. They have to keep a low profile these days in case they're mistaken for hipsters. I was in Islington last month and every second bloke I saw was sporting some wispy face creation. Bah humbug.....
  7. g1hsg

    New toolbox

    Nice. I wish I had a garage to keep my tools (and the bikes in). Changed the battery on my Viggie today whilst standing in 4" of snow. Not the ideal time to choose but there have been dark mutterings from 'er indoors about the amount of bike spares lying around the house lately.
  8. g1hsg

    first snow

    -2C here last night. Consequently the battery in the Viggie was as dead as a doornail this morning. What with gritting as well i think I'll be retiring the bikes for a few months
  9. You'll probably find people more willing to make suggestions if you pop over to the new members section of the Forum and post an introduction. Tell us a bit about yourself as one hit wonders who appear with a problem then disappear immediately they have a solution make us feel used and dirty - a bit like one of Foamys socks. Should you stick around long enough you may even get that last reference.
  10. Every rock classic needs an anvil in the percussion line up
  11. Plenty of T-Cut and elbow grease should get that sorted out I reckon.
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