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  1. I have a set of standard V-star / Dragstar 1100 rear pipes.I Have already chopped the ends off, to open them up and they sound OK with a deep rumble but not too loud.Looking into the cans there is a second baffle plate with four holes in it with a couple of small pipes attached.Could anyone tell me what is behind that ?If I shine a light into either end of the exhaust I can not see any shinning through? I was thinking of opening up the can and then baffling it back to the 1 3/4 x 9 1/2 inch pipe suggested on the V-star Wikki page.And then slash cutting them.Has anyone had any dealings with modifying stock pipes?Any info would be most useful.I am also planning to Pod the intake and re-jet at the same time.Cheers Baz
  2. Hi - I 'll let you know if I find two!
  3. Thanks guy's just been on my last ride for this year, it's off the road now until spring. I've a few jobs and a bit of beautifying to do on it, so it's just the Burgman now for me over the winter. Just to put it out there I am looking ( along with a few others ) for a tatty but complete and running XVS 650 Dragstar for a winter project for me, if anybody knows of any??? I don't mind travelling to collect if not local. Cheers
  4. Hi from Preston Lancashire. I own a 2002 XVS 1100 in it's original UK spec.
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