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  1. I'm having the same problem now with my XT600, found something on Cyclepedia on testing it, as others have said on here, if the relay is clicking its working, I ran 12v to the starter motor and it doesn't turn over so its the starter motor, again! It worked for 1/2 a second after rocking it backward and forward in gear (an alternative to whacking it with a hammer) I'm gonna take it off and try cleaning any shit out and check brushes but think I need a new one.
  2. was on the isle of man last year (just thought i'd mention that in passing) and tried on the Arai tour 4. wow! the best helmet ever, and it was like it was tailor made for me, unfortunately it was over £400. and there is no way I could ever pay that much for a helmet unless I won the lottery and had money to burn.
  3. as well as my pathetic goatee, I also have 9 tattoos, they ALL hurt
  4. was looking at TDM's when I didn't know what bike I wanted after moving up from a DT125, ended up getting an XT600 though as it was like a bigger DT. lovely looking bike though the TDM
  5. had a goatee for 10 years or more, but usually trim it (number 1) decided to grow it long. got it about 4 inches long, a year later its still the same. how do you grow a beard? there must be bearded bikers on here
  6. went for the contour roam 2. helmet mounted, quite tidy really. £128 or so. sound is shit when moving but ok for irate motorists. crap at night too, but i dont care its great! might end up getting a "proper" one one day (night vision, good mike, bigger capacity etc) but for now this is ideal, film everywhere i go, keep some, delete the rest
  7. thinking about getting one, in case i'm in an accident, altercation or just to film my route but have absolutely no idea whats best, cheap or good. any recommendations? also, is it better helmet or bike mounted?
  8. done mod1 & doing mod2 on XJ6, nice bike, if hadn't already bought a big bike I might have looked at getting one (or a diversion) & I didn't think they were my sort of bikes
  9. got new bike on 4/2/14 a Yamaha XT600E (just like saying that) how long does it take to receive the log book? its been 21 days now, on yahoo answers someone said it usually takes a couple of weeks & to leave it 6 week before chasing it up if you haven't heard from the DVLA but don't know if this is true got my mod2 tomorrow but even if I pass cannot tax my new bike (did I mention its a Yamaha XT600E?) because it says not to order one until you get log book or previous owner might get it by new I mean new to me, 2003 model
  10. fastest I got out of my dt125r was about 63mph then ran out of road, so possibly could have squeezed a bit more out of it, with a top box on too! felt like 100mph though, that's plenty for that type of bike
  11. I was looking at that one myself but ended up going for more of a standard one (with blue dragon design to match bike colour) maybe next year
  12. seen one on ebay for about £25, bit dear for something you're not gonna use
  13. "R" means "race" with most bike models, usually a newer look & paintjob etc. I've just sold my DT125R after 6 years, that had a kickstart now got an XT600E the "E" on that is for electric start
  14. just got an XT600E 2003 model, got mod 2 left to do before I can ride it, sold my DT125R 2002 model last week too so going to work on a pushrod at moment eddie from wigan
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